Sometimes you see me as Jenna see in the chats and I'm gon na do an unboxing video for you. Kelly Shores made me subscriber of the month and yeah, so I thought I would thank him doing. Thank him. Do a little unboxing, video and yeah let's go from there aren't you supposed to be like a little bit better dressed for these things. Let'S see! Okay! Ah, no! Not this shirt! Oh great shirt, the world of Shawna's um check out his channel. If you don't already – and I say that because sharing is caring but nope but a great shirt, but not this shirt, Oh women who drone – I know what Ashley, if you ever see this video, this is a great organization to join. But yet not this shirt just spin up, but not yet oh um awesome shirt, but not for this video um yeah yeah. I love this shirt. It just shows you the type of high quality merchandise that you can get at spin up, but not this shirt. Ah, this is a shirt that I wanted. Okay, now that we properly dressed let's continue on boxing, and I was supposed to have like really big nice. If we do these unboxing laughs these unboxings, so let me see Wow okay, now this well. I don't think this is actually a knife and Plus should it actually be bigger than the box itself no, but does go well with my rent, fair outfit.

Ah now this is a knife ooh knife made in the USA. Now this is a sharp knife. Definitely not a toy absolutely have to be careful because I'll tell you if I break a nail I'm gon na be mad. Okay, always cut away from yourself. Nice cutting the cardboard okay, okay, that's safety, first, because injuries last and on top we've got the perfect toy for social distancing. These days, Ready, Set drone, awesome, frisbee, yes, and lo and behold another one. Quite frankly, you just can't have too many RS t shirts. So I want to thank Kelly for that. Oh wow got this. Oh my god. This is great. A little Firefly. A twenty little drone help practice my skills, especially here in the house. This is awesome. Oh my god, this is so cool. Oh master, air screw props. Dji Mavic very cool. Hopefully you can see these on the Kinmen spin up stickers. I got ya awesome. Spin up stickers, Ready, Set drones stickers, which is great I've, got cases for my drones. You see some of them here. I say some of them. Oh nice DJI book very cool. They can let's see what's in here. Oh my god, it's a little cube wow. This is nice wow. Thank you Kelly, my goodness, and see what's in this box. Here. Are you careful because, like I said, I freaking nail I'm gon na be mad? Oh here we go Wow mom's charger charger. Oh my god! This is so very.

This is so cool, my goodness. Thank you, Kelly, Wow, very cool. Thank you. I think that goes there and last but not least, is the skies here, of which oh wow, this is very nice Wow. I already set drone Yeti, mug coffee, mug, water, mug beverage month very, very nice. Thank you Kelly very much subscriber of the month. I am extremely honored yeah. I don't know what to say. This is awesome. Thank you, so so very much. This is great and all this started back in 2017. I think I started watching your channel started with this guy here, the little blue jay. I got this drone for Christmas for my dad actually because he wrote software to fly. I would say the the real drones I've grown up, pretty much my entire life hearing about drones and when I say drones, there's a picture in here let's see. This is one of my favorite pictures that he has I'll cut this into the video. So I can't see it all that well, but this is a picture of an f 106 delta dart in a left hand, bank over White Sands, National Monument National Park. It was a National Monument now it's a national park and, as you can see in the picture, I've got it on screen. There there's no pilot in that and that's what they used among other planes, too, for target practice to practice and further develop their ground, air and air to air missiles that whole technology, starting back in the 60s and 70s, and goes on even today.

So and they were called drones, target drones, but I got him a drone thinking. Maybe he might like to fly it. He didn't set in the box for about six months and it was getting warm out. So I took it out of the box. We put it together and started playing around with it and that's kind of how I started into drones. Just sing with Laila wait I'm. Stopping this video it's supposed to be an unboxing video for Kelly for making me subscriber of the month but it's getting way too long, giving way to boring yes back in 2017, when I first got into drones, I started watching Kelly's channel, so I'll blame a little Bit of Sun, you Kelly well, maybe a lot, maybe not all of it, but but I just wanted to say thank you. You know the reason why I got into drones and I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody, hopefully later on this year. Virtual spin up in may be out in Dillon Colorado, so I hope everybody just stays safe well has a great summer and yeah let's fast forward to the end of the video and again everybody. Thank you especially Kelly and the entire RSD community. Thank you, yep. We have spin up coming it's gon na be virtual this year, due to you know what and yeah. Hopefully we can all meet up at and spin up and spin down in Colorado and yeah again. Thank You Kelly, yep god, sakes yeah.