My first one here in the new studio with my son carter, now hello, now we’re going to tell you a quick little story today, we’re giving a little review on this little micro drone that i bought them on amazon, because i am a drone enthusiast. I like flying drones, i got a mavic 2 zoom and i just got the dji fpv drone it’s, my first fpv and i really wanted these guys to experience it with me. So what did i do? I went on amazon and i found the least expensive micro drone that could get here like an amazon time frame, which is immediately, and i ordered it up, and it was this little shark drone made by uh maker fire. It was like 100 bucks and uh. You know what it came with these goggles for fpv little controller had uh all kinds of buttons, auto takeoff, auto land return to home. Flips three speeds. Well, i show it to you, but where’d it go in the woods. What do you mean in the woods? What happened? Well, i lost control that’s the thing you lost control nope. He lost control. So so tell us what happened. Tell us what? How was your first experience? What did you do? Um, so i we’re in the house and then i was like. Oh i want to. I want to take it outside, because i thought it would be more easier, so i flew it up. I went too high and i didn’t really know the controls very well, so i just kept on went backwards and up so then um.

I kept on losing control on my headset and then it went fully black and in the woods so i’m. Next to him i’m flying my dji drone, which is new to me so i’m, just practicing i’m flying around he’s standing right next to me, and he takes off and it’s got three modes of speed. First one’s like slow, medium fast right so sounds slow and he’s. Like it’s not really going anywhere i’m just distracted honestly, i was flying my my drone. I was zooming around trying not to lose it trying to crash and uh so i’m, like. Oh, no it’s got different different speed. Just click click boom, so he’s flying he’s. Just flying around now we just moved into this house, so it’s knit neighborhoods new to us and we’re in a little cul de sac kind of area. There’S not a lot right here. But if you go just a little bit across the cul de sac there’s. Some woods and stuff so um yeah, you know i’m flying around zooming across all these trees. Looking all the houses and stuff – and he goes hey dad. I can’t see it anymore. I need your help it’s like huh. Well, i don’t want to just leave what i’m doing fine, because i don’t want to lose my obviously my dji drum. So you know i’d like to stop hit the button. Let me see all right bring it back over here i’m like where’d, it go where’d it go, i don’t know he’s, like i don’t know, what do you mean? Look he’s got the goggles on goggles are on, you can see where it went.

But what does he do? I don’t know i said what’s. The last thing you saw. I saw a house and wood behind me i’m, like what a house look, how high keep in mind this micro drone is like this big and it’s it’s blue i’m gon na i’ll put a picture up uh on here of what it is actually just so that You know exactly what we’re talking about and uh it’s tiny, but i i got a bright blue one because well seemed uh like it would be easy to find and honestly i thought we were just going to fly them inside, but it didn’t work out. Well, it’s, not that easy to fly. No! No! Actually it is that easy to fly. It is exactly that easy to fly so it’s, like the easiest thing to fly, we’re going to be completely honest here. So let me uh pull up here. What exactly it’s talking about it seems to be fun, but here it is it’s not that fun not hard. Okay, right here boom this guy bright, blue shark it’s, not very big, so i’m like well crap. Maybe it’s still got a signal right, so i land my drone and the neighbor across the street. We haven’t met these guys we’re, just walking over which way to go, went that way so we’re walking over there and there’s these woods. That goes like man down it’s, deep it’s, steep it’s, uh it’s, pretty legit, so down there i’m, like oh it’s, cool creek down there so um.

You know, i see the neighbor over there next door, his son outside hey man. You see a little drone come like crash over here and he’s. Like oh, i saw i saw um yours, yeah big one flying it’s, not his little one it’s a little tiny. He goes. I thought it was like a bee, a big bug or a bird or something he goes yeah it was. It was going that way, i’m like what like, how high was this thing going so he’s like? I was up here by a tree so i’m, like oh man, there’s, no way it made it through all those trees, just kept going so i’m standing up there. I got these goggles, you know, it’s, almost you know static screen, so i’m like come on, come on and i can kind of it starts to flicker a little bit i’m like oh man, there it is there’s. The signal – and all i saw was one image and it looked like leafs a little bit of greenery i’m, like oh man, it’s, definitely on the ground, so we just need to get down and find it. So the three of us me this guy and the neighbor, go foraging down into this pit of doom and uh man i’m telling you i spent like an hour out there, no dice. I had no signal i’m, assuming that it just died, because if we got closer to it it should have picked up the signal line and i’m.

Looking up, you know how far is the signal? How far can i see five point, gigahertz, so long story short. That was sharks out there in the woods somewhere, yeah yeah, so the next round is going to be inside we’re going to do inside drones fly around the house. Can’T wait until i actually stay inside because listen i was like. All you have to do is go down just thumbs down and come straight down right. No, what does he do? Oh just go up so apparently that little shark right there turned into a sharknado, took off and flew over the trees out of man. It’S out of here, it’s gone so that’s a bummer, but i will say this: if you want to get one they’re pretty cool, i flew it around. My work flew around the house a little bit before he had a chance to uh fly away and it was really cool. So we come in here for our first podcast in the new studio and tell this crazy story about this kid who can’t have a freaking can’t, give him nothing nice five minutes gone just gone unbelievable, so i wore the appropriate shirt for the occasion. We’Ll move this out the way right there. You can get these uh any of my apparel at tmf, apparel, usa.