This is going to be the unboxing of the exo blackhawk 2.. This just went live yesterday. Um ordered it thinking yeah, you know ill have it in a few days or whatever nope. They got it to me the next day. So, im pretty stoked about this. As you can see, we are slicing the dice in here. There we go. We got the nice blackhawk 2 logo on there – Music, oh its already popping open over here, all right. So there we have it nice packaging, all around some specs on the back. There lets open this up and see what weve got in here packaged nicely in the bag. Already, i see ease that out there small little bag. This things very compact see, if theres anything else in here that were missing all right. If anybody doesnt know there were only 1500 of these made for the united states before like july 15th, so in the next month. So all right lets get this sucker open and see whats inside the bag, its a very uh tightly sealed bag. There little lip is kind of throwing me off there and getting caught all right. So there we have the drone thing here: press and hold both sides. We got all the uh obstacle avoidance stuff there on the back on the front, so we got 360 obstacle avoidance spare battery, because i did order those, oh what we got here. I got this little thing here: im gon na have to read about in and out power.

We actually have two of these right construction manual. This little dude here got all the assorted cables for the charger. Another cable, small, screwdriver Music, some of these little extra pieces here, Music. We have a quick start guide legal requirements for flying your drone over here on the side, we have more connection cables extra props at the very bottom we have the remote. So those are actually the screw ones for this with the joysticks. This feels very, very hefty here, its pretty nice. This is a good quality feeling remote its not cheap, like some of the ones ive seen before. So all right, i think, thats what weve got in the bag. I need to read up on these things. These little modules here, because thats something i havent seen before once goes on. I think thats about all that was left in the bag. At this point, there lets see, go ahead and take this apart here, these just fold out they get a nice little click to them when theyre out heres your battery im gon na presume these are my charges for the battery. Then there we go that is and fully charged out of the box Music theres. The cover for the this is a beautiful little drone im pretty excited to uh get this out and fly it and uh get some video report back as well.