Today i want to take a closer look with you at whats, hiding inside this big box. I personally hope that its going to be the dji mini 3 drone and in case its something else, maybe something ordered on amazon. Then i promise you its going to be a rather short video, but in case it is the all new dji mini 3 pro drone. Then this is going to be an exciting unboxing. I promise lets get this party started Music, a quick word on my behalf or lets rather say on our behalf, because i would profit and you would profit too now if you before we get started with the video check out my drone courses on courses, you Can save up to 25 when entering the coupon code drone2022 learn how to capture professional grade aerial photographs or videos with your drone, maybe even the new mini 3 pro you never know you can find the link and the coupon code in the description below this video Use the coupon code enroll and become a professional, and here it is the all new dji mini 3. Pro drone lets take a closer look at what is hiding inside this mysterious looking box Music, and here it is. This is how the new drone looks like, and you can immediately see the new obstacle avoidance sensors, its amazing, to have those in such a miniature drone and heres a somewhat tilted camera thats supposed to also deliver good results.

Dont forget to also watch my review to find out how this camera actually performs Music on the bottom. We also find updated obstacle, avoidance cameras and two more extra cameras on the top facing the back im, pretty excited to see how this drone actually performs – and here is the new remote controller, with the built in display. The display is super bright, 700 nits for such a small drone. This is really fantastic and at the back of the remote we see, the two control sticks neatly put there for transportation and on the top we see immediately that there is no foldable antenna. The antenna is inbuilt into the controller, really nice. We also find all buttons and wheels just where we would expect them and on the bottom we find the connectors and we immediately notice that there is no hdmi out. That is something you should be aware of. Music. Next off, we find a little mountain, a himalaya almost of papers. If we really need those well, i personally doubt it Music Applause. Next is a usb c2 usb c cable to charge both the drone and the controller Music. Next is a package of replacement propellers, but i actually dont think that ill be using those because dji drones tend to fly very accurately and now that the mini 3 pro also features obstacle avoidance. I really doubt that i will need those Music. Next is a tiny screwdriver that is supposed to be helpful, while replacing the propellers that you will hopefully never have to replace hello fly more kid.

What are you hiding from us lets find out Music here is the typical dji pouch. It always looks somewhat alike. I dont see any relevant news. Anything to tell you lets instead open it up and take a closer look at whats. Hiding inside first is the multiple charger you can charge up to three batteries. At the same time, one battery is already installed to the drone. Dont forget about that, and two more are now installed to the charger. With the fly more kit, you also have leds at the bottom Music and also two usb plugs that way. You can also charge additional gear through the multiple charger Music. Another paper how neat Music wow, that is a whole bunch of new propellers. Actually, i still dont believe that i will ever need those, but having them might not be wrong. Music. In case you bought the drone with a standard controller without an inbuilt display. Then these cables will come in handy simply put one end into the remote and the other end into your smartphone boom. You have a functional transmission system, another cable, this time standard usb to usbc, also for charging Music. Now this is everything that is in the box, that is the fly more kit of the dji mini 3. Pro drone dont forget to download and inspect original footage on downloads. I offer you a whole ton of photos and video files that i recorded with plenty of drone models and also, of course, with the mini 3 pro drone.

In case you fell in immediate love, with a drone theres, also a product link in the description below the video. In case you want to get the most out of your mini 3 pro drone, then dont forget to also enroll to one of my courses. One is on drone videography and the other on drone photography. You will find both of them on courses now this is it for today, stay tuned, fly, save and maybe watch another video of mine, maybe the review of the mini 3 pro.