But before we do were going to run through a few bits beforehand, so if any of you guys were lucky enough to be watching djis pages over the weekend, youll have seen that they released a video stating that this new drone is going to be for our Everyday heroes, which indicates that it could be further our emergency services. If youd like to take a look at that, video now never feel like youre on your own, because no matter what threatens you there are always people willing to help people who are determined to face any challenge and who are ready to act at any moment when The going gets, tough and the stakes are high when earths volatile nature rears its head. These are the people who rise to the occasion ultimately theyre, just like you and i none of us are born strong Applause, Music and finding inner strength. Doesnt happen overnight. We are proud to make the tools that these everyday heroes rely on, but we know that, ultimately, our tools rely on the people who know how to use them. People who are ready now and always to protect you. So, as you can see there, this new product, which will be released in just a little under 10 minutes, is very much geared towards everyday heroes, that being the emergency services and police fire and ambulance and other rescue teams have been very large users of unmanned aircraft Systems now, since they were first released so things that were going to look at and what we hope to see in this new drone is potentially an increased operational envelope, so were looking at wind resistance and an ip rating.

Now, if we look at the mavic 2, advanced weve got no ip rating on that aircraft. However, it does come with a 10 meters per second, where wind speed, tolerance. The m300, however, comes in at 15 meters per second with an ip rating of four five, which is protected from against objects greater than one millimeter and protected against low pressure jets. From any angle, now, whilst theres been lots of work going on in the background by dgi, of course, one of the biggest questions on everyones lips is: will they increase or be able to build upon those technical specifications? One specification, however, that they really dont need to work too much towards is increasing things like the camera specs, as weve seen with platforms such as the mavic 2 enterprise advanced and the h20t sensor for the dji matrice 300 theyre really already at the top of their Game so were not expecting to see much increase in this area, but you never know. Dji have welled us many times over before so we could see some increase to those technical specifications as well. So if we look at the mavic 2 advanced, this drone is capable of being fastly deployed in any situation. Uh. The m 300, however, takes a little bit more time, but once youve got used to the system, it can be deployed relatively quickly. So, potentially we could look at something like a drone in the box which we have a blog on if you check out haliguy.

com today and also um, if we look at um the m300s um sorry um ill take over here. So what jack was about to say was that we are uh very interested to see whether or not they bring in the same capability which weve seen on the m300. The ability to not only dual control, as in have a remote pilot controller and also the camera operator or payload operators, its often referred to, but also the ability to hand over control of the flight of the aircraft, whilst in the air. That is something which the emergency services have used to great advantage. Uh previously, and also other organizations using an aircraft like the m300, have also been using it to almost replicate the operations of extended visual line of sight by, whilst remaining the aircraft within 500 meters of the remote pilot, theyve essentially used it to leapfrog. So if we look at things like the spotlight, which is available on the mavic 2 advanced and the m300, as you can see here, the mavic 2 advanced it comes already built onto the aircraft. However, looking at things like the z50 and the gl 60 plus, which is one of the payloads for the m300, we could look at something like this for this new dji aircraft. Now, of course, one of the main requests that come from any drone user is of course, longer flight time. So what we hope to see is certainly an extension to the already uh beneficial flight times of the likes of the mavic and matrice in an operational sense.

The the mavic 2 enterprise advance on sheet gets around about 31 minutes flight time. However, in real terms, youre looking at around about 24 to 28 minutes with the matrice 300, with a h20t, its anywhere between sort of 30 to 35 minutes. So hopefully there will be some work towards some increases to those flight times, but also what we saw with the mavic series or the mavic enterprise series was the smart controller. Now that smart controller, unfortunately having only an internal battery, meant that often you would only get around about two to three hours use out of the controller before then it needed to recharge. This is an important factor we think hopefully in the next iteration of whatever product comes next will have either an external and an internal battery so that it prolongs the life of that command unit. So what were going to do now is were going to switch to one of our recently released videos. Now we had the opportunity to go and join the british transport police recently for op in golf, where well see and find out a little bit more about how theyre, using their unmanned aircraft systems. My name is: will russell and im one of the sergeants on the btp drone team opera in golf is the btp response to the request from network rail and our other railway stakeholders to support them during the engineering works that are taking place on right and mainline. The railway is going to be shot to passenger services for the duration of the engineering works and, as such, theres going to be an increased risk of theft of equipment, thats being used on the line, theres an increased risk of people trespassing because they think that passenger Trains arent running, but in fact theres actually going to be engineering, trains still running quite regularly up and down the line, so theres a concern for the safety of people that think they might trespass, because the railway is inherently a dangerous place.

Theres also the risk of increased graffiti and just a general way of us supporting our stakeholders to make sure that they can deliver the engineering works on schedule safely and efficiently. So drones are really useful to us doing this, checking the track in a much more safer and efficient way of being able to to get a look up and down the the areas of track that were interested in without having to send police officers and members of Network rail line side in order to have a look, we have been using drones for the best part of a year now in a trial funded by network rail. Where were placing drones with some of our btp disruption teams geographically located around the southeast. Their focus is on railway disruption. We do a lot of operations at night, where were looking at graffiti hot spots, thats, where thermal really comes into its own. We found that to be really useful. Weve also found that incident response is really useful, as well with the rapid deployment of the mavic 2 enterprise. They can turn up on blue lights to a report of a trespass. They can have the drone up relatively quickly after theyve completed all of their safety checks and risk assessment. The operations been really successful. The use of drones has been great, weve, been able to do lots of pre planned operations and taskings weve been focusing on areas of the railway that are the greatest concern.

For example, the ooze valley viaduct, where theres an increased risk of persons trespassing because they think that the railways shot, in fact its actually not Music. So without further ado, we will switch now across to djis live launch of their latest products join us straight afterwards. Where were going to be talking about the product, the technical specifications, the operations that can be conducted with them and a little bit more with a special announcement coming straight after so join us soon, Music, so Music, Music, so never feel like youre on your own, because No matter what threatens you there are always people willing to help people who are determined to face any challenge and who are ready to act at any moment when the going gets. Tough and the stakes are high, when earths volatile nature rears its head. These are the people who rise to the occasion ultimately theyre, just like you and i none of us are born strong and finding inner strength doesnt happen overnight. We are proud to make the tools that these everyday heroes rely on, but we know that, ultimately, our tools rely on the people who know how to use them, people who are ready now and always to protect you Applause, ladies and gentlemen, dji fans, protectors and guardians, And anyone searching for tools to achieve the next generation of work welcome to dji enterprises. First launch event: my name is toby knisley and its my extreme pleasure to be here today to show you the latest and greatest from dji dji was founded 16 years ago, based on a dream, a dream that drones could make the thrill of flying accessible to everyone And anyone as we chased this dream and as more and more people got their hands on drones, as this dream became a reality, drone technology has continued to evolve for those who are unfamiliar.

Dgi enterprise came about thanks to you, the innovators and pioneers who bravely pushed dji drones past the boundaries of what anyone had imagined possible. We were amazed at what we saw. We saw firefighters, attach thermal cameras to their drones and fly over burning buildings and wildfires find hot spots in need of attention and even see through smoke and debris to find victims. We saw inspectors navigate complex environments like bridges, power lines, solar fields, wind turbines, all in a fraction of the time, all without boots, leaving the ground. We saw researchers, scientists, farmers surveyors first responders. The list goes on innovators, finding extraordinary ways to use drones. We saw a future brimming with potential, where drones in your hands could bring forth a new generation of work where drones had carved out their place in the toolbox of the everyday hero. Where drones help you do your job, faster, smarter and, most importantly, safer and so to meet customer demands and better serve those who provide for their communities. Dji enterprise was born in 2015, an entire division within dji devoted to developing drone solutions built for work. Even before dji enterprise was officially founded. It started with the matrice 100 an open platform. We wanted to see what people would do with it, and the results were incredible, something that our users needed was more carrying power. So we made the m600 a hexacopter capable of lifting heavier cameras and sensors. We took feedback from pilots on the front lines and we developed the matrice 200 series.

Here we gave you multiple payload configurations: the ability to have a thermal camera and a zoom camera side by side for some users. Speed of deployment is everything, so we created the mavic 2 enterprise series, which fits in your glove compartment and is ready to deploy within seconds. So you have eyes in the sky when it matters. Dji enterprise continued to evolve with the release of our latest flagship, the matrice 300 building off the success of the m200. Every improvement made came at the request of the everyday heroes that use our products. We gave you longer flight times, improved safety and redundancy features, higher weather resistance and ever powerful hybrid camera sensors over the years. Youve taken these tools and youve done extraordinary things. Youve increased productivity across your work sites, be it for construction or surveying agriculture, inspection, youve, protected historical landmarks in their moment of peril and youve helped preserve them for generations to come. Youve acted with urgency and precision in response to natural disaster, landslides and earth, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods and youve protected endangered species from poachers, aided conservation efforts and helped. Researchers, broaden our understanding of the animal kingdom and youve searched for those who are lost at night or in distress and youve, rescued them from danger. What youve done is nothing short of remarkable, its our honor to continue to build the tools that help you make a difference in your communities, and we thank you for your loyalty and support for the past.

Seven years for the products were launching today, weve held fast to the formula thats, given a success throughout the years. Listening to you, the pilots and drone program managers in the field individually, todays products are powerful, capable resilient and they push the boundaries of drone technology. All things that you expect from dji together, these products represent a complete solution that will help you establish the next generation of drone program at your operations now im so excited to show you what weve built for you next to get us started. Let me first take you to the office for some of our users. These lines span over 8 600 kilometers connect 35 cities and bring electricity to over three and a half million people, as you can imagine, keeping this infrastructure healthy is really important, but also really challenging power line. Inspectors who protect and maintain this critical infrastructure contend with mountainous terrain, harsh winds and freezing temperatures all at altitudes above 4000 meters before drones, inspectors had to literally climb mountains to access each and every tower. Braving the elephants and exposing themselves to danger were proud to say that today, drones have established themselves as standard equipment in the toolkits of these inspectors capable of collecting high resolution inspection data all without having feet, leave the ground, but at altitude and an extreme cold in Remote regions like these every inch of space in your vehicle is at a premium and every time you have to unpack your drone or pack it back up.

Every movement is made more difficult by the biting cold: the power grid, crews and enterprise customers. They need drones that are built tough and reliable. That can get the job done even in harsh conditions, and they need something thats easy to set up, use pack up and move. They need something powerful, but at the same time also portable and im so happy to say we managed to do it meet the new matrice 30.. The first thing you must be thinking is: it looks like the matrix 300 and the mavic 2 enterprise had a baby and thats exactly what we were going for a drone with flagship level, specs and performance, but in the airframe something much more maneuverable and transportable the First thing we had to do to you know it was even possible to make something this powerful, but this small was develop. The payload, the matrix 30 series comes in two models: the m30 and the the m30t. The base m30 model has a 12 megapixel wide angle. Camera a 48 megapixel zoom camera capable of up to 16 times optical zoom and 200 times digital zoom, its got a laser rangefinder which can give you the precise coordinates of objects up to 1200 meters away, and the m30t has all of that plus a 640 by 512 pixel radiometric thermal camera, okay, so that was a lot of specs. Let me show you what all this together looks like, so this is the m30 at work hovering at a safe distance from this electrical tower, theres no need to get too close and we can just zoom in on our targets from a safe distance.

So this is 20 times zoom and theres the picture and zoom in a little bit more okay. This here is the level of detail that inspectors need see this wire thats going through. You have to be sure that this wire is still there and if it was missing, they would be, they would have to take a note and then the maintenance crew would have to come service. This so now lets also check out the m30ts thermal camera. So if you were a spotter in a search and rescue mission, do you think you could see the missing person you see them? I bet you could so there now lets switch to zoom and zoom in okay. It looks like they could use some help. So lets drop a pin point and we can get this persons. Precise, coordinates, okay, so for customers who work with the m300 and the h20 series, maybe this level of detail and pinpoints with the laser rangefinder. It might not seem too groundbreaking, but what is truly groundbreaking is that we were able to fit so many powerful sensors into such a small frame. This is what makes the dji product a dji product and some of our best work went into this payload. Let me tell you a little bit more, so we were already really happy with h20t hybrid camera, its performance and its weight and thats. Why we released it and its been doing a really good job, but we wanted to see if we could make it even smaller to make it even more accessible for more and more scenarios and situations.

So the first thing we did was take the isp, which is the image signal processor, which are chips that are normally in the payload and we move them to the drones body. These chips take up a lot of space and they also give off a lot of heat when theyre in use. So it was a logical decision for us to move them to the drones body, theres more space there to accommodate them and the heat that they give off, but we still hadnt. We had a new problem now, which was that connecting the laser rangefinder, the thermal sensor, the wide camera, the zoom camera in the payload, connecting all this to the isp inside the drone theres 96 wires, which all have to fit through a six millimeter hole and span Through the back of the payload up the motor shaft of the gimbal and into the drones isp, and by the way six millimeters is about the diameter of a pencil also, these 96 wires. They also include image signal wires, which need they need to be tolerant to movement from the gimbal. They need to be tolerant to interference as well as to weather, so this was really really challenging, but we managed to do it. One consequence is that the payload is fixed, so you cant, swap it with other payloads, but in total we were able to bring its weight down by more than half from 828 grams down to 320 grams, all while maintaining the same performance and specs as the h20t And by the way, 320 grams is less than that of a can of soda, so by starting with a significantly slimmed down payload.

Everything else on the drone could be made smaller, lighter and more portable, and even though weve made it smaller, the m30 retains all of the ruggedness and environmental adaptability that youve come to expect from a matrice with ip55 ingress protection. The m30 can shrug off heavy rains. Dust extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, as well as altitudes up to 7000 meters above sea level, also heavy winds up to 15 meters per second, its also got flagship performance, so max flight speeds of 23 meters per second, and for my imperial unit friends out there Thats, just over 50 miles an hour, the m30 is fast not only in the air but also on the ground. So what i mean is its got: a new self locking system for the arms so its easier than ever, both to unpack it and to pack it back up when you need to pack it back up. You just got ta press this button and the arm can fold again, weve also done away with landing gear. So this is one less step that you have to worry about when you need to get airborne as fast as possible, and now, when youre airborne, you can enjoy the most stable, responsive flight experience of an enterprise drone to date, thanks to the m30s quad antenna design With ocusync 3 enterprise, you can have crisp stable connections up to 15 kilometers away when youre working in complex environments like dense urban areas or very remote areas with poor signal, you can opt to plug in a 4g dongle as for safety features, and this is something That we take extremely seriously its got everything that the m300 has six directional sensing and positioning, which enables detection of obstacles up to 38 meters away and brings the m30 to a stop mid flight to avoid collisions its got numerous built in redundancies and backup systems.

So if something goes wrong, theres always a backup system that can come online, its got dual rtk modules for reliable, bearing and positioning. So you can fly safely even near structures that give off electromagnetic interference like power lines and, like all dji drones, its got the adsb receiver, so youll have air sense and know of any approaching helicopters or airplanes. Another thing that will make flying even safer, weve revamped night and low light performance for the m30. So this is the fpv camera and you can see clearly the skyline. The horizon elevation features like this ridge and if you look at the bottom right, theres the m30ts wide camera, which is nearly pitch black. So this is a game changer. For anyone who finds themselves airborne at night say for a search and rescue mission. Weve also developed smart low light photo, so this quickly captures multiple photos, combines them and gives you a sharp crisp photo even at night. Lastly, i want to talk about the m30s battery situation, so this is a tb30 battery and two of these can power the m30 for 41 minutes of flight theyre hot swappable. So you can change in a fresh pair without having to turn the drone off and theyre. Also smart, they can do self heating, so this is really important for our customers who work in cold environments. Anyone whos flown a drone or who works with them regularly. They know how tedious it is to manage your batteries to keep them charged and to store them safely.

So weve tried to make the battery situation as simple as possible, with the m30, make it as user friendly as possible. When you buy your m30, it comes with a briefcase sized battery charging station which can charge four pairs of tb batteries one pair at a time with each pair only taking 30 minutes to charge to 90 percent. The charging station supports three charging modes, so theres standard storage and also ready to fly mode so standard mode is exactly what it sounds like charges, each pair to 100 one pair at a time, but keeping your batteries fully charged for prolonged periods is actually not so Good for them, so we also give you storage mode, which charges each pair to 50, and this is better for their long term health and we have ready to fly mode. Weve designed this for first responders and emergency teams who need their drones and batteries ready to go at a moments notice when duty calls so ready to fly mode fast charges each pair of batteries to 90, with each pair taking less than 30 minutes. And then it keeps them there at 90 on standby and, lastly, to finish off the accessories im pleased to share that the m30 has full psdk integration and supports a growing library of third party payloads, which include powerful, spotlights that can illuminate the ground from above loudspeakers That can help you broadcast a message and more and they they attach to the m30.

With this rack on the top here through the top payload port, so were really excited for you to get your hands on the m30 every aspect of its design. Each engineering choice. We made from its size and performance to its sensors and safety features its batteries and accessories. Everything was to create a better tool for you, the dji enterprise users. So you can do your jobs, safer and smarter, but when it comes to doing your jobs to the best of your ability, the drone is only half the package. Your remote controller is your link to the drone and its how you interact and communicate with it its how you see what it sees. Enterprise users have been waiting a long time for a dedicated enterprise, remote controller and im so happy to present to you, dji, rc, plus the official enterprise remote controller. So the first thing youll notice, is that its really wide its got a massive high definition, wide screen to put more visual information in your hands. The screen is sharp, clear, ultra bright, so you can have mission critical details even under direct sunlight up top weve got two removable antennas that enable stable connection with your drone up to 15 kilometers away fully charged. The rc has a whopping six hours of screen on time and under the hood, its got two batteries, one internal one external and then you can remove the external one mid mission and hot, swap it with a fresh one.

Also, you can charge the rc as youre, using it with the 65 watt usb port and something that our customers have been asking for for a long time, its rated ip54 and can withstand temperatures ranging from negative 20 to 50 degrees celsius. This means that the entire remote controller is rainproof when duty calls, but its raining. You can fly with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your remote controller is protected from the elements just like the m30. It controls and one more thing releasing with dji rc plus, is pilot 2, a major overhaul of the and redesign of the primary enterprise flight app. We started with a pilot home screen which quickly provides you with essential pre flight information, the presence of any altitude zones or geo zones nearby, so up here on the top left. It also gives you your drone status here on the right, so this includes whether theres any whether theres a firmware update that you need, and even the status or duration of your dji care enterprise coverage. We want to make sure that all of this critical information is right there right away at a glance if you click enter camera. It gives you your pre flight checklist and weve optimized this. So you can easily set things like return to home, max altitude, directional sensing and more and lastly, weve adjusted the flight interface, so you have less clutter, easier access to settings and menus and an improved awareness of the drones surroundings and position.

My personal favorite addition in pilot 2 is the configuration with these six screen side buttons, each of which is mapped to a variety of functions within pilot 2.. For example, you can change feeds from fpv to infrared, to wide to zoom. You can zoom in you can zoom out, you can drop, pin points all of this. You can do with these buttons. Let me tell you: weve been testing this for a while now its amazing, how quickly you develop the muscle memory together. This combination of hardware and software, dji, rc, plus and pilot 2, we believe, will make it easier and safer for you to get the most out of your m30. So you can make a difference in your work sites and your communities, speaking of im so proud to share that the m30, the dji rc plus and pilot 2 have already played a part in saving a life. The weber county search and rescue team is a professional mountain rescue team based in utah usa theyve been exceptional, beta testers, getting their hands dirty with the m30, giving feedback on features and even finding a few bugs. If you can believe it, and while they were testing, they were actually able to use it to save the life of a snowboarder who went missing on their mountain the evening of february the 25th. They got the call arrived on scene and found the snowboarder within 10 minutes, thanks to the thermal camera on the m30t and the keen eyes of the pilot and the spotter, the snowboarders coordinates were picked up with the laser rangefinder and then sent to ground teams who Rescued him shortly after this is a core part of dji product development philosophy, get feedback from the end users get our ideas tested in the front lines.

So we can build the best products possible based on real life demands and real life situations. So hats off to kyle, norfors and the weber county search and rescue team. Thank you so much for the excellent work out there. Our next product that we have today was also inspired by our experiences testing drone technology on the front lines in real life scenarios. Let me bring you back three years ago to december 2019, a wildfire had broken out across this mountain range and high winds were quickly spreading it. When we arrived, the firefighters were preparing to deploy across the mountains to search for hotspots, help bring it under control. We brought along an early engineering model of the m300 and we gave live video feeds of the ongoing fire to the incident commander. At the same time, it was also a golden opportunity for us to test out a new feature. Weve been cooking up pinpoints to our delight. We were able to find every single hotspot for kilometers pinpoint each one get their precise coordinates thanks to the h20t, its thermal camera and its laser rangefinder. So this marks the first ever use of pinpoints with a drone, and it was proof that the idea works, but the issue was the information, the game, changing information information picked up by the drones. It was stuck on the screens of the pilots. We had groups crowded around the pilots, remote control screens, with walkie talkies and cell phones, trying to describe the locations of the growing fires.

There was no easy way to beam this information to the command, centers and, more importantly, to the ground teams who had already taken up positions across the mountainous terrain. What good is drone intel if no one can see it, let alone act on it. We want drones to be as helpful and useful as they possibly can be, and it was these roadblocks. These information silos that led to the development of flight hub 2. for those who are unfamiliar flighthub, is our all in one cloud based drone operations, management platform that offers synchronization features to coordinate between ground teams, drones, payloads, pilots and all the intelligence that they gather lets. Take a step back and put ourselves in the shoes of the firefighters or search and rescue teams who flighthub 2 was built for when you arrive at the fire or the search area. The first thing you can do is log in to the live flighthub 2 project, which is your shared mission interface, that your team will be using flight hub 2 is entirely cloud based, which means its accessible not only to the pilots remote controllers, but also to everyone On the team who has a device with a web browser, this includes the remote controller, laptops tablets and mobile devices. Now everybody involved in emergency response from incident commanders to ground teams on the front lines. Everyone can log into the same mission and access the same intelligence gathered by the drones. Okay.

So now that weve arrived on scene were logged in, we need a quick overview of the wildfire or of our search area. Flight hub 2 supports some slick mapping, features that give you this immediate situational awareness. We can start with 2.5 d base map, so this takes the satellite map of your area and then overlays elevation data. So you have a more three dimensional sense of the immediate environment. This helps you and ground teams. Even before you fly a drone. So now you can take the mountains and elevation into consideration as you plan your initial flight steps and flight routes. Okay, so once the drones take off, you can get 360 degree overviews of the mission site with one tap panorama sync. So the sync part here means that your panorama is automatically uploaded and shared to all teammates who are signed into this mission. For example, the ground teams on the front line whove got flighthub 2 on their phones. This is really helpful when you need a rapid, first impression of an unfamiliar environment. Also, the position where each panorama is captured from it can be marked on the 2.5 d base map and then you can open them directly from this map. And if you need high resolution details, you can choose cloud mapping. So this is a game changer for emergency response teams who need high resolution maps, not just spatially but also temporally – that is a fresh map captured minutes ago.

So this is how it works. First, you highlight your target area up to 1.5 square kilometers for each flight, and then you set parameters like altitude and then the m30 does the rest. It automatically flies over the area, taking pictures as the pictures come in flighthub 2 processes them into an orthomosaic map, which is then overlaid on your 2.5 d base map, and this is the result i cant stress just how important this is, how important this kind of High resolution, spatial information is when youre setting foot in an unfamiliar environment and cloud mapping works at night too with thermal. So this white area is the infrared cloud map and you can see the presence of details you might not have noticed with a regular visual light. Orthomosaic and flighthub 2 is much more than just cloud processing and mapping. A major feature that weve added to support air to ground coordination is what we like to call live annotations, which are points lines and polygons that you can draw on the map. So lets say: youre a pilot youre helping in a search and rescue mission. Polygons can help you distribute search areas between pilots and ground teams, and once you see something that might be your missing person, you can drop a pinpoint. So the ground teams know which direction they should go. You can draw lines to plot out routes and guide them along the safest path and live. Annotations are all shown on the flighthub 2 information interface.

So all team members can see them flighthub, 2 isnt. Just for search and rescue and firefighting operations, but also any job like surveying, inspecting any job that uses drones and needs to keep organized flighthub 2 has powerful mission planning functions, so flight routes can be or tasks that can be created, saved shared to other pilots, and Then, after the mission post mission, videos photos maps models, everything captured can be saved, viewed and managed with flighthub 2.. Okay. So, as we wrap up the software part of todays event, ive got two pieces of good news for you. The first pilot and flighthub 2 support not only the new m30, but also the m300. The second, through october 31st of this year, were opening a free public beta for flight hub 2.. You can enjoy all the features weve introduced today, as well as everything new that we are releasing from here on out. We hope that in your hands, this software solution will help bring your emission efficiency to new heights, eliminate information, silos and blockades and allow you to respond to changing dynamic circumstances with grace and cohesion. Okay, today, we released the m30, the enterprise remote controller pilot 2 and flight hub 2.. So for all of this all together, what do you think is a fair price seriously? What would a package like this be worth? We want this drone solution to be as accessible as possible, so as many people can benefit from it as possible, you can see the price here now on screen and by the way these prices include a full year of dji care enterprise coverage.

So you can fly your m30 with peace of mind. Okay, so weve just shown you a lot. Let me give you five seconds to catch your breath because were not done yet. What weve got next is going to change. Work forever. Consider for a moment, across the pale blue dot that we call home all the millions of miles of power lines and oil pipelines. The telecom towers that keep us connected. The solar fields and wind farms that keep us powered the aging infrastructure and assets spanning across the remote places of the earth that serve as the foundation for society as we know it. If something malfunctions, if something goes wrong, if theres, a structural failure or pipeline leak were talking about catastrophic environmental damage, economic damage and not to mention the dangers that repair and cleanup crews will be exposed to theres, no easy way to make sure that this doesnt happen To protect these assets that live on the roads, less traveled until now, today we bring you dji dock, our first landing and charging station that allows for the realization of fully remote automatic programmed flights with the m30. Let me say that again, this is dji dock and with it and the dock version of the m30, you can have a fully automatic programmed repeatable drone flights, even in the harshest most remote places on earth. Im sure your minds are racing at the possibilities and dont worry. I promise that well show it to you in action very soon, but first let me tell you a little bit more about the dock and how it works.

The first thing we had to do with the first thing we had to prioritize with the dock is: make it rugged, durable and able to withstand the elements because whats the point of hands free drone operations with a dock. If you still have to go check on it and fix it when it stops working for this to be a viable solution to meet the high standards set by enterprise customers, the doc needs to be consistent, safe and reliable, even in the harshest most remote places on Earth the entire dock is weatherproof and dustproof and is rated to operate in environments with temperatures ranging from negative 35 to 50 degrees celsius, and the whole thing is rated ip55. You can see here night or day rain or shine. This solution is extremely reliable and consistent. The dji dock was built to last and to require minimal care and maintenance, even in harsh barren environments, even in miserable weather. Like this, we want you to think of the dock as a set it and leave it kind of solution, and speaking of set it and leave it. Give me a second: this is the docks, integrated weather station. That knows, when conditions arent safe for the m30 to fly, i have to set it here. I had to pull it out just so i could hide the dock properly. This is our first stock were still learning, but weve tried to think of everything you could need on top of the weather station is an ultra wide security camera that you can live stream with flighthub 2.

, if youre, installing your dock in a remote place with poor Signal the dock can have 4g normally. You should be fine, though, thanks to the docks four antennas and ocusync 3 enterprise that communicate with the drone and the m30. If you want to run missions that require precision to the centimeter level, we gave the dock rtk and if something goes wrong, if theres an emergency power outage, for example, the dock has an internal backup battery that can keep the dock powered and communicating with the m30 Long enough for it to land safely, weve packed the dock with features, but we still managed to keep it small well, relatively small. At least it has a less than one square meter footprint and weighs only 90 kilograms. You can transport it on the back of your pickup or even bring it in the elevator, for example, if you want to set it up on the roof, installation is really easy. You just need four bolts, one for each of the corners and you need a power source, an ethernet connection, and you need 15 minutes to configure it with the enterprise remote controller and from wherever you do inside to install it. The m30 can take off and conduct automatic missions that you program anywhere within the seven kilometer radius from the dock, so this 19 square 19 square kilometer oil field is home to over 1 100 wells and its one of our test sites when developing the dock.

Its a remote place and keeping track of all the equipment and infrastructure is a really a truly daunting task. Three docks and three m30s would be enough to provide daily coverage and inspections for the entire site. So after the m30 finishes is mission, how does charging work when the m30 lands its centered as the overhead doors close, and then the dock can fast charge it back to 90 in just 25 minutes? So why would you need rapid turnaround times like this? We expect users will be assigning a lot of work to their drones, um and their docs, so fast, charging is essential. Itll make a huge difference, especially in places where theres only so many hours of daylight in a day to achieve rapid recharge times like this, we had to get creative. So after a mission drone batteries, they tend to be really hot, and so you need to cool them down to optimal temperatures for optimal charging. So we gave the dock air conditioning and fans so cold air can be blown through the batteries right across its heatsink. Even on hot days, youre still able to have rapid turnarounds charging protocols and everything else from mission planning to scheduling, to live, monitoring and flight progress to management of videos and photos. It all can be managed within flighthub 2. and for users and partners who have their own requirements for customizations or who have existing systems that they rather just plug. The dock and the m30 into were offering cloud api, which opens up core dock and m30 functionality to developers and system integrators.

So you can set up your own private servers that work with the dock and the m30 okay. So enough with specs and features, you want to see the dock in action. So without further ado, flighthub is sending the launch commands right now. So so Applause and there you have it building a reliable dock solution, is really difficult and were still learning and weve been so lucky to have partners and select end users who are currently testing their operations with the doc and who are helping us put it to Test in the worlds harshest conditions we aim to have it commercially available in q4 of 2022. The whole package includes the dock, flighthub 2 and the dock version of the m30, and you can see the prices here on the screen were looking forward to seeing what you can achieve with the doc before we wrap this up. Weve got one more thing for you today, with the release of the m30. The dock and flighthub 2 were offering the ultimate solution for inspectors for first responders, and those of you who need a flagship drone, but in a compact mobile form, but we havent forgotten our original flagship. The drone that set industry standards for performance, reliability, safety and data security, the matrice 300, arguably the m300s greatest feature – is its multi payload flexibility with the h20 series for inspection, zoom and thermal needs. The zen used p1 built for surveyors and mappers l1. For lighter point.

Clouds and the robust developer ecosystem of third party payloads from multi gas detectors to spotlights loudspeakers delivery cargos and more and its this payload flexibility thats played an important part in making the m300 the industry standard for todays commercial enterprise, drone pilots, but theres still one aspect Where the m300 and its predecessors to be completely honest, where they come up short and thats nighttime work, all kinds of essential work happens at night and its the darkness. That makes everything so much more challenging from search and rescue missions that happen at night to emergency inspection of power lines when theres a shortage at night right now, im so happy to share today that we are expanding the m300 payload portfolio here with the h20n raising The m300, beyond even the cover of darkness, the h20n n stands for knight, is similar to the h20t. Its got wide zoom thermal zoom and a laser rangefinder. But what makes this product truly shine? Are the integrated starlight sensors built into its wide and zoom cameras? So what does this mean? Exactly a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. This is what it looks like from the h20n, and this is what it looks like without starlight sensors. The h20n can give you this level of detail. This clear of an image at night, just from the light of the moon or from the stars and its not just a starlight camera, its got a dual thermal configuration with two times and eight times optical zoom.

Now, when you see some hot pixels on your screen, you dont have to descend to dangerously low altitudes to get a closer look. Now you can just zoom in to see clearly if that heat source is a person or a dog or something else, and this saves you precious time when every moment matters. Lastly, the h20n also has a laser rangefinder that lets you drop, pin points up to a thousand two hundred meters away. So look really look really closely and pay attention to our target, our missing person. Do you see that? Did you catch that all right wait? Let me go back, look really close there there do you see that so that blip of light was actually from the laser rangefinder and the h20n starlight sensors can detect it so its hard to measure the value or the price of vision beyond darkness. When you truly need it, when it could save the life of someone whos lost, we want the h20n to be as accessible as possible, so were pricing it at twelve thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars or fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine euros. We hope that the h20n can give a boost to search and rescue teams and first responders, to make it safer both for those who are lost and also for those who search for them. So lets take a step back and look at the current lineup offered from dji enterprise. We have three levels of drone platform, each with different degrees of compactness flexibility and performance.

We have a library of payloads and accessories that transform your drone based off of your mission requirements. We have software to support you from start to finish from piloting and mission planning to managing your photos and videos to creating 3d models and maps. We have a full developer ecosystem for third party apps payloads and solutions, and we have a dock that enables fully automatic programmable repeatable drone flights together. These form a comprehensive solution, giving you unprecedented flexibility in your individual drone missions and for your entire drone program. Hardware and software that work together to accomplish your goals, products that were designed for you, the guardians and the everyday heroes who come to our aid and who caretake the infrastructure that society is built upon. We envision a future where drones are seen as more than just flying cameras, but as ac, but actually as tools that can help build and maintain a better world theres. So much work left to do and were looking forward to taking every step of the way together with you. Thank you for tuning in today and im looking forward to seeing you soon Applause. Well, what can we say about that? That was an absolutely fantastic launch. Video and were certainly happy to finally see the release of the dji matrice 30, 30t and also the h20n, some fantastic sensors there, but the biggest thing that were really pleased about is the release of the docking system for the m30.

This is of particular importance to us because we do have a special announcement and were going to make that right now before anyone jumps out the the webinar, and that is, we have officially partnered with the united kingdoms, biggest manufacturer of emergency service vehicles, venari and venari. Weve partnered with them in order to assist in the solutioning of this drone in the box. So not only can you get the drone in the box solution, but also the emergency vehicle to accompany it, as well, as we say, a heli guy making workflow or make workflow and thats exactly what were doing so. The entire solution can be ordered and placed through ourselves thats. The announcement ive been waiting, ive been dying to release that one, and now we finally have so lets, have a look at some of the new product features. Jack would like to start us off with one of the ones that youre most excited about the dji dock, so yeah the dji dock um. I think everyones blown away by this product and with an ip55 same as the aircraft and being able to operate in such low temperatures and high temperatures as well, um, the in bim. Well, sorry, the in built weather system, absolutely game changing were constantly out in the field with our anemometers checking now to have a device thats actually being able to do. That itself is absolutely amazing, see it comes with that 4g connection, um, as well as the internal battery um for fast deployment and then again to charge that aircraft up to 90 within 25 minutes is absolutely amazing.

Yes, its definitely something thats been a long anticipated requirement of many organizations, not just the emergency services, so were particularly pleased to see this one being released and, of course, the new aircraft to accompany it. The m30 so lets take a look at that aircraft in a bit more detail, as you can see on your screen now. First of all, it looks like the mavic 2 enterprise advance and the m300 had a baby just like they said in the live broadcast there. Well, it certainly does but its retained all of those key features of the matrice 300. In that, first of all, we have the fpv camera allowing the remote pilot to maintain situation. Awareness in relation to the nose of the aircraft throughout throughout flight do apologize. Weve also got the the fixed sensor, the uh, the optical wide, the optical zoom, the thermal and the laser range finder on that particular variant, which is the m30t uh im absolutely blown away by the aircrafts operational envelope with 15 meters per second. For such a small aircraft to be able to handle such wind tolerances and with that ip rating, five five again absolutely blown away – and i think one thing that me ben and the rest of the training team have been hoping for is for that remote controller. To have an ip rating of four or five, which is absolutely game, changing sorry, five, four um, absolutely game changing, allowing us to obviously deliver training, but most of all, our emergency services to operate whilst in bad weather conditions, thats right.

Also, the addition of the dual rtk or real time kinematics if youre not familiar with it, its something that we need to have a look at in a bit more detail. But to do that in a short webinar like today. It is uh its not not going to be something within 30 seconds, so you can head over to heliguy.com for more information about. How can you can use rtk? Weve also got the um top sorry, the lock arm mechanism of the the m30 there. This is something which is going to be an absolute game changer, as weve seen on the dji matrice 300, those uh cuffs, which secure the arms to the aircraft. They can be a little bit cumbersome and certainly affect the the speed of deployment. So having those quick release, mechanisms and quick locking mechanisms will certainly be a very welcome addition. So, looking at the things we can actually put on top of our aircraft, looking at things like a spotlight, a speaker, the beacon and even gas detection, absolutely amazing with that aircraft again taking them key features from the m300 and putting them onto a smaller aircraft. Again, i think weve oversaid it, but it is actually changing. Thats right and certainly the other factors that have been pulled from the m300 are things like the dual batteries, so those dual tb, 30 batteries. Again they self heat, theyre, hot swappable, and certainly with that bs 30 charging station, meaning that you can charge those batteries within a very short space of time.

I believe the uh, the the charging time up to 90, was approximately 25 minutes, its a fantastic addition making that aircraft, much more appealing to those that are going to be potentially bouncing around different environments from jobs job. So looking at the remote controller, weve just spoke about it briefly. There saying, with its ip54 um re intolerance, but again with its six hour battery battery life, with that additional battery in the in built battery im. Looking at that new interface, which im looking forward to be uh, getting my hands on and using that pilot too, and obviously all of the other features as well as well that it comes with excellent so that pretty much summarizes everything that we saw there with. That particular aircraft, the one thing we didnt mention, is just to reiterate some of the operational envelope being a flight time of 41 minutes thats, definitely something we were looking forward to a bit longer flight time and certainly with the the specs of the sensor. So the mass of the aircraft comes in at 3.7 kilos. What that means, then is when it comes to the uas regulations. This aircraft will fall into two unique categories: the open and the specific category. Now, whilst the majority of enterprise and emergency service users will be using them in the specific category, under an operational authorization issued by the civil aviation authority for those organizations or individuals who are also looking at the aircraft, but want to use it in the open category, It does unfortunately, limits you to operations only within the a3 subcategory of the open category, which is 150 or at least 150 meters away from any residential recreational, industrial or commercial area, and there can be no uninvolved persons in the flight area, so thats.

Something to bear in mind if you are not operating in this specific category and you are going to be in the open lets move on now to have a look at the other release of today, which is the h20n now the h20n for those that have used The h20t will be pleased to see that it retains all of the same characteristics as the h20t, but, as the keynote said there, some of the the additional sensor of that wide angle, thermal sensor is a worthy addition for those that conduct a lot of operations. After the hours of darkness, now that particular sensor has uh. Obviously the the addition of the n feature does increase the weight somewhat. So you do expect to leave some flight time behind. Unfortunately, it will uh reduce that, but it should be a marginal decrease in the total flight time. That sensor hopefully well see that very soon, but certainly its been a a big request from the emergency services to improve their night operations. So this that brings us more or less to the end of this uh webinar. Thank you very much for joining us, obviously theres too much far too much to cover in such a short space of time, but youll be pleased to hear theres all this information already on our website, both in blog form and also the product pages, are now live. Theres also more information about drone in the box in general on the heli guy blog, as well as our partnership announcement with venari for facilitating that integration with vehicles or emergency service vehicles.

If you have any questions about any of the products youve seen today, you can leave a comment on the video below or feel free to reach out direct to our dedicated sales team on one nine one, two, nine six, one: zero, two four or email info heligai.com.