We have another quadcopter in house, so i normally dont show my unboxings anymore. I usually just show the stuff outside but check that out. Look at that packaging really really nice right there. I just want to show you guys. The packaging i have taken it out of here already, as you can tell one battery, is missing right here, its inside the drone right now so lets go ahead and see what this comes with. So you get the foldable drone itself, two chargers for the batteries. It comes with one charger for the transmitter: thats correct the transmitter uses an internal battery, so you dont need any batteries for that everything comes ready to fly out the box. Of course, you cant forget your instruction manual and also your quick start guide and your two batteries that are included, and this one comes with some prop guards. If you want to install those – and here you have a bag of spare screws and stuff, when you need to replace your blades heres your transmitter and your spare blades in this bag right here, it comes with four spare blades and top caps like these right here And the screws for them as well, so there you go thats everything included in that box, pretty cool kit and as a gps drone, it should be pretty easy to fly. So lets take a look at the drone itself right here. The battery goes in the back right here, as you can tell theres your 5g signal for your wi fi, your wi fi camera right there to connect to your phone and its foldable drone.

So just unfold the arms and there you go and it is a brushed motor drone. This right here, i would have to say, would be a good beginner gps drone, especially for somebody thats wanting to get into the gps drone stuff. You know you want to get like a dji mavic or one of those more expensive hobby grade camera drones. So that way, when you fly this first and get the hang of this, that should teach you and hopefully get you less nerve wracked to fly a more expensive drone, because once you fly this one, i believe itll teach you the basics of how pretty much the Gps, stuff works and how you can just leave it flying in one position in the air while messing with the camera, and you know all those little things. This thing has some pretty cool features like the follow me mode well, well, test them out to see how well they all work on this guy so lets go ahead and lets turn this guy on and lets check it out. So heres your transmitter right here, as you can tell you, pull this out right here for your phone holder and here, youre gon na have some lights right here. Thatll tell you what what youre doing at the moment – and here i think this is the headless mode return to home gps. This is turn the gps on and off. I believe just so. If you dont want to fly it as a gps drone, you can turn it off.

This is your take off, and land right here is to calibrate your drone, and this one right here is to calibrate your gyros this button right here, so yeah, pretty simple. You have two handles down here to make it easier to handle. So that way you can hold it a lot easier and up here you have your photo video mode and your speed rates so yeah, all you got ta do. Is you got ta get your battery in here? Probably these are. These are proprietary style batteries, but theyre all right, you get two of them and once you have that installed in there up top right here, youre gon na have a button just hold that down. Until you see the lights turn on and now its ready to be connected now, im gon na turn on the transmitter by pressing the on button right here, so that turned it on and now, as you can tell, the quadcopter is now connected now at this point. What they want you to do before you fly, is they want you to hit this hold it down to calibrate your gyros? You see it did that and then youre gon na have to hit this ns button right here. The north south button to calibrate your gps. So youre gon na hit that the lights will turn off and once that happens, youre gon na spin, the drone 360. This way until the light turns on and that acknowledged that that was completed and now youre going to lift the drone up this way and then youre going to spin it 360 until the lights flash its going to be all four lights.

There you go and then you just set it down, and now the gps is calibrating and you should have gps function by the time. Those lights stop blinking. So there you go, the lights stop blinking fast. Now the gps is connected and you can start flying and you can also connect your phone to this, obviously because it is a camera drone and youre going to want to do that. So lets go ahead and lets talk about how to connect this to your phone. You just got to connect it to that drone sp500 right there hit that and it should connect to it and it should stay connected without internet, which is fine. They just go back, go back into that app hit. I know so yeah thats how you connect it to this. You got ta, make sure that you have your wi fi and your location on to make this drone work properly. So thats all you have to do and start recording and start flying from here there. You guys go as you can tell. It is hovering in one spot. Im gon na go walk up to it, so you can tell im not controlling it. So, as you can tell its got, altitude hold and gps locked and bring it closer here. Oh going up all right now, if you look right here, you have two rates up here. I want to hit that and lets fly it around. A little bit flies pretty nice guys, smooth and as soon as we let go, the sticks.

It tries to figure out where you stopped and itll hover it right. There see, as you can tell its stopping right. There now lets hit return to home and hopefully itll come back to where i left it lets go ahead and bring it out there and then hit return to home all right. Here i go return to home there. It goes its coming back: oh no, its not coming back its landing there. I think. Oh there, it is its coming back whoa there. It is coming in for a landing its turning around and it should start landing right now. There you go, you can see right here. You have a bunch of the settings and stuff. You have right here. Your little information screen see the top left right. There. You have your home, you have your wi fi signal to the right of it. Then the drone battery and the remote battery the number of satellites you got waypoints you have flight records. You got flip image, vr mode and settings right here, so you can change the distance. The drone can fly and all that stuff for beginner mode and stuff like that and to the left again starting at the top. The bottom. You have the follow me mode, the fly around mode, the return to home and the one key take off and landing and to the right. You have the gesture for photos and then you have the photo button. The video button, the music button that just lets.

You add music to your video if you want to add some sort of music from your gallery and then the media gallery where everything is stored, so you can view all the stuff you filmed and also to the bottom left. You have the gps right there. It shows you where the drone is at and to the right. You have your drone height, your vehicle speed, your drone distance and i dont know what this the dss distance, speed or not sure. Well, there you go guys lets go ahead and lets get this started. Im going to calibrate this drone on the grass right here, and hopefully it lands pretty close to where i calibrate it. So hopefully everything works. Good lets go ahead and lets calibrate this guy. So, im going to go in here that says: theres already 10 satellites connected to it, but im going to go ahead and hold down the gps button and start calibration there you go and im setting it back down, face the camera down a little bit and im Gon na hold the gyro calibration. All right now were gon na start with auto takeoff gon na hit that its gon na make me slide to confirm now. Im gon na hit record, i may have the camera, pointed down a little too low, but just fly higher. I guess just pan this around see that gazebo right there see if i can see it better im actually under there see that thats me right there im facing the opposite way of the sun looking at the screen and the reception is kind of bad in here.

If i get out of the gazebo, you can tell the reception gets even better, so yeah, pretty good video quality says i have 14 satellites right there connected and im recording right now, so lets go ahead and lets use to return to home and see how that Works but first im going to fly away from me all right, its pretty good distance right there now im going to hit return to home its going to make me slide to confirm, and now its returning to home, hes doing his procedure in the office. Staying at a certain altitude now its just dropping to land and surprisingly guys its maybe it looks like its landing, maybe two three feet away from where i originally set it up. Well, there you go guys thats, two three feet away: thats, not even that far from where i set it up, uh tilt the camera up a little bit because a little too low Music and well go ahead and try the radius mode so well go ahead and Take off again all right sure likes to have assistance in taking off because it takes off and then drops seems to take a while before the altitude hold kicks in. But all right, so right now were gon na. Do this radius mode, which is supposed to go in a radius around me? So let me go ahead and bring the drone close to me now. Im going to hit the radius mode, maybe ill – do 10 meters radius done confirmed its going to back up away from me, 10 meters and its going to start doing a radius around.

Oh, i timed that very, very luckily really close to backing up into some trees. Over there, but as you can tell its doing the radius – and i cant tell if its gon na hit that tree right there – oh no, its clearing, it really close to some trees back there. So you got ta watch out when you do this, because theres no sensors on this thing to you know collision avoidance or anything so its just all up to you to grab the sticks and correct it. If you see it running into something so keep an eye on it at all times, oh look, radius mode and lets see what it does when its done with its radius thats pretty nice for a toy grade drone you cant ask for more. This will teach you how to fly the more expensive stuff. So that way you dont have to be nervous flying the more expensive stuff you know and thats where it pretty much started right there is it going to continue to radius around me. I guess its going to continue to radius until i ask it not to radius anymore, so i turned off the radius right. There slide around real, quick and theres a second rate right here, which is fairly faster, but it flies nice. Its really smooth all right now lets try to follow me mode, well, set it to about this height thats about a little lower right here, probably and ill press.

Follow me slide to confirm and lets see. If it follows me, oh its starting to follow now now its realizing whats, going on kind of keeping an eye on it, because i dont know how far its trying to stay away from me, but its a pretty good distance away from me. Let me try to run back this way and see if i can confuse it its following me: pretty well its pretty good im gon na run towards it. Okay, now its locked lets see if itll find me no its lost so yeah when it does that you just have to get out of that mode. Probably let me see if i can recover me again. If i move oh there you go. I just had to move. It got confused for a second now its following me again. How fast can it follow me and juke move its coming back? No, its not too shabby all right. Lets. Stop that now lets try the gesture mode, bring it a little lower. So i can tell what im doing go against the sun here, a little higher, please and gesture mode. Oh maybe i have to stop recording first there you go now lets go ahead and try. The gesture mode. 5 starts video. I cant get it to do anything. So that that mode is not working for me right now come on, do something. Let me try it again within three meters, its a im, pretty sure im within three meters.

Well, i cant get it to do that. So lets start recording right now again take a snap, real quick of me back here very calm day today, so its flying really well take another snap. There you go yeah so thats pretty much all the options. This thing does, then you have. This coordinates right here, where you can tell it where to go. You can pretty much just point like right here somewhere and then press send confirm and itll fly there on its own, as you can tell thats what its doing right now. Let me bring up that screen its flying to that point and its staying at that point now its up to you to you know, turn it which way you want the camera to face at this point, because theres, no gimbals or any gyros on this thing for Stability for the camera, so its all on how stable it is and how calm it is outside and how nice a video you get so lets fly it up lets see how high we can go if we run out of battery and if you go too high Or too far its supposed to come back to home on its own once it knows its lost signal from your controller. So, as you can tell im at 30 meters high right now, it can go up to 50. I believe but ill stop. There lets do a 360. theres, a freeway right by me right there, pretty cool, all right now, im going to hit return to home and lets see if it comes back close to me and uh well end this review right here, its pretty cool drone.

I mean, if youre, going to learn how to fly anything expensive. This wont, you know, wreck your nerves, so lets go ahead. Return home and slide im actually staring at it right now, just to make sure i dont lose it but yeah, it seems to be coming. Pretty close to where home is, and now it should be, dropping once it goes to the right orientation right there same way it was facing when it took off and now its dropping thats, pretty cool guys. I mean you cant, expect more for the price of this thing and the video quality isnt too bad. Let me try to stand in front of it while its landing. So you can see me there. You go guys. Oh yeah, that was a rough landing, but it landed, and that was within yeah again within about two two feet away from the original spot. I calibrated that so thats pretty cool. Well there you go guys as they stay on top gear back to the studio. So yeah there you guys go nice. Looking camera drone right here with that tiltable camera right there. It has no gimbal, it does look like it has a gimbal but theres, no gimbal, so theres, no stability on that camera, but the video quality is pretty good for a toy grade. Camera for sure. Cant go wrong and these little tabs right here what you pull out to install your protectors, your blade protectors. If you want to run those, but if youre flying outside you dont really need those and theyll just drain your battery faster because its going to add more weight to your drone but yeah there, you go guys nice little setup.

You know id say this is probably one of the better gps drones to get. If you want to learn how to fly a more expensive drone without having to have you know your nerves go crazy when youre flying youre very, very expensive drone. So yes, guys theres a good one. Right here, flies great! You know good enough stuff and id say you know for someone that likes to go trailing and off roading. This would be cool to have. You know cheap enough camera joe, not to worry about fly it in the air, go see what trail to get on just in case youre lost. You know you find your way out of a trail with this guy right here, its not too bad and its cool to have. Would you pretty fun to fly to and it flies really well, and it is also pretty good in speed as well. So alright, guys, thanks for watching as usual, go have fun out.