So what am i doing? Well, its late autumn, its getting it will be winter uh, the its uh theres, not going to be many opportunities in the in uk or south of england uh to be exact for flying. I reckon at the weekends or certainly in the evenings, because um the weather is uh very variable. Its been raining a lot recently so, but no matter because ive got several projects on the go jets that were building fpv projects that were finishing off ready for next season. But i do want to keep my flying skills sharp and so that im ready for that. New season so – and i want to try out other things as well – theres, no better way than flying finding simulators that are out there that i can use on my desktop pc. So this is uncrashed its an fpv drone simulator im not heavily into fpv drones. Id say not had much time to focus on it, so why not do that? Why not do that over the winter months, so it cost 10 pounds to download from steam really cheap ive tried it out and its really really good and, i have to say even ive used it two or three times my skills are improving really really quickly. So i am using uh my trusty radiomaster tx16s to control it brilliant radio. This, i will just say very quickly, if youre getting into the hobby or thinking about changing your transmitter, then this is this.

Is it really i mean compared to all those other premium brands out there futaba jetty spectrum, this thing costs it does everything and its this max version? Uh is only about 110 pounds. You know compared to others costing five times that, and this is a really solid radio. It really is made really really well and im big im moving across. I was a very dedicated spectrum user ive gone off that for quite a few good reasons. I think and im changing over to radio master tx16 running open, tx and opentx is quite different spectrum, but its im ive learnt it quite quickly. Just watch a few videos boom im im im there with a little bit of help from the other guys in the team, so just plug in the usb cable into the into the top, like you would use for recharging your smartphone and plug it into the usb Port in the desktop pc, uh set it up on controls, you basically click auto on throttle, move the throttle stick and it will uh. It will detect that and do the same for roll pitch your and then you do stick calibration. It will give you five seconds to move the sticks to their extreme positions and then youre done youre calibrated its that easy to set up. You can go into graphics and you can set the the level of the graphics appropriate to the graphics card and the power of the machine that youre using im, using a really good machine that i use for my video editing.

So ive set it to epic level. Um, which is good played around with the audio turn the music off, and then you can get into drone settings uh now. My advice here is: there are lots of presets uh? The easiest to use is the three inch cine whoop so ill, be starting with that, and that is quite low power easy to control. When you get into outside faster uh, faster, more spread out type environments, then the five inch race uh preset, is a good one. To use but lets start out with um the cine whoop, then we can go to change levels, and this is where you select the environment that you want to fly in. So the easiest one, i think, is road trip, so lets go into that. So here we are now bear in mind. I am not a hugely skilled drone pilot. I i think i can, in this type of environment, im. Okay, you know where there arent too many things i can collide with whoops. I say that and then he collides with the road. But if you end up upside down, you click the r button and it will put you to the right way up and then youre off again and then you see a start gate. So what we can do is if we go through the start gate, then we can follow these gates and, as you go through one, the next one in the sequence goes green and you get this helpful arrow as well.

Youve got your altitude and your distance and your speed. You can turn those things off and its recording your time as well through the course so that you can try and improve on your personal best. Do this for a while, and you really and if you havent done it before then youll really really appreciate how good those pro you know. Those pro drain races are that we see at some of the shows so im just gon na complete this course. Car half me to say how realistic this is. Im. Certainly gon na get my old race drone out, and do this again maybe go to somewhere. That has gates, so you can collide with the gates fairly easily. As soon as you pick up speed, you need to tilt more forwards. Oh, like that, so ive lost my bearings now theres, the next gate in green Music. I dont think im doing that bad, actually its not easy its for me, its more difficult than controlling a a plane to be honest, but ive been doing that for a long time should be near the end and there we go thats my time and thats. My new personal best, Music, not bad, might come back at the end and see if i can improve on that 225 time. But lets show you some of the uh, the other environments that you can do here. So theres a mixture broadly between the open environments, like road trip, long range, mountain open and then the ones where you have a lot more obstacles, so uh desert, for example, forest bando, high city, so lets try.

Our riviera unit, which i have to say, is almost impossible but lets try city park to start off with. I had some success with this earlier, its kind of medium, i would say, youve got more densely, packed together, trees that you can collide with, but its uh, its a level up from road trips. So you see my start gate there. You dont have to go through the gates. You could just explore the environment to be honest if thats, what youd prefer to do, but for me i think, im at the level where ive i would get bored of that quite quickly, and i want the challenge of trying to get through the through the gates. Laughter, come on oh upside, the right way, our key to do that and then were off again so come on, concentrate honestly, the first time i did this. I was all over the place and its quite amazing. I think how quickly your brain can adapt. He says, as he crashes again, this is the difficult thing when you crash and then get your mojo back come on. Go go! Go! Oh! Sometimes, when you crash too close to the gate, you just have to move back a bit and then reset across the water. So were off again line up for the next gate. Music whoa hit the bin. It landed the right way up, oh it can be. I tell you what, when i did start this, there was a a few naughty words: oh hit the bench its like everything.

If you want to get good or reasonable at something, you have to practice practice practice. Huh come on come on now this there isnt multiplayer, which is a a great shame. I think it is going to be supported in the future, but it doesnt support it at the moment. So single player only youll be able to youll be the only drone flying in the environment as he drops down there. We go thats, pretty good couple of crashes. Uh ill try one of the really complex ones to literally um show you how lets try uh forest band, though, but honestly some of these you look its just unbelievable. How difficult these are. Oh well, ive made it through more gates than i have done previously come on, come on come on, but then it starts getting complicated, oh again, get some distance and then go back and try again and were off, and i guess its quite good that there are Easy open environments and these more densely tight, more tightly gated environments. So, as your skills develop whoa, you can choose the appropriate track or environment to to go around and i have to say im showing off here im doing much better than i have done previously. Oh my word: these are the ones i hate where you have to drop. I cant do i give up. That is that is so difficult right. So ive shown you a mixture now what im going to do im going to select the the 5 inch race? Save that go back to change levels and go back to road trip lets see if, with a more powerful drone, i can do better.

I strongly suspect i might do a lot worse. Alright, so theres the start gate. So you can tell i get up high. Very, very quickly, just with a little bit of throttle nice and easy and use the throttle appropriately. Im i mean is really really powerful. This one im getting used to it, you waste a lot of time. Oh, if you crash, he says: oh no, not going to improve on my best time am i come on hustle hustle, so hope they do make this multiplayer, because i think that would be fantastic car see the concentration see im doing better now, im using about half Power, oh no, bounced off last sprint. Yes, cool wow! I mean that is what happens when you just use something thats a lot more, a lot more powerful. Even though, with those time wasting crashes, i uh. I was just moving so much more quicker. So there we go that is uncrashed fpv drone simulator. You could literally waste hours well, not waste its quite good use of your time. If you want to improve your fpv drone flying skills, so there you go thats an essential rc flight test were going to do a few of these see. If i can find a few sims um im going to revisit microsoft, flight simulator as well see how much that has changed over the last six months, because they were making some big improvements to it. There was some new aircraft out for it as well.