So i just thought i’d do a video and show you some stuff that i bought recently and also i’m going to buy um. Whilst doing this video i’m going to buy a drone. That someone’s asked me to review. I don’t genuinely do review videos, i just kind of demonstrate they work and they don’t really give me opinion on them um. This was the last drawn video. I did um and this video was fun to fly um, but the camera was terrible, which it is on most drones from alex press to be honest, especially budget ones, um, so yeah. This is the comment he asked if i could do a review. Um on this drone is more curious about the weight and the performance battery life, etcetera, i’m. Just gon na open that up um. Now i replied with um. I said i wasn’t um gon na buy the drone with a camera. I was gon na, buy it without the camera, but i decided to get it with a camera. Just so you could see um, and that would be this one. Um i’ll get the 1080p version. It’Ll be nowhere near 1080p, they never um, but i get this just to show you basically that you know they’re, not 1080p um. 4.7 298 reviews is not too bad at all. Plenty orders: um 4k hd it’s – definitely not going to be 4k hd that’s for sure um. So yeah i’m going to add this now and then, when it comes we’ll, do a quick video on it for the guy who requested a review on it.

I’M. Just gon na go ahead, buy it now. Okay, so just check down here that everything’s correct there’s, a bit of tax to be added on, as we know now highly annoying. But it is what it is: everything’s correct, so we’re just going to place the order and there we have it i’m, just going to go to the orders list. I’Ll show you a few bits that i’ve been ordering i’m sorry about the background noise that’s, our zebra finch, making the the racket, as you can see, that’s the drawn ordered and all the things i’ve been ordering. Are this wood burning, um pyrography kit? It comes with all sorts of bits and bats i’m. Looking forward to that, coming, i’ve never used. One of these i’ve never tried one before so. We’Ve got that coming um. I can ignore that and uh and i’ve got some um tattoo um stickers coming. If they look anything like this on this person’s arm, then i reckon they’re going to look. Okay and they’ve got an extreme amount of good reviews, so i’ve got iops for them. Um i’ve got a hand one as well. I also got a toilet lap. Um mosh motion sensor, toilet seat, not lap, um it’s got a lot of oranges. Look at that mental amount of orders, so yeah we’ve got one of them coming. Um we’ve also got a faucet light coming. I believe that also has yeah has a lot of orders.

As well quite popular um, so yeah and that’s it – i covered that in another video um, so yeah that’s. What i’ve got coming, including this draw now um, so yeah excited for that to come, um open it up and do a little review on it like it’s. Like, like, i said, i don’t generally do reviews um, so it’ll just be you know, i’ll get it i’ll demonstrate it and all that kind of thing um, so yeah. I just wanted to do a quick video because i’m a bit bored. I think that covers everything. You’Ve got any questions or you know there’s anything on aliexpress.