It is the limitless three pro. This thing is packed full of features, so lets go ahead and jump in get it unboxed and see what all it comes with all right, guys so right off of the rip. This thing is packaged very nicely when you first open the box youre going to notice right here that you have the carrying case, which has all the contents and its wrapped in plastic. So they definitely package this thing pretty well, so lets go ahead and get this open and well see whats inside. So the carrying case for this thing actually looks really nice. As you see here, its got a nice material on the top its got the limitless three branding, which i think is a really nice touch to the case on the bottom. You are going to have a carrying strap. Just just makes it a little bit easier to carry around when you first open the case youre going to have a little foam piece right here, thats just a nod to how well this thing is packaged and then youre going to have an instruction manual which seems To be pretty detailed so well definitely be checking that out on how to set this thing up and get it going and then youre going to have a little box here that has extra blades and a usb charging cable. So you can charge the battery and charge the hand controller. Next up, you are going to have the laser obstacle avoidance module, which youll need to install manually yourself, its not too hard, but well show you how to do that.

Next, up were going to have the hand controller, it looks pretty nice right off the bat, its got a carbon fiber, look on the front of it. Its got these flip up antennas to connect to the drone and then on top as well youre, also going to have these two little arms that flip up and thats going to be where you put your phone on the bottom, its got these flip down grips just So you can kind of hold this thing a little bit better and then at last we have the pistol resistance, which is the drone itself, so right off the bat. This thing does feel very solid and well built, which is a good sign. So these arms on the side are actually foldable, so you can carry this thing around and its not going to be big and its not going to be a hassle to move around with you when youre trying to get different footage, shots and peeling off this protective Cover on the top youre, going to notice that you have the drone clone logo and the limitless three logo, which i think is a nice touch. It adds a little bit of flair to the design of the drone itself, so this is just an unboxing guys.