This is the 440 hs its for ages, 14 and older. This is a drone, so its got a hd camera and it can do a circle fly. So lets go ahead and see what all comes in the box and then lets test it out so theres a hard shell case, which is very nice, so good for protecting your drone, easy for storage and carrying makes it very portable once you open it up here. We see there is a mesh with a zipper in here is some accessories. It looks like um, you got two chargers, you got a screwdriver, you got multiple blades and different accessories in there. You got a manual inside here. Um lets open this up. So in here is your drone. This is the remote. So what you do is you pop open this, and this allows you to put your cell phone in here um. They have an app so check out your manual to follow the app tight joystick very nice. You have your picture and video on here low high. Your power button is in the center lets open this up. It does take three triple a batteries for the remote all right guys. This is the drone, so the blades are foldable. You just simply pull the blades out like this, so it does feel very lightweight. So there we go. You got your camera in the front here. They give you two batteries, so you got two batteries right here, so theres a tip make sure the battery latch is at the top, and you hear a click sound.

So keep that in mind. Um lets go ahead and see how you charge the battery so were going to take out the usb port. It looks like you would align it up right here and you just press in so just like that, and then you put this in a usb port which were going to go ahead and charge one of them a while. But again you know very nice drone very lightweight. I mean extremely lightweight, so im very curious to see how its gon na fly, um camera looks to be flexible, thats, actually a plus, because a lot of people hit their drones. Um power button is on the bottom right here. So when you go ahead and you put your battery inside, you just slide it inside like this. Here click you press and hold the power button. There press and hold the power button here and sync. It up. Follow your manual follow the instructions lets get flying so guys once you have everything synced up and you turn it on. You press the joystick um down to the bottom left and down to the bottom right at the same time like this, that allows your blades to start spinning and youre ready to go so this drone is actually extremely easy for setup. A lot easier than other drones.