The z900 rs was their awesome retro launched in 2018, based on the z900 platform. The new rs was styled and changed to evoke the spirit of the legendary z1a and z1bs of the early to mid 1970s, a perfect ujb with its 948cc inline 4, but upgraded suspension. Brakes and chassis geometry gave it much better handling and feel released to compete with bikes from triumph like the thruxton and the speed twin or bmws r9t and lets not forget yamahas wonderful, xsr900. Both the rs and the se from 2018 on were perhaps lacking a few of the upmarket specs that some of the other models have kawasaki seemed to have rectified that with this new version called the yellow ball lets get into the details and, while kawasaki z900 rs And se editions were very well received by media and prospective owners alike. There were more than a few little niggles where owners had to upgrade and change in order to make the bike more to their tastes. Has this new version, the 2022 yellow ball available? This fall fall, 2021 rectified some or all of those issues. Well, listen on and lets find out launched in 2018, kawasaki, z900, rs and sc were essentially exactly the same bike. Only with a slightly different paint scheme, the se hearkening back to the z1as of the 70s. With their root beer paint scheme on the tank, both bikes, though the z900 rs and the sc edition, were based on kawasakis standard sport model.

The z900, although they had shorter gear ratios, upspec brakes, upspec suspension and a beefier subframe to carry a passenger. And while power is slightly down in the z900 rs compared with its cousin, the z900 110 horsepower at 8500 rpm. The torque comes in at well over 2000 rpm earlier at 6 500 rpm, designed to more match the early bikes of the 70s and give a more flexible riding experience, and this is a bike i loved so much that i bought one. But no bike is perfect. Despite how close this bike comes in my eyes to being perfect, there are some definite issues. As you can see in my previous videos, there are some standard mods that a lot of owners of z900 irs bikes do. Some of them seem to have been incorporated into this new upspect rsse edition of the z900rs. So what do we know? Well, the first thing that we notice, of course, is what it looks like being an owner. Ive often wondered what the bike would look like with gold, forks and bing there. They are running your eyes over the bike: youll notice, those anodized gold, forks, 41 millimeters. The same as the original and three way adjustable match the yellow spring on the olin s46 shock thats been put in the back. This has an aluminum body of 46 millimeter piston internal air gas chambers separated by a floating piston, resulting in superior sense of grip and handling according to kawasaki, and believe me, this is needed, particularly in the comfort department, where the original shock is a little like a Jackhammer – and that is one of the items that many current owners go on to replace either with a wilbus shock or an olins s46 well done.

Kawasaki youve obviously been pouring through the forums on this one going back to those gold anodized front forks. They are exactly the same as the ones on the z900 rs and se from 2018 on, but their base settings their default settings have been changed to better emulate the feeling of the stock shock. On the back now the olins s46 in their press release kawasaki say they wanted to make this higher spec se model reminiscent of the tuning performed by enthusiasts when the original z1 was around. But perhaps if i were a more cynical person, i might say its because, while looking through all of those forums on the z900rs, they did note how many owners were saying they had an awful experience with that rear shock. The next thing your eyes will notice is those gorgeous gold anodized wheels, which match both the front forks and the almost yellow spring of the shock at the back. However, they do clash a bit with the tank on the yellow ball edition, perhaps its just me, but the original yellow ball edition never really appealed to me. I cant help thinking that this red and gold model would have gone better with the anodized wheels. The front gold shocks and the olin at the back, i hope youre listening kawasaki and while this is a one off aftermarket paint scheme done by a dealer in australia, im hoping kawasaki take a cue from it. After all, the original, z1as and z1bs did come with this exact paint scheme continuing to run your eye down the aesthetically pleasing lines of this bike.

As an owner, you may notice some other subtle changes. For instance, the fuel injector side panels are now blacked out, as is the radiator trim. That is something many owners on many of the forums have done themselves. Congratulations! Kawasaki! If you picked up on that and actually implemented it thats a good sign, but its not all cosmetic changes. Not only has the suspension been changed, but so have the brakes on this up specd version again, many owners of the z900 rs have criticized the brakes while theyre adequate theyre, not as sharp as many of us think they should be. Ive changed the brake lines to steel braided brake lines, while others have gone even further to improve the feel and feedback even more changing the front. Four piston radially mounted kawasaki branded calipers to brembo calipers and even in some cases, the master cylinder to a brembo master cylinder and perhaps once again because of perusing the forums or getting owner feedback. Kawasaki have done the same. Changing the readily mounted four pot kawasaki branded calipers to brembo 4.32, adding a smaller diameter master cylinder to increase the pressure and installing steel braided brake lines on the bike, but dont, let me put any prospective owners off. This is a wonderful bike and, while ive talked about some minor issues, they are just that minor. We all like to farkle our bikes and so owners typically pick on what they consider to be. Perhaps the weaker points where kawasaki could have done a better job.

Well, im pleased to say at least on a couple of those points, the suspension and the brakes kawasaki have made that improvement with this upspect se version coming out in 2022. However, all of that said, there is still one major upgrade that i think kawasaki should have done with all of the models theyre launching next year, not just this upspec se version, and that is the oem stock tires that they launch the bikes with these dunlop gpr. 300S are awful, so if, as a prospective owner, you are planning on getting either the z900 rs or the upspec se next year, i suggest you put away a fair chunk of change in order to immediately shuck the dunlops and put on some road fives or some Equivalent that will make the bike handle the way it should another area many prospective owners may be put off by is the fact that there isnt a two into one exhaust on either side of this bike. That might be a nice touch for the future. Although im perfectly happy with the four into one that i have on my stock, one and perhaps a personal gripe i have is – i have always been an absolute lover of the original z1bs candy tone blue, which is going to be launched on the z900rs standard edition. Next year, its just a pity that it wont be getting the gold anodized, forks, the olin shock and the gold mag wheels on it.

So come on kawasaki, while the yellow ball edition is a step in the right direction. Lets see the candy tone blue and yellow, as well with the upspec version and lets see the red and gold version that i showed earlier. Perhaps kawasaki have been looking on the forums to see what the current owners say, if so well done to them, because they have definitely upspecked some very key areas on the original bike that definitely needed some attention. However, there are others that still probably need looking at once again, thanks for watching everyone. If this is the first time youve watched, please consider subscribing, i do product reviews, motorcycle reviews off road and on road vlogs, as well as tours dont, forget to follow me on social media, thats, instagram, facebook and twitter, and to like, and especially im begging.