Booth today were in a different setting were in the shed its the quietest area. I can find im sure the door so dont rattle in the wind, because its windy outside, so we can test something really well in a minute, but weve got today for review is the is the master escrow stealth propellers for the mavic air 2 drone by dji And obviously i fly a lot with my standard. Propellers ive taken one off there, so you can see so thats normal ones and in this pack, as you can see by the top bit there, they are ive chosen orange. So you get four in a pack. Obviously, im going to put the prices up on there, so in the box, weve got nice little bag, which contains the bits and bobs weve got some mavic air screw stickers. Now these come from the usa and i ship them to myself through my usa, address my shipping address and then weve got the instructions there as well in the box, so thats everything that comes in the box now these are meant to give you off the top Of my head, its eight percent more flying time and up to 37 38 less noise and thats up to doesnt mean that youre gon na lose. You might only lose ten percent of the noise, but it says your possibility got up to the chance of 38 chance. Less noise from these propellers so lets get a look at them, so hopefully theyre marked up, which ones for which and well figure that out in a minute and youll.

Do that with me. So there you go thats what they look like in bright orange. So if you lose it in the field like i have done or run out of battery, you can probably help to find it a little bit. Hopefully provided not its, not a field of pumpkins, then youre, just totally messed up right. So lets see the next bit. Lets have a look at fitting these on and the bag is divided actually into two. So whether you can see its got two different pouches, so whether you can know yourself, you have your standard ones or spare ones, so well. Flick over and well see what we need to do next, youre fitting these and youve forgotten, which order these need to go on if its the standard ones remember, standard ones, have the little silver circle and obviously that matches up with that that one, not the solid Black, so its the same for these, these have the little silver mark on so they go on here again. So this goes the opposite and just search for a site. If theres a bit, these ones are a little bit longer ill. Show you ill show you before. I fit last one right so thats, the last one. So as you can see theyre very close to here now, i saw someone else review these and said that they uh they got the mavic air and air to s or i forgot what its called ill put.

It on the top and they said that you can use the same ones, but these are new ones and they are specifically for the mavic air 2 and i think theyre just releasing new colors. So if you look here theyre a little bit longer, these so lets get it on right right, so lets test the decibels. Music im trying to die Music is 79 to 81 decibels, avenue of those propellers Music, and there we go so right. Wind of the minute is, it says, wind at 20 miles per neck per hour with gusts were getting quite a lot of gusts around here in a minute, and that says 37 miles per hour. This flew with these new propellers excellent right, so thats, the original propellers back on remember with the new propellers. All the existing ones, always remember. Black goes to black and silver ring goes to the silver marking on there. So lets turn that on yeah. So it still says at the minute just so you can see thats all my information for the weather today and thats the app i use uav forecast it doesnt cost you anything so thats, one of the ones i do recommend. So the wind blew that drone even uh no end, so it is basically 40 miles an hour out out here at the farm, very flatland, no hills, so it blows straight across so, but i was able to control it really well, im really impressed with those to Us lets test the decibels on this one.

You can probably hear from yourself. Ive got to raise my voice a little bit more so were looking about 87 to 90 decibels depends on where, as you get really close to. Obviously you cant, like you, didnt, love us but theres, more of a Music punching noise that you can hear with this one in comparison to the other. So during the video well ill clip in between the others and youll hear the difference yourself: Music, ah Applause, Music. So, Music, Music, Music do Music, Music Applause, Music right so were back again, so my view and test and ill. Let you know in the better future, with a couple more videos or just a quick, simple um, youtube short uh. What i recommend its too windy outside of the minute for just a little normal photo shoot around something. Nice ive done a lot of stuff around the farm. So what ill do is when its a bit calmer outside ill do some recording just around one of the castles or something near me, but my view a little bit disappointing now, because ive already done the shipping from the us ive got something hopefully after christmas im Going to ship another color of these another couple or one or two pairs, i dont have any discount codes because im not and im not getting paid for this review, but its a review just to help you with your dj, with any of your drones that master Airscrew.

Com have for drones, i think ill. Well, definitely id recommend its the end of the video and ive put these back on, because sometimes we go out for the day and literally just grab the bag, and i want the drone ready. So these have gone back on with a full battery ready. This will be right for the next week i might lose probably 20 battery, but sometimes for recording, thats, okay, but so at least and ill have these ones charged up ready, but this will be ready in my bag with these staying on, because im really really really Pleased with these propellers and the in high winds, they are excellent. So thank again thank you for watching and ill see you on the next video dont know what it is. It depends what i get through the post, what buy, but what? Maybe it massager you might send me a set of a better color, another color, because that would be nice bit of advertising for you.