According to reports an unknown drone or fighter jet carried out the attack, a video was circulated in the russian media that was allegedly filmed shortly after the attack. Russias ice vesture reports that the attacked islamic revolutionary guard corps irgc air base is near tehran. Other sources say that this is the same military base where iran introduced a new attack drone with the symbolic name, gaza, israeli media noted the new iranian drone and stressed that iran had used an unnamed location for its presentation. According to sources, the air attack caused a series of explosions at the air base. Both weapon systems and ammunition depots are believed to have been hit. Sources suggest that israel may have attacked the iranian air base with u.s intelligence support. There is currently no official confirmation of the information disseminated. Bulgarianmilitary.Com cannot confirm the information from the russian media at the moment there is no information about what is happening in the iranian press either. However, the reason may be different. The possibility of explosions being heard at or around the iranian base may result from a military incident. Just a few hours ago, iran began a large scale air exercise. All news agencies in iran reported, which expects to last several days an incident involving an iranian fighter jet or other weapons technology that could have caused explosions at an iranian military base is entirely possible.