Unu was kind enough to lend us three of their electric scooters to use as our transportation for several days. While we attended the iaa mobility show in munich, these l1e scooters are peppy little two wheelers that can be written by anyone with a valid car drivers license and can reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, though in practice they actually go a bit faster. Keeping them limited to that speed, though, means that you dont need a motorcycle or moped license, which is really convenient for a lot of city dwellers. Now there are multiple motor options available, but unu hooked us up with their most powerful four kilowatt models for a small lightweight electric scooter. 4000 watts is plenty of power, and the scooter actually has nicely programmed throttle ramping where the throttle response is neither jerky nor sluggish. It comes on smoothly yet powerfully, so you get a nice launch from a green light ahead of cars, but you dont feel like youre dumping, all that power into the pavement at once, either for batteries you get the choice of either one or two packs each with 1.68 kilowatt hour capacity, theyre housed under the seat, where theres also plenty of space for storage of a couple three quarter helmets or a backpack or other gear. You can use a single battery or you can put a pair in there, though. The second battery slot is not powered, so youve got to manually, swap the batteries when the first is drained, theres still a readout on the display for the second battery, though thanks to nfc communication.

So it measures the second batterys charge status along with the first and shows them both on the display. The batteries come with a really nice charger, in fact, its probably the nicest electric scooter charger ive ever seen, its a fanless dock, meaning theres no noise from a loud cooling fan the batterys light bar on top lights up and impulses to. Let you know that it is charging and it indicates how far along the charging is based on how much of the light bar is illuminated. The lights also turn on the batteries when theyre in the scooter and you open the seat thats another quick reference of the charge state of the battery, and it also throws some nice light into the storage compartment. In fact, all of the lights on the scooter are really nicely designed, including the halo headlight and the led light bar tail light, but that white license plate light in the back is quite bright. That might be regulatory, but i do wish it was angled a bit more downwards and didnt shine quite as much backwards Music. This is unus second scooter model and it shows, as theyve learned a lot from their first model, and the design of this scooter is really nicely thought out. Even aspects like the seat cutouts up front help the scooter fit nicely while still offering a wide underspace storage area. The suspension is fairly good, though its not the best ive tried, even so, hitting potholes and other urban obstacles felt just fine on the scooter and also were talking about a mid priced electric scooter here.

So dont expect to get anything fancy like olins suspension or something like that for a starting price of around 3 300 euros. The scooter is quite fairly priced in my opinion. Now i do wish for that price. I could have gotten a little more range out of it with two batteries: its rated for a maximum of 100 kilometers or about 62 miles, which sounds great but thats under ideal conditions and at slower speeds such as in a city center, where youll sometimes be dealing With traffic, if youre on the open road and youre riding full speed all the time, the range will drop closer to around two thirds of that figure. This is an urban scooter, though, and so that range is still fine for the city, but its a good reason to splurge for the second battery, you can always have one battery on the charger, while the other one is powering the scooter or just have a spare In there to swap in ive, never ridden an electric scooter and thought man, i sure wish this thing had less battery. So if it was me id definitely pick up that second battery pack Applause, there are also some cool techie features that i wouldnt have expected at this price. For example, instead of having a physical key, youve got this pretty slick, looking key card that works with nfc communication to lock and unlock the scooter. Also, as you unlock it, an automatic steering, lock, disengages and then, when you relock the scooter, itll lock the steering column again, making it harder for someone to just steal your scooter right off the sidewalk.

All in all, i have to say, im very impressed with the unu its comfortable, its peppy, with sufficient power. Its got this nice sleek design, both in the scooter itself and those cool batteries, and it just served as a great way for us to navigate the city. In talking with the company. I learned that theyre constantly working on improvements that theyre pushing to the scooters, including updates to take advantage of that nice screen. So you can expect these rides to keep getting better over time as someone who regularly commutes by electric scooter im both the preacher and the choir when it comes to the gospel of fun and efficient, two wheeled travel. Electric scooters are some of my favorite ways to get around the city, because theyre cost effective great for carrying passengers or cargo and can be parked pretty much anywhere for free. They still have their disadvantages sure such as the lack of safety that a 4 000 pound cage provides and the fact that riding in adverse weather is less fun than on sunny days like these. But they play an important part in the greater electric transportation ecosystem and are one of my top choices for day to day. Urban transport unu has done a great job of implementing those benefits into a nicely designed and executed package for a reasonable price. Now, if there was just a button to unlock a bit more speed, thatd be the cherry on top hey, i can dream.

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