But if you think about it, it makes sense that a prop manufacturer could have the plastic manufacturing experience to make a stronger and better duct than anyone else out there, as they pretty much make plastic molds of varying thickness rigidities flexibilities every single day in and out And i can tell you that, though, these ducts look small and thin theyre. Incredibly strong. We are going to send it as hard as possible and at the end of the night, were going to give joe obama one rip on it full send into the obstacle of his choice and see if it withstands it Laughter. That was a pretty good hit. All right lets see if its see if its dead, oh still goes, pretty good lets see what that did. Yeah lets see still hover. Oh yeah, its recording, so yeah today were talking about the foxier fox whoop. This one comes available that you can buy direct with hd0 and express lrs on board. The two open source projects that are the darling of fpv are now here in one beautiful combination and fox here adds this to its new frame system, the fox swoop. That is also known as challenge accepted. We took this sucker on a number of crashes to test. If that was actually true or is it just marketing mumbo jumbo, my goodness, this thing is tough. Indeed, the ducks are stronger than any other ducks ive seen on any cinnamon. You know, ive had a number on this channel and because theyre also thin theyre, also lighter and theyre really more of guards versus ducks.

So you get much less of that dreaded prop wash and it actually flies pretty well for something with guards on there, especially since they ship it with this pusher configuration. If you look at the top plate its much thicker than you might imagine for a two and a half inch and thats, because they take that unbreakable drone moniker very serious. In the beginning i was a little bit critical of hd0, because the binding fly manufacturers had not accepted it quite yet, but now theyre on board. I have a multitude of hd0 binding flies in my queue right now, so youre going to be seeing more and more of those come out very soon and of course you can also build your own, like this hd0 tiny trainer that i competed with at international open And it actually got me a fourth place finish in the tiny trainer race. If you dont feel like buying one, though you can buy, one ready to fly from get fpv therell be a link for that in description. But if you want a cinema that is able to carry a dji action, 2 a gopro session, any type of light camera – this is the ticket. Now it actually can carry a full size. Gopro too. If you want something to be able to go in really tight spots, but its going to struggle a little bit, you know: weve been printing, our own ducks for our squirts, our slam, squirts our and all those other little loop things, but those either end up too Squishy that allow you to impact the prop or too hard that end up being brittle and shatter um.

This solves both of those issues in a lighter package can also buy the frame and build up your own. I do like, though, that the binder fly comes with top level components now. Could you break it if you continue to crash it or crash into water? Yet nothing is unbreakable, but this is about the closest that ive ever seen and not in the in available were like lets run over it with an f 350 or something like that. Okay, its probably not going to stand up to that lets. Look at the damage. The battery is a little bit moved, yeah thats it a couple of scratches yeah barely did nothing yeah thats, pretty tough. It is because sometimes the thin ducts like this theyre light, but they shatter, but this is not shattering at all. No, that was impressive, especially like the last crash. It was not very intentional, so what do you think pretty good durability, yeah so far approved im impressed, but the real test is gon na be joe mama hes gon na use his uh. His expert freestyle skills full. Send got ta dive that building into concrete. I dont know about that all right now, joe mamas gon na try and see if he can destroy this thing all right. Well, we got a test going on here: the unbreakable quad, all right, Music, oh Music. Oh, the batteries hanging out, oh yeah, still looks pretty good well, the unbreakable drone.

After all, that carnage – and you can see these ducks are still in like almost new condition. Now i did put this little lens protector on there, but after all those deliberate crashes into light poles, it actually did give it a little mark on the inside of the lens but its away from the actual camera element. So you cant even see that so still going strong uh. We did manage to break a motor. We noticed after that hard hit joe bumble turtle mode it a couple of times and it wouldnt spin. Over and uh. I noticed that there was a tiny nick on the winding of this motor. I actually had another one, so i swapped it on and its good to go. I was worried that maybe we burned the esc just doing a few crashes and turtle modes, but no thats, because boxer included the super premium hundred dollar reaper. That is good enough for a five inch. A lot of times on these small center loops theyll include something thats a lot cheaper. I just cant believe that theres barely a scratch on this thing. You can see a couple of little nicks along the guards, but man, this thing is ultra tough. Now, if youre doing normal cinewoop flying, you probably wont ever need to change these props, but if youre doing crashing bashing sending it to tight spaces, you might get a little few things, sticking into the ducts and chewing them.

So a new prop has come out by dal cyclone. The t2530 comes in different colors right here: uh im gon na go ahead and use the blue ones its a little bit easier to see if you crash in the grass. This is using fox ears. New 1404 3850 kv motor and you would think thats a little bit small for a center wheel, but because this thing is so light, it actually carries it very well and manages to keep everything in a very manageable weight. If you can see this whole thing only weighs 137 grams thats right, 137 grams, my goodness, if you remember the protec 25, that actually used similarly sized motors, but that thing was way heavier than this. So youre gon na get all of the extra flight performance by having the same amount of power in a lighter and a neater package. Hq did make this giant duck for the terra plane, but the issue is that at this size and weight it tends to shatter in a crasher even just landing, hard hd zero whoop board in there, the one that goes from 25 and 200 milliwatts. You have the foxier digisight v3 camera up at the front. You have an express lrs, ep1 receiver, with the tiny little t 2.4 antenna right there, a fox here, a lollipop micro that extends a little bit away from the craft. To give you a nice bit of reception, the battery that im using is either a 650 or an 850.

The 850 seems to work a little bit better if you want a little bit longer of a flight time, but if youre only going to have a quick two to three minute flight, you can probably do the 650. The 850 will give you more like a five six seven minute, depending on how aggressively youre flying you can run whatever camera mount. You want because it has this at the front and if youre running like one of those smaller insta360 type cameras it has this mount as well. I really think its perfect for the weight of something like a session or runcam 5 that is sort of a lightweight camera, or that new dji action 2 would be perfect for this. You could carry a full size gopro, but its going to get a little bit more wobbly if you choose to carry that much weight, but it definitely can do it. So if you want to be able to do like freestyle, maneuvers youre not going to do that with a full size, gopro um – you want something lighter like this, but if you just want something very small that you can navigate very well in a tight space now Mind you, it is going to be loud, but because the weight is reduced so much in this package, its going to be a lot less loud as something like that protect 25, which was surprisingly able to carry the hero 9. This has about the same power with just a bit less weight, but this is really a game changer, because you can get this in analog.

You can get this in dji and you can get this in hd, 0. hd. Zero is really becoming more accepted by behind flight manufacturers, unbreakable its pretty close, even the houston crew, which manages to break just about everything. All we could do is break a motor, and this motor was only about 14.90 uh to get back in the air. You know ive seen pictures of people standing on this thats, how tough it is, but theyre, not probably people that eat texas, barbecue, so im, not sure if im going to perform that test. But it feels good that i could Music my Music Music Music. At the end of the night were gon na give joe obama one rip on it full send into the obstacle of his choice, joe mamas gon na send it there. We go oh omars in the way all right, hes, youre, good, youre good lets, try to get closer Music. That was it damn holy crap Laughter, oh damn. That was crazy. If it survives one more its unbreakable, i think the pole might be tougher than the wall. Music, all right lets check it, not a scratch. Well, theres. Some scratches well theres, some scratches thats about it, but the the ducks are intact. Ducks are not broken. Lets see if it still beats up full tones were gon na try to arm it. Oh yeah yeah there it goes it arms, its still good, officially unbreakable guys. I dont know that was like right on the corner of the curve.

Pretty good man. Look at that: okay, yeah cut a motor wire, but thats fixable ducks are still in place. Carbon still in place its broken, i will have to replace a prop and thats it.