Finally, i got my dream camera, as you can see on the title. Yes, it is sony a7, s3. So sony s7 sd card like a whole set of liquidity like two lenses extra batteries, an sd card on a gimbal dj rs2 lets go unbox gon na get it so hope you guys like it so lets not waste. The time lets unbox it. Okay. So lets start from the small package. Small pack is much all right. I think its battery um, oh yeah. It is its a battery, so i got um sony. Do your extra batteries liquid here? Yes, its a batteries? Nothing! We dont need manuals. Okay! This is dj. Rs2, okay, so lets unbox the bigger boxes. Oh my god. Oh my god, reader dual card slot card reader, the master lens 1635 2.8 uh. This is the 85mm lens sigma. Oh its a its a bag, whisker pouches its a dead cat. Nothing in there all right. First camera say um last mountbox operator, so this is the rode video micro plus prograde sd card and lets unbox the lens first, so lens g master, 2.8. 16. 35 mm. Okay, i think its already open. Oh, no, no okay, manual, wow, oh okay, im gon na leave cameraman, try girl. So by the way up in the house, videos and um Applause. I dont know how to open it. There we go Applause. Unboxing, oh, did i cut the box? Oh my goodness. Okay, so its good features, processors, its a full frame, camera 12.

1, megapixel redemption, sequencer, phase, detection, saying 759 on the focus points up on real time. I focus by auto focus rule real time: tracking 4k, 120, 422 10 bit unesco processing buy on the xr processor, bio. So that means like eight times faster than like older generation, its called a dual sd card slot, so its like regular sd card, only the especially its a cf uh express sony. Lebanon lets open it all right, its a cable manual. We dont use those, oh my god, such a fancy, straps shoulder, strap or how you say: oh my god, screen dracu. So one of the best thing for vloggers. It smells so good. Okay, so lets try um lens already um canon user camera. So, im not a im not used to with a sony camera, so this is my first time Music. All right guys. I forgot to mention about my backpack. It is uh nomadic from peter mckinnon on your background here on boxing with economy, so lets go outside and test it. The sony, a7s3 Music day breaks and im burned by the morning light ill, make the same mistake more than twice same song, but brand new dance. I wear out my third Music, you second take my breath and i cant get it back might be time for me to face the fact that best me is with you, but i know i got a lot to prove they Music.