I have got an interesting drone today, uh it’s kind of an anachronism a little bit of a throwback uh. I have the up air 2. 3D. 4K ultrasonic uh it’s a big drone. It reminds me of uh my old phantom 3. uh, so this is it right here, uh the up air, 2 and boy. Look at that camera. On that thing, those three lenses on there kind of uh make you think it’s uh, like some kind of a spider eye, or something like that. But these outside two lenses are there. You can actually video two frames at once and you can use them put them in a mode that you can play it back on your smartphone and if you’ve got some of those 3d goggles that you put your smartphone in theory, you would see in 3d. So i see that as kind of a gimmick – i don’t know how many people would use it, but some, i suppose, i’m more interested in the middle camera. That is a 4k 30 frames per second video camera and will also shoot in 2.7 k and they call it 2k, but i would call it 1080p, but in any case 4k is probably what you’re going to be shooting in and it will also shoot. 4K. 16 megapixel uh pictures as well so a little bit about the drone itself. It does have brushless motors and you will notice that it is screw on props and it just comes with one set of props.

So so you better not break it more. You need to order an extra pair. It does have some downward facing sensors. You can see on the bottom here. There is ultrasonic sensors and an optical flow sensor, so in uh altitude mode. That will keep it at consistent level, uh off the ground uh. What else can i tell you about this guy i’m going to hold it up here, so you can see it. I made some notes here, so it will cruise at 14 meters per second, which is about a little over 30 miles an hour. It says that the control distance is two kilometer, but the image distance is only one kilometer. So you know one kilometer is plenty uh that that’s that’s a lot and it is a three axis gimbal. So it is a good stabilized, gimbal uh flight time of 24 minutes. Let’S uh let’s take a look at the battery here. Let me pull the battery out and it is a 5100 milliamp battery uh 15.2 volts. So that gets you that minute flight time – and you know this kind of reminds you right – it’s dji style – is what it reminds you of uh. So, like i said, this drone is, is a little bit of an anachronism. Now i think it’s been out for about a year now, maybe even a little more – and i know there were older versions of the uh up air drone, so any in any case, it’s come down in price.

Banggood has a discount code that i’ll put in the description below and i think it’s available for about 325 bucks. Something like that. So if it works like it should, i think, it’s a kind of a decent alternative. If you don’t mind a bigger drone, i mean the main thing we’re interested in is that it has nice stabilized video because that’s what you that’s, what you want out of a camera drone is good. Stable, video doesn’t have a lot of intelligent flight modes. I know it will do a gps follow me and it will do uh waypoint missions too. We probably won’t, try waypoints today, but we’ll for sure check out the follow me and check out the uh, the the uh, the stability of the of the camera and the quality of the video. So this is a little bit loose here, but i mean what does this remote remind you of it? It for sure is very much like what we used to see on the phantom drones very similar uh. So you know you get the the your normal two sticks and there’s big long sticks, so it should make good for control. You got uh a a return to home button power button and a take off and landing button on here and then uh on the side. Here now in the instructions it just calls it. A roller doesn’t tell you what it does but i’m. Assuming this one controls the gimbal.

This switch here has three positions: one is for altitude hold, the other one is for gps flight and the other one is for headless mode we’re just going to leave it in gps flight on our test flight here and then this one again, they don’t tell you They just call it a roller, but i’m sure that’s exposure value, and this is video and the other button is to uh to take a picture. So i guess i can show you one more thing. The the way your phone goes in. There is right like that. So very simple, simple, easy to use deal the only thing i’m going to say about this. Is you your phone? You don’t have to use a otg cable to plug it in it connects wirelessly and it doesn’t really say, but i believe it connects wirelessly to the remote. I believe the remote is a repeater and so you’re going wirelessly from your phone to the remote and then from the remote to the drone, so uh that’s. What i think uh correct. If anybody knows better than that, please correct me in the comments below uh so anyway, that’s about it uh let’s, get this guy out in the field and let’s. Take it for a flight and let’s just see how it does all right see you out in the field: hey, okay, we’re out in the field and i’ve got the up air 2 ultrasonic. 4K 3d uh drone here uh and we should be ready to go.

I got the props on uh it’s it’s, the old screw on type props, that uh that seemed to work. Okay, uh, they were, there is cellophane around them. You know i pulled them out of the package and there’s cellophane around the middle of the prop which, on a cold day like today, was kind of fun uh getting off of there and then the camera. I don’t think i showed it before the sd card goes. Uh there in the bottom, so we should be. We should be ready to go here uh. I know i’m gon na need to do a compass calibration on this guy, which i understand is pretty involved. So uh let’s quit messing around let’s. Get that done and let’s see if we can get this guy in the air, okay uh, so i attempted to do a compass calibration and it’s a weird six way calibration. I tried it twice. I failed at it twice. I don’t know it’s it shouldn’t be that tough it’s something you’d have to mess around with. I i saw in some other people’s uh videos that had problems with it, and now i see that the gimbal is just kind of dangling around, so i assume it got overloaded when i was spinning the drone around etc so uh. I also did a horizontal calibration, which we were successful at i’m gon na reboot. The drone here real quick and i’m sure we’ll have to reconnect to it.

Wi fi and let’s see if that, if that gets the gimbal at least back where it should be, and we’ll try for a takeoff. Okay we’re connected here, we’re already down to 90 percent uh on the battery uh. So but i did get uh set it on 4k 30 frames per second recording i’m, going to press the button on the side here and see. If we it’ll start recording yeah, it says start recording, yeah, okay, there’s a counter on there, so we know it’s recording and there is a take off button. Look there’s, there’s a take off button on the app and then one here on the controller, so let’s. Try that first and we’ll watch for toilet bowling because, like i said my concern, is uh that i didn’t get a good calibration but yeah so nothing there. Maybe you have to unlock first okay, there, the motor is unlocked so uh, the uh, both uh uh, gimbals, uh down and out and then let’s hit, take off whoop. Well, the motor stopped there. They started yeah so take off. I don’t seem to be able to get takeoff on the controller to work auto takeoff on the app let’s. Try that yeah there that worked and boy it shoots up in the air. Ah man, oh man, i saw that from brian singleton’s uh review of it. It really shoots in the air and i’m, not seeing any toilet bowling or anything. It looks really steady.

Let’S turn it around here and there’s. Those uh there’s those three big old eyes: let’s uh let’s, bring it in here little ways i mean it’s, pretty stable it’s, not moving around at all it’s been a while, since uh i’ve flown a drone with these kind of big props on it and so forth. It’S kind of fun, let’s move it back and forth, and you can see that gimbal in action and i’m going to back it up. Just a little and you’ll see that gimbal tilt forward as the drone tilts back, see that and then forward as we brought it forward there. Okay, i guess i was messing around with the uh now trying to see what moves the uh, the gimbal there we go. It’S it’s the uh okay: it is the uh right side, roller that moves the gimbal righty. Okay, let’s, do our uh let’s, do our usual uh, dronie and uh let’s go reverse and up now reverse and up and i’m not going to go out there too far. Yet first time we’ve flown this drone trying to adjust the gimbal here, a little touchy 480 on the uh on the uh fpv. So the fpv is not super clear and you know really touchy on the yaw. I noticed okay first thing: we’re going to try here is return to home. I want to make sure that that’s working like it should so let’s. Try it on the controller here yeah that doesn’t seem to work.

So neither the take off button i’m gon na hold it down for a second yeah that doesn’t seem to work on the controller. Oh there we go, i had to push it twice and it’s coming back, so i pushed that button on the controller twice and that’s. Probably, where i messed up on on takeoff too and the cool thing about this guy, it doesn’t, i don’t – think it has any precision landing uh, but a big drone like this with legs on it. It can set down in the grass no problem it’s, not going to mow any grass or anything and it’s coming down here, you’re, seeing it there on screen and there it shut off okay. Well, that gives me some confidence that it knows where home is let’s, go ahead and take off again here and i’m going to try that double push on the take off button on the controller here yeah it still didn’t work. Okay, it still was on return to home, so i turned that off let’s. Try that double punch on the controller yeah. I don’t know why that doesn’t work on the controller, but let’s go ahead and take off on the app, and you can see it’s kind of touchy and boy that thing shoots up in the air when it takes off. Okay, i see a little bit of a crooked horizon, but uh let’s go ahead and uh and and we’re still recording, which is good.

Let’S go ahead and move out, and you know the drone flies good. It’S got a good, solid connection. I feel confident flying it around and it’s uh it’s not moving around. I i had problems with that compass connection, but uh or compass calibration. Excuse me boy. This yaw is really hard to adjust and i don’t know if you can slow that down in the app at all but uh. In any case, let’s fly out to the corner of the uh man that’s hard to i’m, really struggling to get a to get that yaw. As you can tell okay, uh i’m gon na stop right there for a second i’m gon na stop recording i’m gon na punch that button on the uh controller and it ended, recording and then we’re going to take a picture here and it didn’t say picture taken. So i’m going to try that. Well, then it got darker all of a sudden there on my fpv screen, i don’t know: okay, i i pushed it on the app and was able to take a picture. Okay, let’s see if we can start recording again on the controller, yeah recording started and there it’s counting down – and i don’t know why uh boy, it’s, okay, then it lightened back up here. I don’t know that was kind of odd that’s on my fpv. So i don’t know if that’ll show up on video or not so let’s fly out to the other end of the park here and uh, and let me yeah slowly if i can a little too much gosh darn.

This thing is it’s really hard to control the yaw on this guy, so i’m gon na go full stick forward and let’s see what we get for: speed, they’re, advertising, uh, 14 meters and boy. That is a big old drone and eight meters per second. So eight meters per second is what it said in the in the uh literature that came with it, and it said 14 meters per second in the in the advertising, so looks like eight meters per second. Is it so that’s about? I don’t know 17 miles an hour, something like that and boy i’ll tell you i. I am really struggling to get a smooth yaw with this guy, but so maybe there’s a way to control that we’re already down to 62 percent battery. But again i want to take a picture here so i’m gon na stop recording i’m going to try that on the app and i did it was – we were successful and then i’m gon na try uh again on the controller to take a picture and i didn’t Get into any indication so we’re gon na do that on the app and look at that it turned dark again, so i don’t know. Maybe that is something different. Maybe i got something: let’s punch that again yeah i don’t know i am going to hit uh yeah photo taken. I did that on the app so so we got that successfully. Let’S start recording again on the app and it did.

It started, recording and yeah there. It turned bright again, so i that’s kind of an odd uh affectation there so uh. I am going to uh turn it around and bring it back into us here and then and we’re gon na see. If we can do uh follow me and again there as i hit the throttle, you saw that that gimbal uh kind of tipped a little bit and i see a little bit of a crooked horizon. Although it’s hard to tell on a on a cloudy day like today and boy it’s, it’s fun, watching that big old drone come into us here, this one is a line of sight, is not a problem with this guy because it’s a it’s, a big drone, the The biggest downside that i am seeing so far is that really sensitive yaw. It really is hard for me to control the yaw okay. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to try the follow me function i’m, going to grab the camera off the tripod here and take it out with us and see if we can get some pictures and there you see the drone up there and Again, this is i’m going to warn you on a drone like this and follow me. It does not have obstacle avoidance oops. I don’t want to do that. I hit the wrong button, so we hit the follow me button, which is at the bottom center of the fpv screen start follow me, confirm and it’s turning around yeah and so it’s moving on its own it’s moving around here i’m gon na i’m gon na walk Forward and see what it does Applause, so i don’t like this guys we’re gon na take it out of that yeah it’s uh let’s move further out into the field before we try that.

Well, we got people walking across the field here so unfortunately uh. Obviously this is a public park, so i want to get further away from all the other obstacles here before we try that and i have no control on the sticks here. So i turn the follow me off and the sticks aren’t working at least the drone is in a hover and it’s starting to hail here. Cancel follow confirm, okay, guys. I have no control over the drone right now and it’s starting to hail, which i’m not so worried about with this guy. So i’m gon na go back to my uh home point here. I don’t know what’s going on with the drone, but boy it’s really starting to come down now so i’m gon na see if i can land it, yeah we’re getting some serious precip here uh and i have no control of this drone so let’s see. If we can yeah there, we got into the return to home, so we’ll get that far with it at least, and the drone will land and, as you can see, it’s really starting to come down here, i’m going to move the camera underneath the shelter here and The drone is landing, i don’t know if you can see, but almost uh almost right on the pad uh okay, i’m gon na pick it up and get it out of the rain. Okay, guys uh i’ve got everything under the shelter here now so we’re good to go.

Okay, i don’t know if you guys are gon na, be able to see it but there’s literally ice on my uh on my gloves here, it’s coming down as kind of uh sleet and uh, it happened really fast. I i knew we were going to get a little rain this afternoon, but i didn’t expect it to happen quite this quickly. But in any case, let me grab the drone and we’ll do a conclusion: okay, guys, the uh, the up air 2, 4k 3d extreme drone uh. So you guys will have seen the video already i kind of have a feeling it’s going to be okay uh. It looked okay on the fpv screen, although the fpv screen is low, res it’s, only in 480 lines, so you know it’s hard to tell for certain. I thought i saw a little bit of a crooked horizon there, but again with the clouds and stuff it was hard to tell so. We had an interesting flight. The drone flew okay and i felt pretty confident with it. You know no toilet bowling or anything even with the problems. I had getting a successful compass calibration and i tried twice and both times it told me it failed, but, as you saw the drone there was no toilet bowling, it was very stable, seemed to operate just fine. The only issue i had was with the yaw. It was so sensitive. I really struggled to get a smooth yaw on it, but we’ll get to look at the pictures.

Look at the video i tried to follow me uh, not terribly successful, and i i knew from watching brian singleton’s video that when you put it in the follow me mode, you don’t have any stick control. Then the the drone is following the gps on your phone matching, the gps on your phone or the controller honestly, i don’t know which uh, but it didn’t it kind of moved around, and i got a little nervous there because it was kind of i didn’t. Have it up that high and it was kind of moving towards the picnic shelter here and i didn’t want it to run into anything, so i moved further out in the field re engaged it and and well, even before i re engaged it. I noticed that, even though i had disengaged the follow me function, i still had. I had zero stick control at that point, move the sticks. All i wanted did not affect the drone. Well that’s, the problem. Obviously, for obvious reasons, although the drone was hovering there, just fine, i put it back into follow me mode. The drone started moving around and doing some stuff, uh and and uh about that time was when it started. Sleeting here frozen rain. I guess we’d call it uh, so i figured i’d better, get it shut down, so fortunately it did take a return to home command and it landed fairly close to the landing pad there. So it did just fine in that regard, but anyway uh, you know we’ll have to see further uh we’ll we’ll take this guy out again and try it out some more, but i mean it’s it’s it’s, a big old drone in the tradition of the of the Old phantom drones – and you know – i mean other than the the sensitive yaw.

I thought it flew. Okay and the main thing that you are trying to get out of a drone like this is good video quality. So you guys will are i’ve already seen it i’m. Anxious to see what it looks like off the sd card, so i will put a bang good link in the video along with a discount code that should you should be able to pick the drone up for about 325 bucks. Something like that, uh, you know, and if you don’t mind a bigger drone, i would say: that’s that’s probably well worth it and it is powerful. We got it up to eight meters per second there, which is about that’s about 18 19 miles an hour, something like that which, which is pretty good so anyway, i guess that’s about it for the up air 2. uh. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel most of all. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this. Video and yeah we’ll see on the next one and yes, sometimes the weather catches you off guard. I knew we had a lot of clouds, but boy i’ll tell you what, when it got loose, it really cut loose here. All right, guys, we’ll see you next time.