So for those who know me know that i love drones. I love everything about drones. I love flying them, it’s fun to fly even if i’m not videotaping anything or taking any pictures, and that leads me to the fact that they take awesome videos. The two great pictures i mean giving you a perspective that you just don’t can’t see on the ground. Obviously um typically, you know we would need helicopters and all that kind of stuff to get those kind of footage, but companies now have made it very easy for anybody to get awesome footage, and for that i love drones, like i love drones ever since i started Flying them um, i just love them. You know, and one aspect of drone cinematography that that i’ve been almost borderline obsessed with for the better part of like a year a year and a half is fpv drones. Fpv stands for first person viewing um. You know. First person feel where the the pilot is seeing exactly what the drone is seeing in real time. You know and then they’re flying on. You know you’re able to get really close to objects really close to cars stuff. Whatever the case is, you know, and i mean just the way it flies is just different and the footage is awesome for those who don’t know what fpv is, how that kind of footage is i’m gon na throw in some right now and just comment, and let Me know what you think: Music, all right guys, so you just you just saw some fpv footage.

How was it i know it was awesome, but how was it for you and that’s what i’m talking about? I want to be able to do that. The thing is um getting into fpv. Is i wasn’t so easy? Because one um, you have to learn how to put parts together because most most of the, if most of the fpv drones, weren’t pre built you had to like, buy the parts it’s very modular um. So you have to buy the populars, they have to buy the propellers, you have to buy the the motors, the flight controller, the frame, the controller, the goggles just about everything, and you have to put it down together and test it and make sure it’s it work. Make sure you don’t burn on your hose, make sure you don’t, let you keep it while doing it, but i mean i don’t. I really don’t mind doing that, but it’s kind of tedious, but nonetheless the company that typically fly their drones, which is dji dji. They have come out with their own fpv john look at this looks really really cool and uh yeah i’ve been saving to get into fpv and they came up with theirs just in time um. I went with this because when i get the entire kit, with the controller, the goggles and the drone itself and based on what i’ve been reading, this is supposed to like help me get into fpv, almost like a nice gradient.

So i just don’t go jump off in deep right away, um but yeah. I i’m going to unbox this today and for sure i will be getting into, but you’ll be seeing more videos in terms of fpv, because it’s going to be my life, not entirely what you know. I’Ve been investing myself heavily into it because, as i said, i really really like it, so so yeah um. So this video is for persons interested in seeing what’s inside this box. Um don’t know there are other videos, but if you’re interested i’m going to be unboxing this and probably talking a little bit more about fpv and drones. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, you can stick around and if you know person we’re into that kind of stuff, now share this video i’ll. Let them watch it and if you don’t want to submit up, because you like see me talk, you can stick around as well, but then you know forward all right. So first of the package comes in a compact box, i’m wrapped in protective plastic, which i have had to remove with my knife, um, but it’s kind of satisfying satisfying to remove plastic from new products. That might only i think, this um yeah it’s kind of really satisfying once you get all the plastic off and you release like the tape from the sides that’s holding it together. Um you open the box and once you open, the box you will find resting in form.

Is the dji fpv drone and the dji goggles the version 2. that’s? What comes with the dji fpv? The goggles looks really cool um. If you have ever experienced virtual reality before, then it should be familiar on, but it kind of looks like something from like a sci fi movie, and there are buttons on the sides for toggling through the menus. While you use the goggles, you will also find a usb c port, as well as a micro sd card slots. On the side, there are adjustable lens sliders on the on the side of the goggles, as well as there is a five five directional menu control, um joystick, as well as a button and a record button there’s. Also a dc input slot for the goggles as well. The drone itself looks different. The form factor is complete different from other drones that i’ve encoded. It is small, but it does have some weight um, but that may be attributed to the battery. There are sensors on the front and on the belly of the drone, as well as the 4k camera sits under the protective cover, as we expect with the the other dji drones in the rest of the box. You’Ll find the controller this resembles a typical gaming controller. The sticks are stored in the arms for protection. You know as well as there are multiple buttons on the back for different things. We’Ll figure out a thought along the way Music in the boxes really have another set: a set of propellers uh.

There are four in each box um, but they’re all identical, so you’ll only need two at a time, so you get an extra set, so you have let’s call it set a and then there’s set b. I have another set um of four. We only need two of those, so in another box you have uh a power, brick uh. This port brick is used to pour the goggles, because the goggles does not have a built in battery and has to be powered constantly for it to be used while it’s being used. So you can charge your goggles, so you need a poor, brick Music. There is also a charging brick that is used to charge the drone battery, and there are also two usb slots there to plug any additional usb cables. It also comes with a power cord uh. You have a usbc cable that comes with it as well. You get the antennas for the drone for the goggles and other accesses include the head, strap for the for the goggles, so you attach this to the goggles and put it overhead for it to stay in place. You have a dc to usb cable that is used to power the goggles. Also, what comes with it? You have a usbc otg cable, so this has multiple functions but it’s very important. You also get a what i would call a high visibility outer shell, that you can replace the shell that comes with the original drone for better visibility, Music and yeah.

Of course, you have some money ones that you can reach you, which i advise that you read too, if you’re not familiar with uh something like this, you also get extra controller sticks in case you lose the others or they break or something. So you get some extra control sticks and finally, you have a allen or hex key that you need to Music disassemble, the drone or the controller.