Undoubtedly, the robot is stronger than the pilot of flesh and blood 10 20. 30 hours of continuous flight. It demonstrates constant vigor and is ready to continue the mission. The digital brain does not need training and regular training to maintain skill, mathematical models and algorithms of behavior in the air are forever loaded into the memory of the machine having stood for a decade in the hangar. The drone is capable of returning to the sky at any moment, taking on the enemies blow in the united states military, which is the leader in this field of technology. Drones, make up a third of the fleet of all aircraft in service. Moreover, only one percent of unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of using weapons. Alas, even this is more than enough to sow terror in those territories that have been given over to hunting grounds. For these ruthless steel birds, which drone models are considered the most successful and dangerous find out in our video, we present to your attention a rating of the best unmanned aerial vehicles of our time. Let’S start our video with bayrocktar tb2 turkey. This unmanned aerial vehicle can carry four laser: guided um, ta s, anti tank missiles or corrected high precision, gliding bombs, capable of striking stationary and moving objects at a distance of up to 5 miles. The body of a military drone is made of composite materials and is equipped with an automatic takeoff and landing system. If necessary, the drone can operate in a completely autonomous mode without control from the ground.

Bayrocktar tb2, with 4 rockets on suspension, can stay aloft for more than 12 hours. This allows to maintain constant watch and after identifying targets, quickly move to the front line to launch missiles. The reaction time is much higher than that of aviation, which makes it possible to effectively engage targets that are available only in a narrow time. Corridor. Mq 5b hunter usa continues. Our list designed and developed by northrop grumman, the hunter mq 5b multi purpose. Unmanned aerial vehicle has been in service with the u.s military for the past two decades meeting all the standards set by the u.s department of defense. The hunter drone is capable of carrying a total payload of 500 pounds. The military drone powered by a heavy fuel engine has a maximum takeoff weight of 1949 pounds and a maximum service weight of 18 044 feet. The unmanned aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 124 miles per hour and withstand 21 hours of flight. The mq 5ce hunter, a larger version of the mq 5b, is capable of staying aloft for up to 30 hours. Now, let’s move on to the characteristics of caig wing, long 2, china. It is chinese reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle. It is claimed to be a copy of the american mq, 1 predator and mq 9 reaper, like the american counterparts of the mq 1 predator. The wing lung drone has an elongated fuselage of a characteristic shape. The bottom of the fuselage is flat.

The rest of the fuselage is rounded. The unmanned aerial vehicle is made according to the scheme of a mid wing with large aspect ratio wings to increase the flight duration. The tail unit is a single v shaped stabilizer directed upward from the fuselage, in contrast to the mq1 predator, in which it is directed downward. The maximum speed is 174 miles per hour. Next is another american representative, mq 1c grey eagle. It is american reconnaissance and strike unmanned vehicle manufactured by general atomics. It can be in the air for 30 hours armed with four missiles or four bombs. It is a multi purpose, tactical drone, with an increased flight range developed by order of the us army, based on the mq 1 predator uav. This aircraft differs from the predator with a larger wingspan and an engine optimized for operation at high altitudes. The duration of the flight of a military drone at altitudes up to 25 000 feet is 36 hours. The combat radius is 230 miles. An oversized fuselage nose section is equipped with a synthetic beam, aperture radar capable of operating and mapping mode, as well as a multi spectral surveillance system, ch5, china, and now it is already a chinese, medium altitude reconnaissance and strike drone of long flight duration. The armament consists of a rocket and an aerial bomb of 110 220 and 440 pounds. The drone is capable of conducting reconnaissance of targets patrolling as well as striking the identified objects.

Its wingspan is 68 feet. It is capable of carrying up to one ton of load. The time of its continuous flight can reach 60 hours. The flight range is six thousand two hundred and thirteen miles, also on board of the ch5, can be placed up to 24 missiles or an electronic reconnaissance system. What can surprise the predator be mq 9 reaper, usa. The mq 9 reaper is a modular reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle that was created by general atomic’s aeronautical systems. The mq 9 was based on the mq 1 predator aircraft. It is equipped with a turboprop engine that allows it to reach tremendous speeds. More than 248 miles per hour, the maximum altitude is 42 650 feet. The maximum flight duration is 24 hours. The mq 9 tactical unit consists of several unmanned aerial vehicles, a ground control station communications equipment, spare parts tools and accessories and maintenance personnel. The crew of an unmanned aerial vehicle consists of a pilot and an electronic systems operator depending on the combat mission. A military drone can carry a variety of combinations of weapons and electronic equipment. Mq 9b sky, guardian usa here is a reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle developed by general atomic’s aeronautical systems. It can carry up to four missiles or gps, guided bombs. The mq 9b sky guardian military drone, belongs to the medium altitude class and is developed on the basis of the mq 9 reaper, which has been in service with the us air force.

Since 2007, sky guardian is capable of staying up in the air for up to 35 hours, but so far it flies rather slowly. The drone’s cruising speed at an altitude of 24 606 feet is 241 miles per hour. Heron tp, israel. It is an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft developed by the israeli company iai. One such drone can track six targets simultaneously. It is the best selling israeli unmanned aerial vehicle. The wing span of a military drone is 85 ft. The maximum altitude is eight miles. Flight duration is 36 hours. It is known that the drone is capable of hovering in the air at an altitude of 2 miles above the controlled areas and the prospect of equipping it with a refueling system in the air. At a cruising speed of 184 miles per hour, the maximum is 286 miles per hour. It can fly 919 miles. The maximum takeoff weight is 10 251 pounds. The payload mass can reach 2204 pounds s70 hunter. Russia here is a russian heavy attack, unmanned bomber under construction. In august 2020, it became known that the russian ministry of defense will begin to receive serial unmanned aerial vehicles from 2024. The military drone is made according to the flying wing scheme without tail. Special materials and coatings are widely used in the design of the drone. Due to which the rcs of the drone is significantly reduced, the aircraft is capable of performing both reconnaissance missions. For these purposes, it is equipped with optical, electronic and radio technical equipment and strike missions.

Recently, during the tests, it became known that the drone is capable of hitting targets on command from the su 57 fighter. This apparatus is created within the framework of the faithful follower concept. It should operate in conjunction with the su 57 and use the entire range of weapons of the fifth generation fighter. The final decision on the use of weapons by hunter will be made by the pilot of the leader aircraft. Interestingly, the sg57 itself determines which target to assign to whom and the hunter strikes now it’s time to find out which unmanned aerial vehicle project is the most successful. This is the predator c avenger usa. It is an unmanned combat aircraft developed by general atomic’s aeronautical systems. In 2009, the maximum takeoff weight of the combat drone is 18 199 pounds. The total payload of the aircraft is 6499 pounds. Its payload includes hellfire missiles, guided bombs, laser guided bombs and joint ammunition. The predator sea avenger offers higher operating and transit speeds than the predator b powered by a pratt and whitney turbofan engine. The combat drone is capable of reaching altitudes up to 49 212 feet. The vertical v tail deflects radar radiation and reduces the infrared signature of engine exhaust on the tail of the drone. Two servos are installed to increase flight control that’s all for today. We hope you enjoyed the video which unmanned aerial vehicle did you like the most and which one do you think is the most suitable for use in the military.

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