My name is dennis and im from ukraine lets speak about the drone air 18 today. Well, this drone is diy drone made by ukrainian army. Those drones are usually hexacopters, but sometimes could be. Octocopters depends on how many propellers they have and the idea is, then you just put the hand grenade to this drone uh just underneath like this guys doing, and you drop it from the skies. Well, the yeah thats, the propeller and actually the more propellers you have. The less noisy the thing could be so if it had like four propellers, those propellers would be very big, providing the enough lift to leave uh to lift up the two grenades, so that thing could be noisy. So with the six propellers, it is much less noisy. The capacity the payload maximum payload for this drone is five kilograms. The capacity usually two grenades. Those grenades are made, especially to destroy the tanks and just see how it drops the grenade yeah. It flies like rep abruptly yeah, but then it stables, it has the stabilizers and it uh goes just into the aim, with the precision of just one meter so see its stable right. Now, after it went through few meters and now it hits the target, so the grenades that are in use are cumulative grenades uh. They are kg3 types, uh, the four head weights, one kilogram and 70 grams and its made in 1950s. So, just imagine how old this grenade is, so we can tilt them and still have three kilograms of payload for the drone.

So actually i think you can put even three or four grenades for the drone. The drone itself has uh different characteristics. It depends on the battery, but usually the range could be up to four kilometers and it could uh. It could fly for 40 minutes and, yes, i said to you five kilograms, its quite okay for the cargo drone, so those are grenades especially made for tanks and these kind of grenades. Those are kg 1600, so 1600. Those are made in ukraine based on previous modification. The old modification, so the old modification could penetrate, can penetrate the armor up to 150 millimeter of thickness and ukrainian made grenade can penetrate the armor up to 220 millimeter thickness. That is quite a lot and it can penetrate any kind of armored vehicles because it penetrates from above and from above on tanks that uh theres the thinnest layer of the armor. So, of course it can destroy any kind of armor vehicle, my friend, so those grenades are super. So, as you can see, it can be used just on the battlefield to destroy the tanks by uh, but the troops. So those grenades are quite old soviet made. But yeah we have a new modification and, as you can see, it can destroy even tanks like here very easily and in uh, probably in our next video were going to speak about why it is very easy to destroy tanks. The soviet made tanks like a t72 compared to lets, say abrams tank yeah.

The best thing about this drone that it is dirt cheap and you can do it elsewhere in your garage. If you have enough tools and enough parts to make it and the price for it is not more than twenty thousand dollars, so its a nice thing to have on the battlefield, then it flies 300 meters or more personnel underground could hardly hear it so yeah. You can devastate the armored forces from above, using this simple kind of equipment. My friends yeah we live in the 21st century and yeah those drones are fantastic. Uh here is one more video. I dont think it is air 18 drawn, since it is a different ammo. Its not cumulative um grenade – oh my god, it went just through the roof. Oh my god, yeah those were russian soldiers. They were going somewhere from this occupied home house that they occupied and i think dji was used. The modified version of the gi mavic 3 or something was used to fire, the small grenades to drop, not fire, but the drop grenades just towards the roof of the of that car and yeah. We have the later image that both of the russian soldiers were dead. I will not show it to you because youtube doesnt like it so my friends r18 is a fantastic drone to be used on a battlefield and it uses the modern type of technologies. Those technologies are not very sophisticated, so i dont know why russia doesnt use those drones on the battlefield, but we used for sure, and there are lots of videos in the internet where you can find how effective those drones are.

So, of course, the pirate car is better and but those drones still have their niche where they can be used on a battlefield. I dont think that you need to go through the long training to fly those drones. Well, my friends, i hope you enjoyed this video and, if you want to support this channel, please join our patreon team to have the access for the special perks from my side or support channel on the paypal. All the links in the bottom.