This is amazing: monterrey, Music, dont forget to click the subscribe button down there below and hit the bell button for more updates, and also i have a facebook page. My make just search on the amazing page and dont forget to click the like button on the top right hand: Music, Music, okay, Music Applause, see per Music; no god, no god, please, no, all right! Zoma mexico, my bag, my sabbatical bag were gon na make. So its still okay stand out. Let me try, but i thought my Music are not all battery the three hub. The charger have and three batteries discuss earlier with the three batteries all right: three batteries, oh my god, right: Music, Music, accessories, all right, so, Music, Music. My Music um Music, a charger port and a for iphone users, type moto. Alright, so tell us Applause for any report replacement for propellers and repairing any propellers yeah, something like that. So fast android doing gaming, comma megs right so controllers controls gimbal, return to home power. Button upper bottom now makes i just press it once and press it twice and hold press right on again, but currently theres no drone. It will start blinking yeah yeah same padding off. I first press at second press yeah, so mom sports mode, listen, uh, people, fpv mode, uh, not sure, but my settings, you know Music Music, which i purchased this casino battery info iphone. But on my battery life battery info battery one guy, my one name, Music fly.

Combo, sorry. 25K. Thank you all right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much Music for your flight footage, Music, Music, Music, camera, but mostly i use here same as my propellers, but you need to take care. Atmegs charger port at your sd card battery hola empty tables, Music, which is good. You can say i recommend the ball is having extreme and extreme pro. It would be better casey, though my 4k 4k video resolution Music ultra light ultra light, so any travelers are using this kind of drone nowadays for if Music, all right. Thank you for watching those amazing moments. So just upload more about this drone footage. Just our travel blog, so thank you for watching. I was amazing if youre new to my channel dont forget to click the subscribe button down there below and hit the bell button for more updates and also my mix.