You set that, basically, through your controller, and you make sure everythings working you know just like it would a regular controller invert what you need to its set by default to mode one, but you can switch to default mode, two or mode one. If youre in, like the uk, australia, english town and you just change it to mode one, just by messing with your auto and you can change your throttle to your controller liking and itll record it um graphics, i mean im running a 2070 gtx im, really not Overclocked, like i said, and im just running basic settings, but everything on epic audio. You really dont need to worry about this stuff rates. I set the yks default settings. You can upload them through betaflight or butterflight or muflight, and you can use your same uh settings. Isnt that right, huh and then drone settings. You know its set up for 6s, its got 1750 kv motors battery cell 6s and you can like change it and you can change your preset. You can say, like you can set it to a cinewoop three inch freestyle. You know i go with five inch freestyle and then save preset, and then i changed a couple things here on gravity before and im gon na get into that in game. So lets get into change levels, yes, and lets go to the um lets go to the urban bandeau. I mean you can see the graphics. You can see everything else and im i got my godzilla coming up.

All right were in game. Let me move her around a little bit, but, as you can see, let me get this microphone over here. Let me get her to talk into the mic, oh its stuck under my desk. Let me slide over a little bit. Sorry, diablo dont kill me and into a sign all right, so you get the gist of it. Its off default, its a little wonky its. I ill show you. I changed the settings a little bit, but they got a hole here say theres this gap. Where is that gap at that? I saw i changed those ones im gon na ah theres, a little glitch in my system, im downloading something at the same time, so dont think thats how it is im. Sorry, baby girl im trying to make this video shes getting all squirrely shes like this here so im having a hard time flying while my lizard crawls, all over me hold on you wan na go climb here, hold on all right. So sorry about that. But you know what i mean: i changed some physics settings in the settings itself and ill go to that in one second, i just want to see this sign and theres a hole in it. Well, do a cricket backwards dive through it almost at it all the way through i hit the ground but thats for cricket, and then you know you can dive through it stuff like that it has like you, can set the crash physics to change the different things.

What are you stuck baby girl and you can change a lot of stuff around? This is just one map see like here theres that i wonder if you could dive it, nope ah see how quick the dive is. You can change your gravity settings to make. It feel just like it is in earth, you know what goes up must come down, and this is just one map. They got different holes in the roofs you can. You know, like my favorite thing to do. Everybody knows i like power loops, except for that. Damn thing stopped me, but you know what i mean and thats just one map anything with holes in it they got gaps just like in real life like if, like the roof fell out, you know what im saying so. Thats kind of cool um lets see what else they got like. They got holes in the roof, so you got ta like look for holes just as if you were popping up over anything else and youre always searching. I really wish the game makers. Would you know, release the sdk for steam, you know, so we could create our own levels and maps and, like things that we like to fly from where were from so we can practice even the sdk or release a uh map creator itself in the game. Oh yeah, you know so that would be actually pretty cool, so you know like that stuff like that and well go to try one more other.

I will try another map im sitting here. Screwing up, i was messing with my lizard the whole time all right. So well go to the we just. Did the urban bando so well? Try the forest bando all right and its just. You know different bandos, you know and they got where you can chase cars like as if you were chasing drift cars, because us in florida we chase drift cars, we chase monster trucks, we chase a little bit of everything that has to do with a motor. Of course, i messed that up but, like the physics are incredible like if you want to dive some trees and you can fly through some trees like youll hit branches, dont think you can just like automatically go down and fly through the branches, because youre gon na Hit you know on some of them and not all of them as i trying to make an example but nope its like theres one theres, one, all right, so you can like hit branches. You can hit different stuff. Just some stuff. Doesnt have a texture to it. So you fly right through it, so i mean its. The physics, though, is what its about for me. It feels real, so i mean, even though you get to crash like i can just sit here and crash against this wall a million times im not doing that in real life because yeah, we all know so you know what i mean its just its a way To practice – and they got the physics right and thats the most important part about a simulator for new pilots and stuff, like that, the reality of it is it does it.

You know, correlate to when you put on the goggles. Can you go and do the same thing that you did in the simulator, and this right here is as close as it? Freaking gets man, and i mean that its pretty badass um, as you saw, i have every simulator known to man. I live for this hobby, but this right here is pretty cool, even though i keep hitting everything and thats the thing you can just keep pushing it until you figure it out. You know and thats the one thing about practicing on a simulator, so lets try one more map. I want to show one more thing: this road trip, its pretty cool and then well go to high city all right. So now this is like where you chase. You know freaking cars and stuff. Sorry, i got the hiccups. Im eating cheese sticks, um, so normally theres a car that usually comes down the road eventually and you can chase it. But if youre into drifting and stuff like that – and you want to chase cars because people usually in the community it doesnt matter what form you go into does not like when you fly around cars or people. Trust me, as everybody knows me, im an in every forum and people love to attack me, because i do dumb im lord bong dude im known for doing dumb, but i mean im gon na give you the honest opinion. Im gon na tell you how it is, and this right here at all the simulators that are out right now.

This one hit the nail on the head theres. So much to do. The physics are incredible: the graphics are god awful, beautiful, gorgeous epic amazing, and it feels just like, as if i was flying my five inch drone. You can change your settings and tune. You can set the gravity to feel like you know, if youre above sea level, or you know, below sea level like down here in florida, where you know the air is really thin or thick sorry, its humid as hell and thick air um. But yeah i mean you just look at it. You know what i mean you cant judge it you have to play it. You have to feel it because, if youve ever flown a real drone, this is what it feels like it doesnt feel like those other ones where you crash – and i crash a lot in here too, but man this is cool. I i cant explain it. You have to feel it. You have to play it even my liz lizard just on me that just happened on film and shes right there yeah ill clean it up. Thank you, um, all right well after being on by my iguana. I wanted to just you know, see what i do you know people are sitting there talking about, it feels floaty, it feels laggy and i did a couple of things i did lower. You know the fit the throttle all the way down to 50 the gravity.

All the way down to 15 instant power to 1.20 air friction 45 and air grip, 45 and air air friction. Sorry. I got construction going on above me. Um air grip is 80 relative air speed. 0. 0. You can pause this and go back but thats. What i got it to feel as realistic as possible and well just do one more and that ones a small map, well check this out and thats the way i could get it to like fall out of the sky. Normal was the air friction and the gravity and stuff because gravity it felt like. I was just like in space. You know what i mean: thats legit, what it felt like you know, so i dont know trust my opinion dont. You know it is what it is. I think this is right here: hands down if they give us, you know the sdk for the maps or they give us a map creator this. This simulator is damn near perfect and im, not even using the words loosely well. I hope you guys enjoyed this video im gon na go uh punch the guys up above for all the power tools and and im gon na play a little bit more of this and not have to worry about recording and dealing with that. I, of course i that up, but lets get this real, quick and then ill end it and then yeah. I hope i you know for 11 dude id go support them its a good company.

They actually gave us what we wanted. They finally gave us a drone. Simulator that was worth something and, as you saw on my list, i have every simulator out there. I always try to support them, but it is what it is. You know what i mean so always go out and support the hobby, no matter what it is. I dont care if its team, black sheep, road or riot so on dcl drl, just you know, be a part of the solution, not the problem, but this is an honest review. I mean look at the water, its its its as i crash right into it. Thank god. It doesnt start smoking and bursting into flames like real life. But you know this. Video was interesting got on by my iguana. Um got power tools going on, got banging kicking screaming, but you know its just its to help hone in your skills for real life. You know like if you go fly stuff like this, you can set it up to. You know be just like your drone. All the kvs, this you know the cells so on you can make it feel like the weight theres. So much you can do i messed that up, but you know what i mean its pretty cool uh but thats. My only gripe is the map maker um, the sdk. I want them to release the sdk for us that would be kind of cool and yeah other than that yeah, its pretty badass man uh, oh that multiplayer, because i would like to play with my friends online, especially if we cant meet up.

I thought there was a hole in that see thats what i get for thinking um, but you know what i mean its just its just a practice, its nothing fancy. But the physics as i keep mentioning the physics are, what got me im all about the physics im all the way about the handle, the feel like once i let off the throttle. I want it to fall. Just like my real drone. I wanted to pop up like my real drone, as if i was like in the field right now flying you know what i mean. So this right here has the wind so far out of all the simulators and thats crazy to say: minus the shortage of maps and a couple of the multiplayer and, of course, the map maker, but other than that, i recommend for eleven dollars. You go out and buy it ah im struggling right now, but you got ta, get rid of that floaty feeling and get my settings and thatll change. Some things around it itll feel a lot as i crash itll feel a lot more normal. I have to tweak some more settings in my pe pids and stuff and get it you know perfect, but right now, with what little bit i do have its almost there, the floatiness is gone its not as hovery the physics feel like theyre theyre doing alma man. Almerman alma man, but its basically yeah, so i mean lets check out one more map theres one, because its got gaps and stuff and im just you know i like to power loop.

I love the power loop all day. I need to change those rates. That was just really slow. I hate slow rolls. I like fast rolls so yeah lets, go check out one more map and then im going to be done talking because i know you guys are tired of hearing about the same thing over and over again, all right. So in retrospect, should you buy this game? Uh? Yes, 100 literally the best game simulator for drones, that is out today, physics, everything, as i say, graphics, maps now, once they release more maps and they release the sdk to the community or a map creator and online itll be perfect. Do i recommend it for racers hell, yeah um the views its its incredible? You have to play it and im going to keep saying that time and time again you just have to play it. You cant just like take my word for it. I mean you have to play it, you just you just to feel it its completely different than anything ive ever played it doesnt feel like velocity velocidrone. It doesnt feel like drl or dcl. It feels like the drone. I fly every day in real life and thats. What all of us are looking for as far as a new pilot, i recommend it because they can feel the physics of a real. You know my girlfriend wants to learn to fly, and this is how i this is what ive been waiting for to be able to teach her to fly so with a new pilot or new beginner pilot.

A kid somebody thats just new into the hobby and doesnt want to go out and destroy a thousand dollars in the first day. You know they can practice on a computer and have a good time doing it and feel like theyre there, because thats, how i feel right now and thats what its about is feeling like youre actually flying. Ah, i wanted that gap see they got the gaps, those holes that i like to get in real life. These are the gaps i look for every day when i go out and fly and just getting into them its just that pop you know its like sometimes hard and thats the thing you can crash a million times. I dont mind crashing on this, like in video. I mind crashing because i have the chance of breaking my gopro and everything else. This you dont have to chance anything. You just got a chance breaking your ego on camera and people seeing it like. I am and thats the most you got ta deal with for eleven dollars ill deal with that thats. You know pretty cheap, so i dont know yeah. So you guys tell me what you guys think comment below if you guys like videos like this, you know give me a thumbs up match that you know subscribe and notification bell if you want more stuff like this more content, and you want me to test out More simulators that are coming out in the future.

Let me know about them because im not always up to date, because im normally flying or im working or doing whatever i got to do in life. So you know lifes coming at me: different directions so im here and there, but if you guys want me to review something, if you want me to check out something, you know comment below message me directly through instagram facebook, uh lets see tick, tock um youtube. All major platforms, you know how to get a hold of me, but this is me and im saying peace and im done for now, and i hope you guys enjoyed this review but go out today and buy it. Dont miss out im dead ass on that.