The result is a pretty unique holiday destination, as your plane descends into bermuda. The first thing you observe are the deep turquoise waters and sheer limestone flakes what many new visitors to bermuda? Also don’t understand is just how tiny of an island bermuda is to drive it tip to stern, takes only approximately an hour, it’s long and skinny, so there are locations where you could easily walk the weight of the island. The whole island is only 21 square miles. Making it less than half the size of the already pretty small metropolis of san francisco bermuda is a travel destination, often omitted by visitors, considering a trip to the caribbean, although a little further to flight in cuba or the bahamas, bermuda should not fall off your short List, because of the greater distance bermuda is home to some of the exceptional diving sites in the world. It’S, where professional scuba divers go to dive as an area used heavily by the naval army in the american civil war and world war ii. There are dozens of shipwrecks to discover of the island’s coast. A strange fact here: you can rent a car on the island. Car rental is banned by the bermudian government. The major cause for this is because the island is pretty small and has a small population of 65 000 people. However, the island expects around 600 000 tourists a year and if they all rented cars, the infrastructure wouldn’t be capable of gold.

You can rent scooters and mopeds as there are freely available and cheap to rent, or there is an emerging market of the electric mini cars too. Alternatively, there are locations for ranging bicycles in case you prefer them, or there are lots of taxis available throughout the island. The island also benefit from great and frequent bus service, which connects all parts of the islands to hamilton the buses. Are air conditioned and used equally by locals visitors and crazed passengers when catching a bus? Look out for the pink and blue painted poles, which denote bus stops? Ping shows buses heading into hamilton blow heading out from hamilton note that buses will not accept passengers with plenty of luggage. Bermuda can be expensive because of bermuda’s step importance. All items sold in stores that come from off the island carry a large markup. One of the main reason bermuda gets mistaken for a caribbean island is the quality of the beaches. You can expect crystal clear water, lovely sand and plenty of sun buffers similar to those you’ll discover in turks and caicos or other caribbean islands. Keep in mind, though, that the island is in the atlantic throughout the summer. The water is warm, but can deep too much colder. Temperatures in the winter bermuda is a well known for its pink sand beaches and they make ideal photo opportunities, especially at sunset. The sand is made from tiny, invertebrates that live on the coral reefs along bermuda’s coastline.

The beaches are picture perfect, with handsome horseshoe bay and other coral colored sand stretches coming up drums these line, the shores underneath palm and the calabash forest or below cliff tops where luxurious resort and spas and world class golf courses grow. Some of the most stunning beaches are gibson cove tobacco bay beaches and, of course, the pink beaches. West whale beach is also great, however, because of the low tide, this is accessible only a few hours a day, humpback whales pass here in april. However, most of the time, they will be too far to actually see them Music, while you’re enjoying this have some drone shots. Don’T forget to like and subscribe to our channel. We’Re posting videos like this twice a week and we would hate for you to miss it.