The dji fly app by scanning the qr code on the dji fly download page of the official dji website. You can also download dji fly on your mobile device’s app store before using the battery for the first time, connect it to the charger for at least one minute to complete activation connect. The goggles to the goggles battery remove the gimbal cover, as well as the protective film on the gimbal camera press. The aircraft power button, then press and hold for two seconds to power on the aircraft power on the goggles and remote controller. The same way connect the otg cable via the usbc port on the goggles and connect to your mobile device using a charging cable. After successfully linking the aircraft goggles and remote controller open the dji fly app and follow instructions to complete activation. If you have purchased or planned to purchase dji care refresh, please finish the purchase and binding within 48 hours of activating dji fpv after activation, make sure you charge the intelligent flight battery. The remote controller and the goggles battery be sure to read the user manual carefully. In order to be fully prepared for your first flight, okay, Music, Music Music is reactions: Music, Music, Music. For as long as people have walked the earth. They’Ve wondered how to fly. We have spent more than a decade crafting tools for dreamers now we’re going one step beyond with an immersive experience. Applause Music modes offer multiple options.

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