I think weve hit. The point of like my computer is actually starting to like have trouble. I feel like a god among men. This is actually insane. You can see some of them fighting in the distance as well. Welcome to western sahara a new cdlc for arma 3.. We were lucky enough to get to the closed beta of this and thats, where all the footage comes from. We primarily played the extraction game mode where we as ion pmcs, have to find and extract a journalist. But of course we also screwed around in the editor. A little enjoy todays new style of foster clock holy look at the up armored you can uh, you can put four guys in the back and they all lean out. How do i assemble shield? Oh, that is like the way it folds out and everything is cool. Oh okay, oh hello, you have my attention. Internecine violence continues across saharan states this week, following last months, popular uprising by torah insurgents government forces in arghanas sephiroth province have been unable to maintain order but deny losing key districts to the rebels. The impact of the conflict has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the regions. History, peter ruffair, president of the international development and aid project, referred to the ongoing situation as deeply concerning and called for a united and compassionate response from the international community. Our gannon officials, however, have been accused of escalating tensions by providing subsidiaries to the shenzhen industry group for private military contractors.

A spokesman for the company confirmed today that although security providers have been hired and are active in the region, their remit is limited to safeguarding civilian lives and protecting vital economic interests. Okay looks like the worlds still watching. Just dont forget our mandate officially were here to keep an eye on things: shield team youre our cover act, business as usual, got it sort team. You drew the long straw so youre on the hunt for our journal. Michael sully now ill say this only once weve got a lucrative contract, look at the pose hes doing hes doing the aliens shield space to play video. Oh what i know i know you could do this ive never seen anyone actually do this in armada. You can actually play videos in in armor mission. This one was on the dossier. Oh my god, it was a twofer. Oh sorry, oh my god from the right Laughter. Oh, this is awesome. This is this is so high quality. I really like this so yeah ive. Actually known that for a while that you can run videos in armor, but ive never had like a need to do it. Are you guys both in drones right now? Yes, maybe okay, currently ending the life of anyone with a gun on my thermals dude, the little air support drone just watching it fire down is so cool. Okay, ive re demounted. It hes dead again hi little dronie, how you doing oh thats, so cool all right same one moving in uh, oh hang on, i wouldnt be moving in, but i just saw a bunch of goats on me.

Okay! Well, i guess ill have to move in now. Im done looking at goats. Oh jesus, are you good you, okay yeah? He missed. I didnt cheat really. Oh me too, holy bush hes a animal, oh my god that dude is accurate. As hell. I got. You just see your bodys falling out of the sky. I got you wheres, the guy. Oh yeah, look thats the goat and camel man hes. Just having a good time. Did you shoot one of his goats? Oh my god get in the chopper. We got ta go hes drawn too much. He saw the ion on the side of our vehicle. I had to ive just had a dumb idea. Ive just had a dumb idea. Do you want to try to mount up on the drone and have you drive his places? No, no. It was that we can just pump out as many drones as we want were at base and send them to an objective lets. Lets do that for the next objective you say its dumb thats, the future of warfare. Baby, i know were about to hit it with a drone storm to hear insult baby look alive. We got reports of sniper fire not far from you. If you can neutralize the threat. Well have some leverage with the local civ. I have just seen the sniper wait. Would you guys want to go to the sniper or do you want to go the other one? No, i just i just killed him with a drone.

I just gunned him down from the air. Are we the base? I think we might be yeah. I think the private military contractors who are giving their job to remote ai is probably the bad guys yeah. This is actually terrifying, i think were done. I think i think this is enough. Oh, its beautiful, oh dude ive got a beautiful shot of like the drones hovering around and the chopper in the middle theyre flying behind us. This is so much fun. Look behind us. We got drone shadowing just seeing the drones like i can pop them out of the sky. Yeah yeah, you can see him hold on just wait. It out. Yeah itll be over soon yeah. Just just take a seat. Dude wait, wait, wait! Wait! Wait over here, whoa! Come on no no hold on look at it through my stream on discord and look at the the overlay as i watch these men get gunned down. It really does look like youre watching combat footage, so our drones outshot these guys by the way, because uh, the the gunners on the aa gun sites are dead. Our drones killed them were not unlicensed contractors. Oh, you nearly killed. All of us. Yes, i did. If you want you throw a spare one or two in the dropper and we can deploy a couple so funny we didnt even go im. Looking at bodies strewn through this town, like our drones, did a job.

Do you want your photo on the gram Laughter? Oh theres, that one, let me just uh another one down sam. I just looked backwards on my drone and i saw you land in the mine field. I see you hey thumb. This is phenomenal. I love this game. Yeah. This side objective was so massive. I ended up just writing a script to find the last mine found it. I found it Music, okay, insurgents uh, hang on whats that south west southwest hill, that, oh god, you can see their shots, their muzzle flashes, oh theres! Actually, you went guys fighting yeah, no theres, a new frog Laughter. This is not your checkpoint. We ask you to peacefully disperse the terror. Tribesmen are mostly peaceful, rangers 369. thats. All i needed oh dead on. Oh, i start camels on my thermals. Killing them knock them too. I just killed two camels on my thermals jesus christ. Like sometimes you find nothing, then sometimes you find three top secret files in the first guy as you search for top secret files, one new mobile phone, two normal files. Uh. Oh sorry, sorry, four, more top secret files and two more now you girls really lucky. I got a lot of 57 percent. 100. 100 sword a we got it all. The intel checks, michael man, this scene, just in general, this dirt road, leading to a fob, reminds me of that uh that game you played room. I dont know what it was called, but, like ninety percent of the time you spent playing, it, was just clearing roads of mines, yeah um, oh gods, uh, afghanistan, 11, which is hilarious.

Now that the us lost that war. Oh, what the were gon na need. A new extract war, i see him, i see him on eyes on. You tell me journal squirming. He is. He is literally squirming right now, bro there is many insurgents close direct north many insurgents like like like two squads insurgents whoa. We need that apc. Like yesterday. I hate this campaign. I hate journals. Oh, i just got hit sam medical all right all right. I closed the door before i died. I wonder if campbells are just reskinned dogs just like cesar just leaves these things at their bases, come on idiot it doesnt. Do anything you did you did i cant wait to dune buggy this? Oh my god, ive always wanted to do this see. This is all these things were designed for. Oh thats, sick, oh yeah, ive, already seen movement on the far side right, pull this in lets. Go oh guys right here, hes right here on the left on the left on the left. I shot him right here on the oh. He was just in the open. I got his you got it mobile phone thats, not it thats, not it wheres! This digital camera got it acquired nice, nice, nice, remounted, one second, all right cool taking his clothes. I think its turbine yeah get in get rid. Lets go. Oh my god. I saw the jump we made. All right were gon na go back for war.

Oh god, you think you can climb that. Do. I think i can climb that lets go. Oh my god were still here. Yep thats me youre, probably wondering how i ended up in this situation. I took a wound, but im: okay, keep going, keep going youre! Okay, oh, what? What did this journal expose us? Music? Oh, no. I see. Okay connecting the west with arab, saeed and the torah uprising. Wait what we got the evidence. We got the camera. No, we didnt! Oh, we did. I had him inventory. Did we not put it on the table? We didnt really have a chance. Did we oh theres, more yeah, Music? I wonder if we could have abandoned them like if we didnt have to go there yeah. I guess i guess we could uh. We could have there. You go, oh, we did good. I like that they would have been massacred too. Maybe i had to have the camera. Maybe oh, i was hoping thered be something about us clearing villages.