Everything has worked perfectly so far. I took amazing photos and some nice video. I need to dig into the video more, but it looks very promising. The one thing i have to question is the bag. This comes with. It would be a tight fit to get everything in there and it’s, not even padded that well, i think, he’ll be storing my drone in the original box, because it’s padded better and fits better i’m starting to experience some battery issues. After just a couple months. The batteries do self discharge as well, so you have to charge them within a day or two of when you want to fly. I was wondering why the battery level was not staying full after a few days, if you’re looking for an all round great drone. This is your drone one of the things i like a lot about the auto levo is the way they do their firmware updates, Music. They don’t force you to update like dji. Does the auto levo is very well made and has one of the best controllers out there you can use just the controller or with your phone with the autel app return, the mavic 2 pro. After all, the dji shenanigans, no fly zones forced update that will prevent you from flying for 30 plus minutes, crappy service data, mining, unstable android, app, misleading marketing about the one inch sensor etc and got this after a few flights. Im super impressed. The evo feels very well built it’s easy to use as stable as a tripod in the sky.

Video quality is actually on part with m2p better in some conditions and can’t beat 4k 60fps, which no other drone. This size can do very quiet about half the noise. As the mavic air oled screen on the controller, i heard great things about this drone, but it actually surpassed my expectations. We’Ll update this review. If i run into issues in the future, but for now wow i owned it for three weeks and the gamble stopped working. Would not recommend too many issues only had four flights because of the bad weather, but the flights i did have were very good, but then the issue happened with the gimbal and the customer service. Rep was very rude, but i did get a call back from him. This drone is exactly what i was looking for. Super easy to fly in the videos and stills are really nice. I flew it the second day in 15 to 20 miles per hour winds and the video was rock steady. Unfortunately, i was having a ball in ludicrous mode. No crash sensors are enabled in this mode and i crashed it at ludicrous speed into a tree. This was totally my fault, as the tree was out of my fav when i went wailing by but in the path of the evo, i totally misjudged the position of the tree, missed it by that much, but that was a huge mistake.