My friend bought this from banggood now well see whats inside the package. You have to take this off there, you go, it says bugs 19. So here is the picture of the drone itself, as well as the controller now well see whats inside the box wow. So it has a nice case already some drones uh when you buy them, they dont have something like this. You still have to to buy a case, so this is a good thing. This is a plus. Now, if we open the case, this is what youll see in the first place. You have to take this off here and there you go the drone, the controller and the battery yeah. So this is the battery. Well try to see whats inside this, so this is what the battery looks like so well see whats inside here in this packet. As i suspected, we have, the user guide, says your user guide and some stickers if you want to put it on the drone itself – and we have here this screwdriver phillips screwdriver. So this is the usbc charger cable, and here we have some extra propellers inside Music. So its like this, there are four extra propellers one, two three four and we have some small screws here for the propellers now heres, the remote controller. This is what it looks like here is supposed to be the antenna im, not sure if this is actually working, and here is the phone holder.

This is where you put your phone here is the power button here? Is the lock and unlock button here? Is the camera button here? Is the one key return home button and here are the joysticks to move your drone. This is for throttle up throttle down yaw to the right. You are to the left, uh pitch forward, pitch backward roll to the right and roll to the left, and here is the display. You just have to take this off here. Theres a cover for this a scratch proof thing and here are the handles so that youll have a firm grip of the transmitter or controller here. Is you put the battery to aa batteries here on this side? Is this is to turn on and off the gps mode here is to change the speed of the drone. It could be changed to fast and slow, and here is the take off and landing button, so thats, basically it for the transmitter so heres the Music drone itself. This drone has brushless motors. This is how you extend the propellers. It looks like the mavic mini. You can say its a clone, although not in everything, heres the camera, its one axis, gimbal, camera, meaning it just can be moved up and down underneath youll see two leds. I believe this are just led lights and in the middle here is the optical flow system. To keep the drone steady and here youll notice, this is the battery.

This is where you charge the battery using the usbc cable, and here is where you turn the power off and on this is the power button and to take the battery off you just press on these latches one on either side. Here, i believe, is the micro sd card slot. This one um, probably is where air can flow in to dissipate the heat of the mechanisms of the drone. So this is what it looks like now id like to compare this with the mavic mini. So this is the mavic mini, if you put them side by side, youll see that this drone is bigger. If i unfold the magic mini and put them side by side, id say that this drone is a little bit bigger. If i put this on top youll, see that see bugs 19 is longer, and even the propellers extend a bit longer than the mavic mini. Of course, the mavic, the mavic mini, has a lot more features compared to this. So well, pull this start from underneath here. Underneath first and this one so thats how we fold it. So these are the contents of of the case. We have the transmitter or controller, we have the battery one already installed and one outside and we have four extra propellers. We have this phillips screw to install the propellers and we have the usbc cable. So these are all that youll see inside the case. So now the way the bugs 19 drone without the battery its only 166 grams.

Without the battery, it is only 166 grams, so thats nice, so thats what it is with a battery. It weighs 200 grams with a battery. It weighs 244 grams. So that is it friends. Please watch our upcoming video test flight video well find out how this performs, and also to find out the quality of the video, footages and pictures coming from this drone.