Sorry, you can’t see my face, but i thought i’d film from this angle, so you can see what i’m doing to set up the drone. So, basically, last night i charged the battery which all you have to do is plug it in with the supplied adapter until the lights stop flashing. The same goes for the controller. The little lights are here. It takes a little bit longer to charge this so but again when it’s done, charging the lights, stop flashing, so that’s all good to go so both are charged and ready to put the battery in the drone. All you have to do. Actually, i think you have to pop these out first, so it goes the bottom end in first and then push it in until you hear it click. So the battery is now in ta da and make sure you take these out, and i also took the protective cover off the gimbal as well all right and now to set up the controller just take the sticker off pop over there. So you take this out in this video i’m, also going to show you guys how to pair your phone to it. So i’ve actually have never done this before this is first time ever so you got your little pin in there for your phone. You just pop it in like that, make sure it’s open big enough so pop it in and it sits in nice and snug like that.

So i’ll quickly put these on as well. Just so you guys can see. I talked about it in the video just before, but just i’ll show you guys in practice so clip them in like that same goes for this one, and then i noticed yesterday that there’s labels on it so you’ve got your right, rear and then the front rear Or front right, so you’ve got the front of the drone front right there. We go pop it over like that until it clicks and then the same with this side without destroying the controller, you just slide it in put the clip over clip it down. This side slide it over pop the clip down and that’s all good to go. So now the drone is ready to go. I guess now start up the app don’t look at my pin. Here we go connect to the aircraft, learn how to connect to the aircraft wire connection control the aircraft with the remote controller unfold, the arm and then the rear arm insert the battery into the compartment. Making sure that it’s properly in place done turn on the aircraft find the intelligent battery switch short press once and then long press until it starts making sounds remove the joysticks and install them in the remote turn on the remote controller, find the remote control power switch Short press once and then long press again, it says drone first, so short click and then long click. Oh my god, things are moving! Okay, oh my god, please! Oh my god.

Okay, so that’s on and ready to go, and now it says to do the same with this. So short press followed by a long press until it starts making, sounds so next so now it’s connecting insert the remote controller cable connect to the mobile device and clamp it to the remote control. This is making me nervous. I wouldn’t be sitting too close to. It is that connected properly. Oh here we go this wasn’t connected properly. Okay, so now it’s just connected properly, the remote controller has been connected. Current guide ended, okay, so apparently we’re ready to go new firmware update is available. Okay, it’s telling me that i need some form of update because apparently i’m in a different country, so i’m hoping we can still fly without it actually let’s. First of all, open up the antennas okay, so it should be good to go um. Shall we activate it all right guys so we’ve just put the drone out in the field. Let’S start flying this thing. Aircraft must be activated. The first time is connected to this. Also activates the one year warranty. Oh, i get to name it. Oh it’s even got beginner mode that’s, my kind of mode, sorry guys just doing a quick update. Apparently it ensures better safety can’t skip out on safety. Hopefully it doesn’t chew my data all right. Sorry for that minor setback, guys the update is now complete. Let’S fly: oh okay, beginner mode home point recorded in beginner mode flight is limited to an altitude.

Distance of 30 meters turn off beginner mode in the settings menu okay. So this is really cool calibration required. Oh press start to begin compass calibration rotate the aircraft 360 degrees horizontally. Ah, yay is this: where it hangs over you now, i don’t even know what to do hello, there’s, so many buttons on it, so it should be lift up, rotate and the right stick should be poured back and then so, which one’s the power take off, ensure That the conditions are safe for takeoff aircraft to go to an altitude of 1.5 meters and hovering place. Oh a slide to take off. Oh here we go guys watch happens, go on the grass. Well, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop stop! It was talking to me so up and down so that’s left Music to right. Oh my god guys this is so cool. Okay, so left is like direction in this Music one on the right. Stick! Oh okay! This is cool! Okay, okay! Okay again, what should i do? What should i do? Okay, so that’s horizontally, left and right, and if i want to turn it around, should i do a lap around the tree? Do you reckon i could do that? Oh look at this Music, okay, okay, huh um! I don’t think so only just i can push record if i want okay, why am i coming towards me, Music, okay, Music? Oh hang on. Oh, my gosh yeah don’t expect smooth flying with this.

First time round. Let’S go backwards, that’s actually flat. Stick watch i’ll go flat, stick forward, you know what that’s actually not too bad. I don’t want it to go too fast. Oh okay, hang on again okay, so i want it to turn towards me and then come back, but it stops really abruptly eh. Can i get around the tree now yeah, okay, so that’s forward back it really doesn’t go fast. Does it i don’t think that’s a bad thing for me. To be honest, i think it said i can go like 40 kilometers an hour. I was expecting to go like really fast, like oh, my gosh, something’s beeping. I think it’s that yeah. I think it was saying like too close all right, so we’re gon na try and walk around the tree. Now, oh okay, that’s up and down. We don’t want it to go up. I think it’s letting me go near the road, the butterfly Music, poor, butterflies. I’M. Sorry, so i actually don’t think this thing will. Let me go near the road. It was just weird because i physically could not push it any further forward, so i guess that’s good, because i’ve always been worried that, like i wouldn’t know if i was near anything electromagnetic or maybe near an airfield but that’s so good that it’s got these features Built in so it physically will not. Let me go any further. Oh my gosh, my boyfriend wants me to go higher.

Okay, how high? Oh, you should see it on the on the camera. Okay, we’re, going up guys we’re going up how high this is so cool. Oh, my god, that’s so high Music, yeah, i’m scared i’m, bringing it down. My boyfriend now wants me to push the homing button to see what happens, return to home and land. The aircraft will turn towards the home point and return from the preset altitude use the vertical joystick to adjust flight altitude and direction. Oh, i might need you for this one. Did you slide it yeah? So what are you doing? Nothing so it’s going to return it to the original thing, but i think you can select with your thumb, stick here: yeah i’m doing it’s resting height okay. So if you’re going to go over sand and dust – and you just want to pick it up yeah, you can continue landing swap to land Music, all the poor grass, if you’re coming in on dust or a puddle or something you just want to hover it at A meter yeah when you initially slide that yeah start to bring it down down just hitting your altitude and that will stop it wearing out. Okay, that’s, so cool, okay, so we’re, currently still learning the app and one thing i’ve got to admit too is there’s. So much in the app like this, i noticed when i was flying there were so many alerts that were popping up that i wasn’t paying attention to them, because i was too busy watching the drone in the sky.

So i think that’s. Another thing that i guess everyone needs to be cautious about is paying attention to the alerts. Maybe even if you turn your volume up, so you notice that they’re coming up yeah headphones, even all right, so i think it says you’ve got to turn the off and then the controller so put this down here, not touching oh it’s, hot and then do i Press and hold it wow it’s, almost flat already just once and then press and hold the turn, turn off your controller and then turn off the controller. So you press it once and then press and hold it a successful flight. I was pretty fun. I enjoyed that. So, i’m, so glad that i got it there’s um a bit of grass like got it got caught in the blades, because the grass is actually quite long out there. So, but it actually didn’t do any damage at all. It’S, just flicked grass, all over which i can just easily dust off. One thing i did read about the battery, though, is um so say: it’s gone flat, and you want to quickly charge it charge it up again, because you still want to use it out in the field. You actually have to let it cool down completely before putting back on charging, because apparently that can actually stuff the battery, if you put it on charge, while it’s still quite hot there’s, also some other stuff about it, um about what to do with when it goes.

In hibernation i’m, not too clear on it, i’ve read the instructions, probably like three times now. I just can’t get it through my head, but if you do get a drone, please read the battery instructions because they’re quite complex and i don’t want to try and explain because i don’t want to mislead you guys, but just read the instructions. So you know how to properly care for the battery and get the most life and use out of it. Alright guys. So just a quick review on how i felt the flying of the drone went for someone who’s a complete beginner like doesn’t play video games hasn’t. Even used a remote controller, the closest thing would be those cheap, little 30 dollar helicopters that i would have had when i was a child. I actually didn’t find it too bad. I did bring my boyfriend along for extra assistance to try and teach me how to use it. It was kind of comforting having someone here because he’s actually more experienced with using this kind of stuff than i am, but overall it flew really easily. Another thing i noticed last night too, when i was packing up my gear, ready to bring it for today’s shoot. I noticed that that’s all nice and fine that the drone comes in its own case, but unfortunately, this doesn’t. So i was a bit skeptical about where to put it, when i go out hiking for the day, i pretty much want to put the joysticks in straight away and not touch them and pretty much leave them in for the whole day.

But you just don’t want to lose them while you’re out in the middle of nowhere, which means that while they’re in my bag, they could be getting caught and bent and whatnot. So that i’m, not too sure of my boyfriend, did suggest maybe putting it in a bigger case, but again that’s, like another separate case, that i’m carrying around additional to the bag that i’m carrying around already. I then don’t want to be carrying a separate case, and the other thing is too with the guards i don’t really have anywhere safe to put the guards where they’re not going to break, because, obviously, if i do put something heavy on, they will break once. I get a bit more comfortable with flying it i’m, hoping to not have to use the guards again. So obviously this is a toy, so i am biasedly saying that i’m absolutely loving it. I think it’s worth every penny and it’s just the most amazing thing that i have in my pocket at the moment, but i would actually like to do a six month review on this drone, so i’ll keep using it for filming the youtube channel. I’Ll. Take it on hiking or take it on other little trips and adventures and use it in many different ways that i can and in six months time, i’ll get back to you and see what i think and whether i think it’s a really good drone or whether I maybe would have been better off with just the mini or because about because i don’t use the active track very much or maybe i did actually need the mavic air too i’ll be sure to let you guys know in six months time.

So keep an eye out for that video, alright, guys i’m pretty much gon na wrap up this video.