This is uh lopacalolo. I just received this four axis: minidrone uh. This is the sp350 from snapton and i bought it on amazon for uh ‘. So see it right here and what’s in the box, let’s open it up and see. Hopefully, you can see that and what we have is a uh let’s see a free new product release just to join a loyal, uh loyalty program, and then you we got a a quick start manual and let’s. See right in here in the drone. Is the actual drone let’s see what we got here uh? So you have to activate uh your 12 month. Free warranty just get online to register so i’m just pull right that off and then uh, and so there you go. We have the drone. We have the controller it’s, pretty neat and then inside. We also have the tools, the charger uh. You see one two batteries um and that’s it and the mini drone manual, so that’s all that’s in the box and let’s see let’s. Take out the drone here see what exactly it looks like and i kind of like the way they laid out the uh, the prop propellers, i think, uh. I think the green propellers are your yeah it’s the front. This has a camera or a light. Okay, that’s pretty neat, so i’m gon na go out there and fly it after i charge this thing and see how it goes well and – and you guess you got a pretty cool controller – very simple key seems to be uh.

The stick seems to be yeah, pretty good. Uh let’s see, i know what else you have here. You have your speed, you have stop. Oh you have headless, you can do flips uh, then you have your trimming uh and then this is a return to home. Well, it’s pretty cool. I don’t know what this is, but pretty standard uh controller. So anyway, i’m gon na get this thing charged up and i’ll fly it. Hopefully i can do it today or tomorrow. Then i’ll set up another video to show how this thing flies.