. The attack was one of its final military operations before entirely pulling out of afghanistan. After 20 years. Initially, the pentagon defended the strike saying it hit an islamic state militant. But now, after investigating the incident its owning up to the error, the pentagon trying to right a wrong in a written statement, defense secretary, lloyd, austin apologized for the strike admitting that the deadly attack had been a tragic mistake. The secretary was briefed by general mckenzie this morning at 8, oclock on the results of his investigation and uh on behalf of the men and women of the department of defense uh. He offers his deepest condolences to surviving family members of those who are killed. An internal review revealed that only civilians were killed in the strike on the 29th of august, an aid worker and nine members of his family, including seven children. The attack happened as the u.s was scrambling to evacuate its forces and civilians from afghanistan, and, just days after a terrorist attack at kabul airport that killed dozens of people based on faulty intelligence. The u.s launched a drone strike on a car. It believed was carrying militants about to mount a suicide bombing now its clear. That was not what happened. This strike was taken in the earnest belief that it would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and the evacuees at the airport, but it was a mistake and i offer my sincere apology as the combatant commander. I am fully responsible for this strike in this tragic outcome.

The u.s now says its considering paying compensation to the surviving family members lets cross straight to afghanistan. Now, where journalist, franz martys standing by franz whats, the reaction been in afghanistan to this admission, reactions from pro taliban or taliban supporters were that. This is just proof that this happened all over the country all the time and that the u.s has conducted what what they claim are war crimes during the past 20 years. Uh also some like neutral um uh observers said like that this uh was not a single incident that that mistakes like this happened in the past uh but, of course its its very uh difficult, if at all possible, to say like how often this happened. What more can you tell us about the victims of the strike? The victim of the strikes were like three adult men uh, one um, a worker for for a california based ngo and his 20 year old son plus his cousin, who served in the afghan air force. Both of them had applied for a visa to the united states and had apparently chances to be be evacuated. The thing was, as general mckenzie yesterday said, it was a so called signature strike. They didnt know who exactly they hid. They followed the car that, according to their intelligence, was behaving suspiciously, but they didnt know the identities of the man, so they they took the shot based on their behavior, not that they knew exactly the identities.

Now. The first ever u.s drone strike in afghanistan was conducted. A few weeks after 9 11., you spoke a bit about it in your first answer there, but how has this form of warfare rather played into the situation we see in the country? Today, studies and interviews show that, like many taliban like u.s airstrikes that killed for family members or friends as a reason that they joined the insurgency, so some argue that that this kind of warfare has like um increased like insurgents rather strengthen the insurgency and then weakened It, on the other hand, there have also been many successful strikes and, for example, drones uh allowed to to like fly over targets for prolonged periods of time, um to uh observe what exactly is going on. Of course, this is never like, like perfect um, but there have also been like many successes so like to just see this black and white. The drone warfare is like horrible or it is like a surgical strike capacity that can solve problems. Uh both is like simplistic and the truth lies somewhere in the grain between all right friends, maori journalist speaking to us from kabul.