What I wanted this was my this is my idea, because we have one of the number one racers in the world. If not, the number one racer in the world we've got someone who was here at the beginning of drone racing your little rusty a lot rusty, but I mean I say that as someone who can trace it all so you guys are both very talented pals and Your own right, but there's, definitely a gap it's going different, so you're really gon na racing, but Zoe you're really good at 3d. Yes, so I wanted to take those two things smack them together. This is 3d drone racing, Oh laughs. Each of you have to do two laps first lap is up right lap do the whole course inverted actually never flown 3d fpv before, but I fly collective pitch helicopter so I'm familiar with the throttle control of flying. I think it's gon na take getting used to flying fpv coops down, but hey I'm excited to try it so 3d is the ability for the drone to reverse its stress. So generally, the thrust is going downwards. The motor will stop midair and actually reverse thrust in the opposite direction, so you can sustain yourself in inverted flight, but I think one of the coolest things you can do with 3d flight is just to navigate just get move around. You think that's what the coolest things I think that's one of those boring things to pitch everything is upside down.

The human brain wants everything to be right side up, so it just looks wrong. Today I feel like again or even though the fan over has some clock to pitch history, the actual ability to see the world upside down and correlate what the world is doing with what you want the sticks to do is gon na probably melt this brain a Little bit, but if anyone can do it ya know working, do it right, give us a demo let's see what you got: okay, Music, oh man, that's trippy I've, never actually seen. It live a Phoebe 3d Music it's. So trippy, oh man, oh man, I'm! This is, I might lose this challenge. I'M. Not gon na lie. I'Ve I've been able to troll in the past Zoe I was able to troll them. I don't think I'm gon na be able to troll. I think you'd know what you're doing, but if I can get it faster, I think it should be your total time between both laps. Well, if you can just do a crazy, fast, first up, right, lap yeah, I can make up oh my gosh, oh I'm, so screwed Music, Music. I like this. This makes me want to try 3d pictures always ears. Well, the thing is: like most people see videos, you know when you see in person you see what's, actually capable of and the fact that it's better than it was a couple years ago go and bring on in yeah.

I want to try for just a pack client, oh it's, so trippy to me like. Ah it gets me so many cool ideas to like any about it. I mean honestly if a man really wants one battery to get used to 3d way, but you just said I said I will take a minimum of one if that is in the sake, how many so you're gon na need. I don't know if we'll find out after the let's find after the first battery. This is the HD one. You know my favorite bachelors for sweetie it's, not the most elegant frame when it comes to freestyle, but it gets the job done yeah and it will survive crashes from there, because the only difference of this 3d prop. So you have a symmetrical airfoil. So when you go invert it it has the same sort of air foil on the top, as it does the bottom. Oh man, I'm gon na sit down yeah you're gon na want to sit down for this one all right around. You used to like it it's like it normally, you know, can you set thrala range is important. It should feel mostly like a normal quad when you're flying in it right. The biggest thing is like when I do a roll, and you know, don't drop the throttle. All the way let's line her up on the horizon, there's, no, the hover already. I think he might got this. I mean yeah it's it's a bit different, fpv, yeah, he's gaining altitude.

Try keep it away from the ground. While you learns yeah a little bit yelling getting used to thing the first time when you fly a 3d, it is just getting oh hi Zuri, talking I'm screwed, the first time they fly 3d it's like a really big struggle like not as Vanover compared to other People that you've seen fly 3d flowers – oh yeah, I mean you just let it into the ground, though I dropped the throttle too quickly. I wanted to just practice a bit more yeah, yay it's gon na blow my mind if you can hit a gate on a second path, because I've done a fair amount of trees, it's, not a camera. I'Ve done enough that I can do some tricks. But if I try to just fly through a gap, I can't do it, and these are small gates turn. If you can do it today, even I'll just I'll be very frightened. You don't want it. I think it's got this one too soon you won't be impatient. Oh, my goodness Wow it's just like died after I made it to the gate, but you made it through the gate through the gate and then I went to punch out. So we know the rules, one lap up right, one lap upside down jeez now do we have to take completely upside down the entire time? No, we got to give Alex a shot. You can go up right. Buddy yeah, through the every gate, has to be second lap.

Every gate has to be inverted, but if you need to like go up right to everything, so we know the rules. What are the stakes? The losers should have to go on road riot community on Facebook and acknowledge that the other person is the best is the better pilot for an episode. They have to post it to the rotary facebook group, as well as their personal Instagram I'll. Do it on my story, but not captain Vanover FEV loser has to post on the road right community face book and on their story that the other person what's your what's, your answer, Zoe fu you and the real winner will be one of you guys in the Comments section that winner will receive a unicorn frame: that's Zoe's signature, fpv frame for 3d flight it's a really unique design she designed herself, so one of you guys are gon na get that so make sure to leave a comment. How about right now comment? Who do you think is gon na win this challenge? The closest I've ever felt to actually losing a challenge, thus far in row, 2 right so I'm, a bit nervous. I felt so losing a challenge. Runner I've never lost a road right. Cho know. You'Ve never saw both undefeated undefeated champs of roto riots made up challenges and I am oh that's, so yeah bitch all right, let's get going. You know I normally don't respect my opponents, but I have a lot of respect for Zoey I'm gon na take her very seriously think I'm a bit above her level.

As far as racing, I think that's gon na give me the win today. Well, over there talking smack everything about Vanover I mean it's gon na be an honor to win or lose to him he's a great pilot, and this feel a lot of fun that's. Your best man thought he was talking. Malarkey, come on through a faceoff child Laughter, Music, all right, everyone ready, okay, I'm arming. Here we go three yo Manny, no start: okay, wait! We'Re back! He went through it already, it's, okay, guys – and this is start Music, hey upside down. Now I have to go back through it like hurry up, yeah, alright whoa whoa. That was very you got this man over Music, hello, this it missed it missed it, go back for it I'm, going back for it that was through, but I'm crying upside down. Now, no, I can't take back on how about we'll give each competitors three. You get three attempts I'm gon na tell well, he was rushing it. I am only gon na need one of them. You know watching Alex crash through the first gate right side up felt. Pretty good, are you upside down right now you up to now what wind is pushing hard? A dry wind is snarling. No, that was an explosion. If I was my second attempt, that was the second attempt you got further mean the wind was pushing SuperDuper hard it's, not gon na line it up from time brother, major yeah.

It was the wind for sure for sure that wind I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm, not gon na make a mistake. I got this, I need it, I need it. Don'T make a mistake. My mistake: I've got this, we got ta get us. You got this new strategy, even though I was impressed with his previous attempts to where he was actually doing consecutive gates. I think it's wise that he's just taking his time and getting it done. I don't know. Oh boy, so up! Yes, it is the right gate. No thank you. Captain obvious. It appears for the camera, yeah interference. Oh my gosh dude. You got a loose prop. You have a loose Rob. We got to rerun last one and then you're kiddin with the quad and his prop came undone the first time Vani was up. He ended up crashing through the starcade, which I consider that attempt, and so this is like a 10 5 but it's. His third official attempt, or something or maybe whew you guys – are giving there every event you can. So I can lose I'm, not completely mad, but if it doesn't happen this time I'm gon na throw the quad at him, Music, Music, Music, Music, it I stuck. It sits down. Can you take backup nope it's over no it's over that's it I mean I can't finish. I can't wait from the post I'm, the better pilot Laughter Music, take as long as you want.

We go faster, but I'm loves chillin! No need you yeah. I want to do the same thing like power live into it, okay, that was frickin sweet. Anyway, you see you get through the next two days: hey one more gate together: Music, she's, correcting upside down that's insane. It looks so weird, and here she goes full. Of course inverted, Oh amazing, that's really impressive. I know I just got ta say I cannot wait to see the social media posts from this young flying champion of URL. It is warms. My heart. Listen, wait! Wait. We can all agree that for his first time, flying through the FPV he's, really good yeah, just not as good as oh, if you ain't first you're last, oh well guys this has been 3d racing, I don't know is so salty. I don't know if this has ever been done before, but it was really awesome, seeing two titans of their specialties coming together, mixing it up that still means I'm, the only undefeated pilot within rotary challenges. That is true, so now now, we're gon na have to start trying to stack the deck against you. You guys got any other challenges for us. What do you uh? What kind of weird things should we try and do with these roads? We love pushing the limits and trying different down yeah. I just got ta say thank you Vanover, like for trying it out like seeing him a new pilot to 3d.

Actually, try that and try to beat me at a challenge is awesome. It'S like eating his feelings. No, we don't learn from our wins. We learn from our losses. That'S a Vanover quote, tell them to subscribe. Subscribe, yeah subscribe, buy stuff in the store, so I can get more free motors and camera woah dude. What is that? Oh, my god, that's the Bell down there that's the Bell hit that Bell guys he's been rotor ride.