Well cover the navigation controlling and photography in the fadfish app. The navigation information is on the bottom left and the photography information is on the top right. Navigation information include depth, heading and orientation. You can see there is a depth bar on the left, which indicating the current depth of f3. You can set with the matrix unit or imperial unit, depending on your preference heading represents the direction of p3. Lateral degree means the north 90 degree means the east, which is the same with the compass. Orientational information is displaying on the bottom, with the 3d model which displaying the pitching and the tilting angle controlling feature include, auto and speed, selection, press and turn on the auto p3 will cruise with the last command input with the joystick. The speed swage is on the right of the remote controller. For closer observation. You may want to stay with a low speed. Press shutter for pictures, press and hold the shutter will trigger the blast mode. These features still work, even when you are recording the wheel on the right of remote controller, can adjust the brightness of leds, which indicate on the top of apps console the focus mode, including normal autofocus, and marker mode. You can switch the mode by touching the screen and activate the rib focus by double clicks. Thanks for watching, we hope you can enjoy the adventure journeys with a fat fish exploring the ocean, for you see you in the sea feel free to drop us a line.