You can see that on the trees, when i woke up this morning, i noticed that it was pretty windy outside and i have been struggling a little bit with wind during the first days of testing with the drone. So i thought i would go down here to the trusted parking lot here and maybe avoid any bird ladies coming out interfering with my flight and test out the capabilities of this drone. According to the specification, this is a level 5 drone. This means that its capable of fighting winds of 19 to 24 miles per hour, if i just check up uav forecast, it tells me that, at ground level i have 14 miles per hour, wind and 33 miles per hour gusts. So at least the gust will exceed the wind capabilities of the drone. But, as this is a drone were not staying at ground, we are actually flying high up and, as you can see here, this place is surrounded by trees. So its actually, even though its pretty windy its uh its fairly calm down here. So the idea is that i want to go beyond that tree line and simply see what happens and right now the wind direction comes from the lake towards the houses here. In the background so um we will compensate for that and we will fly basically in this direction to make sure that we can get the drone back in case that we run into problems. So lets just do another check here.

Lets just go here and say: if we want to go to lets, say 30 meters, then the wind of course changes. It is being increased to 20 miles per hour at 30 meters, with gusts up to 38 miles per hour and lets just see what happens. If we go to sort of 100 meter at 100 meter, everything will go wrong. Basically, so we have the chance to to sort of push it out of his comfort zone, so at 100 meter you would have 26 miles per hour, which is a tightly attached outside the level 5 range and 42 miles per hour, gusts. So thats going to challenge the drone massively lets, get it up on and see what we can do. So we are ready. Everything is recording, were recording, lets position it over here somewhere so lets just do it very very so we are. We are facing the wind. Basically, lets just move it around here, so we are facing the wind. That also gives a very pleasant and nice view. So this is ground level. So lets go up to 30 meters thats. What we talked about before so were getting strong wind warnings, but we can easily fly the drone, ah not easily its uh, its full stick forward now, and maybe we shouldnt fly in cinema, we put in sport mode, so we have some more power to deal with. So so at 30 meters absolutely no issue flying against the wind here, its being slowed down a little bit, but nothing like nothing critical.

So right now, no issues Music, so lets put it in 50 meters here see no issues. I can fly it around. So lets. Go to 80 meters – and this is funny i can actually not go higher than than 74 meters right now, and why is that? That ones off safety, so max altitude, is set to 120, so theres some sort of limitations built into the drone thats funny. I cant move it higher than there, and now i can dont know what happened. Is it go to 100? So now were staying at 100 meters and yeah? I can fly not allowed to fly there. So lets fly this way. This is against the wind, see its. Not super fast, but it is possible. It is possible battery full loaded. Yes, it is under heavy load up there. Thats for sure lets just take off the camera here so lets just for the sake of it just check uav forecast 800. I cant do 120, so theres 225. yeah, so its saying that its 27 miles per hour in 120 and 42 miles per hour is costs. Okay, so so lets go to the maximum altitude that were allowed to go to see whats going on here. So the drone should stop it, so it cant go higher. Yes, we have the maximum altitude here. So just lets just put down the camera here, so you can see that it actually stays. So this is actually pretty impressive.

Its staying up there very nicely, even though its exceeding the maximum capabilities lets just zoom in here. Just see lets see, lets see, lets see if it stays were getting all sorts of wind warnings, which is a really fair, so lets see, lets see again fly it forward, even 120 meters, its not very fast, but i cant fly it forward. So i have battery full load. It cant squeeze out more juice than this. Of course, if i fly in the other direction, its easy, its very very easy, so so i would actually say that im pretty impressed. The drone is really capable of doing something amazing here. So lets uh lets just try and move it back here to the start position not over the houses here. Ah, its not like its its not like its racing Laughter so lets just put it up 120 meters again, this is at least the common height in most parts of the world. I guess its the aviation industry that has helped set that so lets lets just uh. Try and fly a little circle here if we can so right now its really really being put under pressure out there, its full stick forward and its not moving much so, but it is possible. At least you get some really nice slow recordings, so lets just try. Move around here so now its you have to be careful because now its getting really oh, so that was oh yeah, yeah yeah.

That was a gimbal that was being pushed Music so because we have dropped a little bit in altitude. Why is it dropping in altitude? Im not dropping it, so maybe thats a built in safety feature that the dji has put in thats funny. So now its dont want to play with me anymore. So, but i think the drone did fantastic under these conditions. Actually, so i can basically confirm the findings of a dc rainmaker. He was, of course, a lot, a lot more extreme with his test, but the wind speeds here are actually at around the same level that he was seeing. He was seeing a wind speeds of 50 to 60 kilometers an hour. Let me just get it over here and land it. Another really important thing to notice out of this test is that we have basically only been flying for according to the screen recorder for 14 minutes. So if you put the drone under heavy load like i did where it really has to work for its its money – and you will cut your battery time in half or more if we convert this into eagle units as dc rainmaker was using, we have 43 kilometers An hour wind speed at 125 meters and we have cost of 68 kilometers per hour, so thats 10 kilometers faster than what he had in his situation, because when hes at the sea, it looks a lot more dramatic than it does here, where its only trees.

That are blowing around so by the way super test that you have to go and watch as well, but i can basically confirm is finding that it is actually handling very, very nicely in wind. By the day. We need to investigate further what this phenomenon is, that it lowers the altitude, maybe its a sort of the the pressure parameters. I dont know what its called the pressure sensors inside the drone that detects the altitude thats being fooled by these high winds. I dont know it was starting to lower the altitude and i couldnt push it up. Even if i pushed the stick full upward, so thats thats super interesting and would actually make sense. But i would prefer that the dji is not holding my hand all the time because they cant foresee all the scenarios that we come into. So if they put all too much safety automation into the drone, you might end up in situations where you actually lose it. I are still on the fence with the mini 3 pro, then i have compiled a playlist with a lot of videos and i will be adding to that playlist in the future and you will be able to access access it through this card. I hope you liked this video if you did then feel free to give a like if you did like it, feel free to press the dislike button twice.