I want to do a little bit of combat footage review, for you guys. I know a lot of you guys on this channel have been here, for i dont know, maybe a month or so, and if youre having to watch this from youtube. I know one of you guys and gals from youtube is having to approve this video and or watch it to see if its able to even go live. I promise you im not glorifying war in any sort of fashion. I spent a little bit of time in iraq and against myself in afghanistan. I was a sniper for i mean i was a sniper around for like six years. I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, now im not glorifying it. This is more of a historical piece. We get to go back and actually watch a bunch of this footage. I have around 30 minutes, or so i dont know whats going to make the cut whats, not theres, not going to be anything gory crazy. Anything like that. Just because this is youtube – and i know kids do watch this, so we do got to keep it somewhat. Pg 13 type, so here we go were going to roll with it. I have no idea whats in here. My camera got put all these clips together. So were just going to roll with it and thats thats pretty much that Applause, this ones actually just north of kiev. This was in urban.

I believe, i think, thats a panzerfaust on the back of that dudes bag. This was one of the first first videos. We saw them actually using a javelin bat. This is what it kind of looks like this is real. This is this is a lot of people thought that this was. This was um. This was not real. This was cgi now this is. This is what it looks like absolutely just ripping through that bb thats insane to me. It really is we used to use these things every time before we rolled out youd shoot 150 cal round. That was definitely not a 50 counter im. Shooting that thing its like. 30 microns – i remember this too. This is this isnt that same area. This is, after they had just received a whole bunch of munitions from the west, as you can tell, they have tons of different ones. Music, see theyre using theyre legitimately using dji drones to bracket in their artillery rounds their motor rounds Music. This has got to be one of the more. This is the most documented war ever in history. For sure. Just look at this look at this tank view. Look at these this shot of these tanks, shooting its just crazy to me. Theyre definitely doing this is these are the russians you can tell, but theyre doing like a clearing operation is what it looks like to me or theyre, trying to theyre bounding. This is not the same, the same area but thats ukraine.

I wish i spoke this language. Look at that dude. This is nuts. Here we go now. This is. This is 100 inside of a russian helicopter. I know this for a fact, because the russian media – actually normally i havent, watched this thing all the way through youre going after a tank or bmp there. I have no idea what i i can see. I can see what hes got im shooting at some something armored vehicle. I cant tell what he is, though it might be an apc. I dont know Music. This view is just nuts Music. I have no idea what the end result is going on here. I am sorry i have no idea why why that clip descended with him landing in a field cant. Even i have no idea im not even kidding. I have no idea this right here that were watching. I know it was from the initial. This was of day. One this was the first air assault element of the russian forces that landed in hostimel. This is exactly where theyre at this was. This was day one day zero. Whatever you want to call it quick little air insertion there, they dumped them off near the trees, so they at least have something to i wouldnt its not covered its concealment because cover you have something to hide behind. This is just to conceal them as they bound forward. Thank you. You know when i and ive seen so many videos of the russian military their equipment is, it seems subpar.

It really does. I dont know ive said this multiple times on this channel, they just theyre lacking like look how clustered together, they are right here, like theres theyre, just lacking training like look how clustered all the men are just asking for a mass casualty situation like 100 percent. I enjoy watching these videos, i like to see what it looks like on the ground in these in this area: yeah thats, what i thought this wasnt hostile – i was at the airport. This was this was the helicopters that were flying around, giving them support so thats, pretty cool. I mean it look, it looks cool, but this this was also. This was another video that was pushed out by the russians to show how easy it was to take take over areas of ukraine. I do remember this see right there, that that would be it thats. Like our version of a map v, i mean that thing. Does look at least semi new, something like that: thats crazy, ive, never seen any of this one. I usually skip through a lot of these ones online, its kind of crazy. You guys see where hes aiming they know exactly where the weak part is on this thing. Either t 72, they knew exactly where the weak part was okay. So this one right here is: i know this video and this is another one of those reasons why i told you guys the russians theyre lacking when it comes to training.

Do you see how clustered they are there? They just receive contact thats. All this was and look how bunched up and together there they have no idea what to do. I havent. I have no idea whats gon na happen here. Sounded close, this guys, gon na, say, hes got an rpk or pkm, where they set up on an ambush is what its probably, what it is, and im right now, im looking at leaves thats exactly what i thought leaves all right. So this this was on the north east side of yeah. This was the northeast side of kiev uh coming into bravery. This is this is what happened here. I do recall this. This was about a week ago, Music. The russians actually lost the tank commander in this one. So yeah look how bunched up again they are. Do you guys see this? The ukrainian forces are able to just drop artillery rounds on top of them and theyre not able to do anything about look theyre trying to get out of the way like this. This is what im talking about when i mean by, like lack of knowledge and training, its completely different when you actually get on the ground. Oh geez, louise. I remember this okay, but this is the part i dont understand like this. One gets shot down right here. So they dump yeah. Look at that. You saw the pilot try to eject there. At the end, i think that was down near kirsten, so rt is a russian um, a russian based news network, so this is from the russian side of things.

Oh dont tell me this actually happens like right now, so you can hear the outgoing, and that is incoming, that that loud cracking that is incoming, but it doesnt seem like its relatively close to them, but hes drawn fire for sure uh cheshians down to mario pool 100 theres the sea right there. This is when they took that southeastern side and actually pushed into the city im. This is what you would call spray and pray here. Just pick up stuff and just aimlessly shoot it god, the back. The the backfire like the back blast on those rpgs will fr fry the hair off your face that guy just ran out there and just boom didnt, even even check to see if it was right behind him. Very, very, very, very good. That sounded like incoming that car took off. I i believe this was uh ukrainian territorial inside the house horses. I believe oh yeah down. I havent watched this video fully ive. Seen this very beginning of this, though we got ta get inside, huh yeah, see like theyre speaking, english were good. Lets. Get that get inside go go; go, go, go all right! Whats going on that dude! I know its not. I know its not warm out, but he aint got a shirt on at all hes just rocking it look at him, hes literally shooting rpg shirtless living the life. Look at that living the life back there in the back, just not a care in the world that these guys, this guys equipment is fairly decent.

I dont think i that almost looks like americans honestly, i know its not thats. They must have been trained by the americans that their equipment is exactly the same now. This was a couple weeks back. This is a uh ambush set up by the ukrainians. Theyve been doing a phenomenal job of doing this, theyve been cutting off so many routes. On that northeastern side to get supplies in on the eastern side of city, this is one of those kind of ambushes. Im talking about small group of men come out, take out a few vehicles and then bounce its extremely effective Music foreign. Oh adjusting fire yeah ive, seen this ive seen. I saw this video uh. You guys saw a splash there a second ago theyre adjusting fires. What theyre doing see yeah i dont even have to i dont even speak ukraine, and i dont know exactly whats going on here. I recall seeing this thats why you dont sit so close together in a combo in the world right there, god that looks miserable cold. So this looks like this is oh yeah. This is 100 inside of a uh, a fighting positions. Ukrainian forces in the woods dug out their little trench system there. This is nuts to me. We havent seen this kind of stuff. Since world war ii, i mean we fought in a minute weve. I fought an old russian fighting musicians in afghanistan, but look at this dude just dangling the cigarette sitting inside of a trench just living the life i dont, i wouldnt call it living the life but theyre fighting for something, though actually an american type v right there Up armored and everything windows and all the front of those things arent at all, but the windows and everything else one of those rounds sounded like it skipped past the guy that was actually holding the camera Applause yeah see those those rounds are coming by this guy.

With the camera, was this uav or a drone, probably a drone, how steady it is man, these videos get me just sucked in. I just keep watching them, god what is going on? I dont even know whats gon na happen here they must be looking at something. Oh, i see what theyre looking at its like yep its like a bmp or something. Oh, my god. I have okay now were on something else, my apologies, but it was something that was inside the opposite field of them, the tank this is down. I believe this is actually down in mario pool im almost positive. This is what it says at Music. So if you guys dont know those russian tanks are all auto reloading, so they can only shoot about one round for, like every nine to ten seconds, little bit of knowledge bomb to drop on you there. I guess american tanks they have like. If you guys didnt know this, we always have like four man crew, so were able to reload in like three to four seconds, so we can get off three rounds per their one. If anybody was wondering oh yeah, oh, this was actually somewhat funny. So these guys were stuck out in the field pinned down and they they, the ukrainians, flew drone over the top of them. They just started waving at it. That was, i do remember that one. Oh my god, you guys look at the shell in here.

Look at this: this is what the russians have been doing to all the cities. This is it aimlessly sitting back grabbing the rounds and just shooting god how much fuel that thing takes us to just to shoot itself like, i guess, were just gon na look at this guy. Oh, i know this is this was kind of a trolling video. You guys see all these people laid out on the floor. Ukrainians found some people that were coming in saboteurs. Yes, you would call them, i guess russian people that are uh trying to sabotage stuff on behind the enemy lines. I guess you would say its best way to put it, my god talk about a mushroom cloud yeah. This is the same deal. Look at this Music. This is was the cluster munitions. I believe in harkief, i believe, im pretty positive thats. What does exactly what that is? This is a rush, so theyre actually the attack helicopters. Actually, yes, they are aimlessly shooting. It looks like up in the sky, but its actually to make the rockets go a greater distance, so they have to get as close to the target. Rpgs alright ready to go Music huh Music. Well, i hope you guys did enjoy this video over here. If you guys want to see more of these, let me know this was just compiled of random random clips. So hope you guys have a fantastic day. I will see you guys on another episode over here on speak the truth.