That shows you how the rate tunes look for the controller and how you can adjust them for smoother flight, so let’s jump into the app on the phone i’ve connected my goggles with the controller to the phone, so that we can see it in real time how It interacts with the remote controller, so you can see how the right tunes look for the dji fpv drone. This is the first chance we’ve actually gotten to see how it actually looks in there. We’Ve been just going off of like how it feels, but now we can actually see how it changes the curves and stuff like that. So let’s jump into that and see how it looks so. First off, like i said, i’m all connected i’m, going to tap up here on the top right on the settings: icon, we’re, going to go over to custom settings and we’re going to go over to rcxp or expo for m mode. So this is where we can go in and we can see how the rates preview so right now you can see it has yaw for blue roll for red and pitch for green and then on the left and then for yaw. We have center sensitivity max rate and expo we’ve gone over these before what they exactly mean now. First thing since i’ve already messed with this a little bit i’m just going to reset to default and i’m actually going to go back to beginner, because this is where it’s going to start for you.

So when you come to the screen, you can see first off, you can’t really do anything. It doesn’t. Let you change anything. So you need to actually go into beginner and then click custom and then it’ll. Allow you to change these things. Um. So first thing: we’re going to do is let’s just mess with these settings a little bit, so you guys can see what they do so center sensitivity. We can move this and you can see how that’s going to change everything now notice. We are in the yaw, see how we’re in yaw right now, but as we move, this you can see pitch is changing as well so that’s something to be mindful of as you change some of these settings, they aren’t always going to change just one setting. This is something that people got on me with one of my last videos they’re like well, you never changed this setting. So how did it do that? Well, they affect each other, so that’s one thing you can prove it right here. Center sensitivity is changing these things. You can see they’re all changing because i’m changing these numbers so max rate. I changed that and changing the pitch as well and i’m sure it’s changing the role if we actually like set roll off here, let’s see how these change see it’s changing the role as well, so changing one setting does change all of them. So you need to be mindful of that and it’s handy that they do a little rates preview, so you can see um center sensitivity, but let’s see what it does.

So, if i have it all the way down and the center sensitivity is very low. So, as i move the stick, you know right or left let’s actually see if it does anything so another little fun thing i just figured out is the controller actually can control this little mouse here. So i’ll try to use that to illustrate my point uh but see if we turn sensor sensitivity all the way down, we can see as we move it’s going to stay along this very fine line, it’s not going to be doing a whole lot until it gets A little later on and then it’s going to be doing these things right here, but if we turn it up, we can see as we move. So whenever we give it stick input it’s going to move along this line right here, so that’s. What the sensor sensitivity does it’s going to change how uh your sticker movements react along that center line when you move it from the center off. So this is something that i usually recommend just giving like a little like 300 or something like that. That way. It’S a little bit nicer of a curve but it’s, nothing like dramatic it’s, not this to where you have to move a ton to even get anywhere with it. 300 is pretty good for max rate that’s, going to control how quickly your drone moves in any direction per. Second, they still haven’t totally released this information, but from what i’ve seen it is based off of degrees per second.

So right now for max rate on yaw it’s 623, so that means it’ll be doing 623 degrees per second, if i give it full inflection. So if i put that stick all the way to the right, it’s going to turn it 630 degrees per second to get that. So this is something. Obviously, if you turn it way up, that’s just going to be super super crazy, fast, so it’s just going to move like crazy it’s going to spin really fast. So if you want a little smoother flight you’re going to want this a little bit lower, i usually recommend around that 400 range as well so expo. You can see how this is going to change things i’m, actually going to make these things a little bit more dramatic okay. So i changed a few of the settings, so you can see this curved line a little bit better. So if i bring expo down, you can see it’s straightening it out it’s, giving a little bit smoother of a move on this curve right here and then, as i bring it up, it’s flattening it out so making it uh, making it smoother on the center sensitivity. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s, always it’s going to fly smoother, because once you get to this area right here, let me see if i can move this mouse up here. So once you get to this area around here, it’s going to then start reacting exponentially to your input.

This was another thing that people kind of got touchy with, because they said i said it was smoother with the expo further down, but in reality it kind of is so that’s why i had the sense sensor, sensitivity in the other settings where i set them. For my other rate tuned video, because this is actually technically smoother because it’s not it’s not near as direct once you get to a certain point, so that’s that’s, really where it can kind of come into different uh perspectives. Do you want it just the center sensitivity to be smooth and it’s going to just take forever to make a move, or do you want something that’s, a little more uh, linear and something that’s a little more? You know you can plan for it: it’s not going to just go from 50 to 100 in one little move and it took. You know this much of a move to go from 0 to 50., so that’s kind of the whole point there um. Now, if we go into these other settings, it’s going to be the same deal, these are all going to respond, the same way: y’all roll and pitch um. I do have uh several videos on how to set rate tunes and stuff like that. So i’ve definitely checked this out link in the description and, if you’re watching this on my youtube channel, we actually have a dji fpv course, where we have more videos on rate tunes and how to set up the dji fpv drone and there’s a link down below For that as well, so this gave us a good idea of how these rate tunes look for the dji fpv drone.

For the most part, this rate tune looks very similar to what you would see like on betaflight, but really these do come down to preferences. So how you want to set them is up to your preference, but understanding what these do is really important. So now i’m really glad they threw in this visual because it does help you as you’re, trying to change the settings and stuff like that. Now a big question people are gon na have if you change the rate tune in the goggles for the drone, is it changing it for the flight controllers and it’s gon na transfer over to the drive virtual flight app and vice versa? If you change it in here, is it going to change it for the controller for the drone, and the answer is no: it doesn’t change anything. So if you change it on the app, it only works on the app for the controller. If you change on the drone, it only works for the drone when it’s connected to the controller. So you have to change settings for each one when you want to do that. If you guys found this video helpful, please like and subscribe, and if you’re actually interested in learning more about the dji fpv drone and how you can fly it and set it up and everything i have an online course dji, fpv drone unlocked course. You can click. The link below to get a special deal on that that we’re running right now, half off where you can learn a ton more about this drone and really get started flying fpv thanks for tuning in and if you guys have any questions.