This is our first unboxing, video and i’m sure you’ll all be interested because we are unboxing a drone. This is the hx750 drone. The set includes a drawer, a remote, a charger, a instruction manual and two extra blades for the room. You have to connect the cables to start the drone Music then put your batteries into the remote then turn on the remote. It will get connected to the drone Music, now it’s ready to fly Music. This model doesn’t have a camera Music. This drone can fly very high and you can also adjust the speed that it Music goes Music. If it’s a bit windy, it can get pulled towards the direction of the wind, so you have to max the speed to get the best results: Music. It takes about 40 minutes to charge and can fly for about 30 minutes. Overall, this drone was very good Music. If you like this video, please like share and subscribe to brown me thing beyond.