All they already set it up here, as you guys can see, they are so much in love with drones. They just love flying it. For some reason. I dont know why but theyre having fun thats the best part of it. So guys tell us hello, tell us about this, so this right here is a d20 drone with the hd camera. As you can see right on the box here – and it is for 14 years and up as you can see there but believe me, boys and some girls too – you dont have to be 14. You could be younger and you can fly it. Trust me they can handle it. Okay, so here is the remote and with this remote you can make the drone turn on head into trim mode, which i dont really know what it does um and up here you can make it go up or down suddenly, and i dont know what that button. Does here you could make it to be with time like you? Can time set it, and here you can record videos or pictures, and where are the batteries it work with batteries? The batteries are in here and with the drone. This thing right here is the battery drones have multiple purposes. You could use it for a lot of things. Nowadays, most drones are used for fun as a hobby or for photography and recording air stunts and action. Videos are some of the multiple purpose a drone has so these guys here will experiment on these drones.

Here they will go outside and drive it not now, because its cold outside its raining its night, so maybe tomorrow or so im, not sure, but they will definitely fly it. You guys, you guys, can start it up here now and lets see how it goes. So here it is on its all light up. You will drive it a little yeah so there it is guys, look at that! Oh my goodness, Music, so thats it guys we got. We have come to the end of our little video hope you guys enjoy our little video and i know for sure the guys will have a lot of fun flying the drones. So so this is it please, like our videos subscribe to our channel and dont forget to press the bell. Thank you guys for watching. I will see you in the next video.