So this is the one i’ve been waiting for to unbox the dji mini 2. 2 drone yeah. So i got the bundle fly more combo yeah with the three batteries, the charger and the extra propellers, the remote control and drone. So it’s a 249 grams ultralight. So as what i’ve read in canada, you don’t need to have a certificate or you don’t need to register your drone if you are under 250. So this one is 249, so hopefully i’m good to go and okay, so Music. So let’s get into it, so it says here for ages 16 and i think it’s above one yeah, so the bag is nice Music. I, like i, like the mini drone, because, aside from you, don’t need to register it here in canada to fly it as long as you’re, not in a restricted area. It’S, very, very small, like you, can fit this drone in your pocket, see how how small it is. It would fit my Music palm yeah, so let’s put that aside let’s check what else in the box. Music Applause hmm. So these are the extra propellers Music, and this is the for the remote control Music. I don’t know if this is extra. We’Ll know: Music, later Music it’s a screwdriver here Music. What is this Music let’s open that one later? Okay, so this is the the charger Music. Oh, you know guys it’s it’s heavy, maybe it’s, because two batteries are there already yeah and maybe the other one is in the drone itself, and we have some wires here.

So we got two sets Music. One has a Music and both c usbc type. I don’t know if it comes with the one for iphone or oh Music, i think for the charger yeah Music there’s, nothing in there i’m, just making sure okay, this one Music – maybe some – i don’t – know Music. Oh just the manuals instructions, okay, so this is the remote control it’s, quite heavy too guys, Music, yeah and i think that’s it that’s. All in the box. Let’S check out the remote Music. So control is the remote control, oh okay, so the other two these ones are extras. Just in case you lost your. You lost the supplied one this one’s here, and so you have a spare here. Okay, let’s try putting it on Music there, Music, okay, so i think this is the antenna here Music. So this is the so you can put the cna or normal or the sport mode, and it has the power button here. Music let’s see if it yeah, so it has Music three bars there. Let me try if i have a s9 plus samsung galaxy phone, i’ll, try it if it would fit here: Music, ah yeah, so Music, it does fit Music. So at the back it has the camera or the record button here and i’m – not sure what’s this for, but i think it has something to do with the zoom in or zoom out feature of the camera.

By the way this is my my first uh drone. So i’m still learning i’m new to this Music. Let me try connecting this phone. Oh okay! It has a wire here already Music, so this one is for iphone c here usbc, and let me see that try that one! If it does Music, then Music do so by the way when it comes to remote control. What i hate about it is the antenna, but this one it’s kind of nice. This is the antenna here. You will not be poking somebody else’s eyes while trying to control it like this, so yeah it’s nice. I, like it let’s, try this yeah. It works now that’s it for the remote, so it’s kind of nice, because Music, it has the strap Music there to keep the. I think the propellers in place there’s the propellers there, Music, okay, let’s, take this off Music stickers, Music stickers, oh yeah, so, i’m right. I was right there’s, the battery the other battery it’s already in there yeah it’s really light now you’re gon na open it like this Music Music. This is the camera here. So by the way this has it has a gimbal too. So it says: 4k. Music, 4k charger. You can charge your all three batteries at the same time, Music, and you can also use this as your mobile battery. So you can charge your phone using this just make sure it’s fully charged let’s take out the other battery.

It feels like the entire drone. Without the battery has same weight with a single battery, then let’s see Music. Okay. So you see this on the side, so there’s an input here and there’s an output here. So when you use this, you can use it to charge. Your phone, i think, they’re pretty empty and every single battery has a led indicator here. Now: we’re gon na charge it first okay, so that’s everything in the box i’m so excited to try it out yeah. So please subscribe and hit the like button for more videos.