Yesterday, i was just reading at first on how some places trees have been falling down. I guess it shows you how strong it actually was yesterday in terms of the wind and the rain and what was going on today. I guess this was kind of official in terms of the us accidentally killing people with a drone strike, and this one was kind of interesting as apparently there were survivors and theyre asking for some kind of compensation now makes you wonder how that would work here. This one says: survivors of a u.s drone strike in kabul want an investigation and compensation. Sorry is not enough for the afghan survivors of an errant u.s drone strike that killed 10 members of their family, including seven children, elmo ahmadi, whose three year old daughter malika was killed. On august 29th, when the u.s health fire missile struck, his elder brothers car told the associated press on saturday that the family demands washington, investigate who fired the drone and punished the military personnel responsible for the strike. That is not enough for us to say sorry. The u.s should find the person who did this ahmadi said. The family is also seeking financial compensation for their losses and demanded that several members of the family be relocated to a third country without specifying which country thats kind of an interesting form of compensation. So to speak, like get them out of there, because i know just from the stories ive read anyways a lot of people are trying to leave this with a taliban takeover, and i guess one of the debates is whether or not they actually admitted it on their Own accord, or was it because of all the news reports and their independent? I guess investigations.

It says the ap and other news organizations in kabul reported after the strike that the driver of the targeted vehicle zemurai ahmadi was a long time employee at an american humanitarian organization and cited an absence of evidence, support the pentagons assertion that the vehicle contained explosives. People who want to associate all drones with death killing machines – these are military ones, not someone that flies something just to take pictures and videos. For example, i think thats your real focus, if thats, what youre really worried about in terms of people using them as weapons and all that – and this was kind of interesting. Usually when you buy a new product that youre not too familiar with, you often go out. Looking for reviews of the product, for example, on retail sites nowadays, when you buy something, you can leave a review saying whether or not you liked it, but apparently theres a lot of companies who actually fake their reviews so to speak. So its interesting reading this one here it says, amazon – has banned over 600 chinese brands as part of review fraud crackdown. Have you noticed some well known tech accessories makers disappearing from amazon those arent just rare incidents? Theyre part of a larger campaign in response to the verge amazon has confirmed a south china morning post report that the internet giant has banned over 600 chinese brands over review fraud incidents, these firms intentionally and repeatedly violated review policies banning incentivized reviews.

Amazon said the online retailer first broke the word of the figure in an interview with vp cindy thai on the state controlled network, china, central television, and i mentioned some brands actually ive, seen this one a lot online in terms of a power supply and stuff like That the company aki so yeah – i guess theyre, really cracking down on this as it is a big issue. It makes me wonder if this is the same thing where sometimes even for myself, i get so much messages and stuff from companies saying oh, can you buy my product from amazon review it or something like that? And then once you do that well repay you back? The money that you paid it makes me wonder if thats related to the same thing, but its always, i guess an issue when youre trying to find out legitimate, i guess users that actually use the product and all that and theres companies that will manipulate that.