So today i have something pretty cool uh, its the new dji mini se um. This thing is relatively small from what i read on the uh info page and so im going to do an unboxing video. So you guys can see what comes with the um package, its 299 right now on amazon, so lets go ahead and open it up and see what it comes with really nice packaging by the way, very much akin to apple and a lot of the high end Luxury products, clean box design, so on the front you saw just the up close of the dji mini se and on the back it shows you the um device, the drone and the controller and what looks like iphone set up into it. Some information, some more information – hopefully you guys – can see that ultra lightweight uh ultra light and foldable less than 249 grams, 30 min max flight time 4k max hd vision, sensor, 3, axle, gimbal, 2.k, 2.7, k, camera, simplified, recording and editing. So we will see – and it shows you whats in the box – you get. The drone looks like a screwdriver specific, a usb cord, its a mother cord and some other items of battery controller extra propellers, some stuff here and some the manual all right lets open it up. So there is a security seal very much to the same type of security seal that the ps5s come with its this circular clear label.

Hopefully i didnt cut myself. Usually i do better with knives so sorry about that, but i drew no blood all right thats out of the way so well open it up like oops, open it up like this and im guessing. Oh, maybe im, not opening it up right lets flip it around. There we go, it looks like it opens up in this direction and you start off. You have some stuff there. I think this is just for the packaging purposes, nothing there. So yes, just all right, as you can see, um right from the start. You see the drone and you see the remote control lets take this out so for those that dont know um or just basically im not. This is my first drone, so im kind of like uh, excited and stoked about it, and i want to learn more how to operate these things, and i figured this would be a good entry point. Its 299. um, its small, you dont, need a commercial license to fly. It uh, the larger ones. The i think theres a certain weight group that once you get to a certain size, you have to have certain licenses with this. You dont because its only 249 grams, so thats the device there is the remote control i mean just to give you a size comparison. So this is the the drone right here, and this is a xbox series x controller. So you can see this thing is about the size of the xbox controller, maybe even a little bit smaller Music came in like that, and then i didnt want to tear the bag too much, but do what you got to do so.

This is the controller, so it has the antennas here and then it has these arms. I guess theres, like a locking mechanism. Oh look at that, its a lightning adapter interesting! Also you clip your phone to it and then you have nozzles here. The joysticks here record snapshot. Okay, pretty cool lets make a video game controller again. This is my first drone guys. So take it easy on me not bad, probably again about the same size as the xbox series x controller. So if youre, a gamer youre going to be pretty uh used to this kind of controls right here, youve got some cables looks like you have Music, some blades, some propellers, some extra propellers some little screws here. Maybe these are the uh joysticks a usbc to usb port. Hopefully i got that in the camera, another micro usb to regular usb, and then this is the connection for inside. So if you dont have a iphone and you have an android, you would switch to cordettes and the uh controller that we saw here this. This part right here will be switched out for this one right here for this one right here, so hopefully im capturing everything in the camera. If im not im, sorry guys ill review it, and if i see that i missed something ill try to record – and this is another one and theres another little item in here – a little screwdriver. So it must be a special size screwdriver to make sure that when youre working with this youre working with the right tools and equipment um, then we have.

This looks like a little quick start guide. Talk to you about the drone, a little advertisement here about some of the things you should know about flying drones and respecting other people checklist know the rules so again more rules in regards to uh flying drones. It looks like the full manual in here safety and guidelines, different languages, a little card, so it looks like if youre new to flying this would be me, and it gives me a qr code im guessing its probably the video or home page or something so that I can uh see it: theyre theyre on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin, some other applications, tick, tock, wechat and a couple other applications there. So plenty of different areas that you could go to for learning more about the drone, and then this here is another documentation. This is extra languages. I guess its a warranty statement so lets see about the packaging, see if theres anything underneath here now its just glued in place. So there is nothing else, so thats what you get when you get the dgi dji. So sorry, if ive been saying dgi dji mini se, you know its 299 at uh amazon im looking forward to it. You know first drone and it feels like a quality piece of equipment, guys just the surface, the texture, the plastic. This does not feel cheap. This feels nice, you know housing for the camera thats inside of it, so im gon na go ahead and wrap it up here.

What im gon na do for you guys, is im going to study this thing inside and out and then what ill do is ill post another video and kind of walk you guys through through the initial setup, what challenges i may have had or what other things Uh that you guys should be aware of and then eventually ill post a review. You know ill take some video with it and then be able to demonstrate that so. For now, this is the unboxing video of the dg dji mini se. Lets get that back into the picture frame, all right, guys well remember, as always, uh subscribe, like the video turn on that notification bell. So whenever i drop new videos, youre first to know and drop a comment, let me know if youve flown this model before or if youre excited about this new model or any tips or anything. You want to share, go ahead and send it my way, and you know ill be sure to reply to your comments. Alright, thank you.