It does have a app that you can either download with the ios or android. So you need an android phone, thats, 6.0 or later or ios 10.0 or later here is the barcode and its called scan air to download that. So it says for ages, 14 and up it gives all the little things it could do. Flip roll its supposed to have a steady hold so lets get this thing unboxed and take a look at what we got. I probably wont try to fly it today, because i got to charge up the batteries, but um heres. The instruction manual ill probably never use it, but i want to show you guys what it looks like set that over to the side, and then we have were greeted with right off the bat, the little drone itself. And yes, this is a true mini drum, very small. Now i got this uh because when i normally go flying okay, so you got ta open it from the bottom first, okay, so you open the the props up from the bottom first and then the top ones, but lets take a quick look at this thing. So this is very small and i got this because when im normally flying – and i have uh uh friends with me – be like hey, let me fly. Let me fly my heel now im making like just crash my drone, so i got this for them to play with, while im actually flying my drone around and getting uh landscaping shots but yeah its not a bad little drone uh looks like its got: some led Lights here in the front, uh might be a flow sensor there on the bottom, its not bad.

I only paid 35 bucks for this thing on amazon, so lets see what else we get here. Oh, we actually get two batteries and i believe these are 500 milliamps. Yep and 500, so so you do get two batteries, thats pretty cool. What else we got here? Oh we got the um, the extension for the phone to hook up to the remote okay, so thats all in that one, and then we get the remote here. It says sand rock on it, and the piece here goes right here, so you connect your phone to that and lets see. So this does take batteries, so you will need to have batteries to go into the back of this thing here, which i know im not flying it today, knowing that for sure, okay, so you do get prop guards so yeah, theyre gon na need prop guards. Thats great that it comes with these prop guards to go over these little propellers right here, so thatll, work, great and last but not least, and that taped on the outside get a little bag of goodies. Here looks like screwdrivers, some extra props and the charger for the battery and thats about it, man so yeah. This is just the first impression of this little drone right here. Uh cant wait to take it out, got ta charge up the batteries and get some batteries to go into the remote here. This reload remote looks pretty basic uh, nothing too crazy and uh.

The first time i take this out guys ill be sure to let you see the footage on this, but i will tell you off the bat it says: hd camera. You can look at this thing. Uh i guarantee this cameras trash. I would never try to put video from a drone like this out. You know i was something like this. I would actually probably attach either my insta 360 original gold to it or the go to uh to get better footage but yeah. I wouldnt i wouldnt, rely on this for photos or videos, but its just something to practice with and once they get good with this then ill, probably let them fly to sc, but the air too. Probably never.