This is one of the smallest djis in the market, its also one which is mostly acceptable in most countries because of the size dji mini 2, is generally accepted. In most countries, because it lies within a toy drone size and weight, and also you can fly it without having a certified knowledge of how to fly drones, because if other counterparts such as the tgi phantom dji mavic pro all of the rest, they lie outside the Size agreed also its mostly acceptable. Most countries will have to fly if this stands far away from people so that you dont injure them for safety reasons. So this drone is there to me because for a long time, ive been needing a drone and when i wanted to get one i was discouraged because i didnt really know about the mini 2. I wanted to get a mavic pro, but i realized that i had to have a license which is not hard to get, but it was stressful when i realized a lot of countries were burning rules at the time, so i decided to take your heart on it, But recently i started getting interested again into drones and i was like i really need to get one, and so i came across the dji mini 2 and it fit all my expectations as its 4k. It shoots in 4k, its very small, so i can carry it everywhere. I want to and its acceptable in most countries – and i do not need a license to fly it, so i decided to get it as an early birthday gift to myself, because this year has been a very long rough year and ive hustled.

So much so i deserve to spoil myself. So this is like my gift to myself and im, not even angry at all. Please stay on the video and watch me unbox as i take you through the diverse parts of the dji mini 2 and how unique it is, as you can see, the mini 2 is unopened, so im going to be opening it in front of you guys. I havent opened it myself, ive gotten it for like a week plus now and ive been dying to open it, but because i wanted to you guys to be the first to open it with me. I decided to hold on until i was ready to do this. Video before i open it on camera – and i hope my excitement shows through the camera as i open it and it seems very genuine because i am so excited to see whats here alongside the dji mini 2. I got the charging display case. I think this is really cool. You know to showcase your dji style wise charging, so i decided to get it for an extra 50 pounds by the way the dji means to go for as high as 542 pounds to 559 pounds. So it depends on your budget and it depends on the vendor. You use to purchase it for me. I got this for 520 pounds yeah, so lets go ahead and open it shall we so ill be using my scissors and ill just slice through, because i cannot be bothered so lets.

Do this im trying to open it now so im just going to slice through my scissors is blonde Music. This is so satisfying. I love opening new things gives me joy, sierra, but they call it in nigeria if youre from nigeria. You know that its called tiaraba and literally tearing the rubber this is so satisfying. Everybody loves to be the first open their item, its just really satisfying to know that youre, the first person that used something so Music now ive gotten the nylon off and um when uh before. I continue. This claims to contain an ultra light and foldable dji mini 2 with less than 400, with less than 249 grams, 31 minutes maximum fly time, 8.5 to 10.5 meter per second level, 5 win resistance, 3 axis gimbal camera and 4k video paranormal, quick shots and one tab. Videos and in this box is contained, the aircraft, which is the dji mini 2 remote controller flight battery type street. By the way, i got the the fly more combo, which contains extra batteries and some other propellers a size. The one the unique two comes with so thats why it was more expensive, but if you only buying just the dji alone with one battery is cheaper than what i got it for also it comes with a shoulder bag, rc, cable, three times, usbc, cable spare control. Stick screwdriver spare propellers and a manual lets open. It now open it now so im guessing everything is in this bag.

The back seems very cute and small. It can fit my camera, the one im using to vlog right now, so its such a cute bag and there were dji on it. It has a front zipper, it has a front zipper so yeah and then, when you open it, okay, when you open the bag, when you open the bag, this is how five opens so it doesnt open. So much like – and the first thing i see is the dji. This is so cool and it has some sticky thingy underneath well come back to this, then we have im guessing. This is the con. This is the manual yep. This is the manual Music and then we have another small box for cotton in here and it says accessories on top so im guessing. Maybe this is where the batteries are so in here im seeing a charger head. I can see cables Music and i can see something im guessing. This is the three battery extra battery pack to come with, okay, so this. So this is the battery pack. One is already in the dji already. So this is the extra two and the battery case. Then you can see more cables thats all here, then we have another thingy here im guessing this is the controller so yep. This is a controller because it feels like it yeah. This is the controller. This is where you supposedly place your phone into. I, like the controller of the mini 2 than the mini one, feels more sturdy and nice.

It feels nice in the um um. I believe yes, so this comes out and you place your phone in here, which is very cool, then theres, an on button and the rest which is so cool actually – and this is like the joystick, its like a joystick and all that i dont know this was Here i dont know what its for ill find out soon. Let me see if they were right about what the claim was in the cartoon and what ive seen so far. So i have seen the aircraft ive seen the remote control ive, seen the flight battery time stream ive seen the two way: charging haul ive seen the shoulder bag. Rc cable. I havent seen the spare controls ticks. Oh ive seen this pair control sticks um. I have seen i havent seen a screwdriver. I havent seen spare propellers. I havent seen spare propellers ive seen the manual i havent since perfect fellas, so it might be a problem because i havent seen all of what the claim was inside. So how did she see me? I dont know who was so. This is the aircraft, and it looks just like this and im about to open it. Its been folded, thats, why it looks really small, its really small already, but the reason why its extra small is because its being folded, so so it opens up like this, like this, like this like this, so this is this: is the dji mini 2 drone? Its quite small and very handy, it feels very light like this clean, its even lighter than an iphone 12 honestly.

So here is where the charging point and you your memory stick enters, and here is where the gimbal is and its protected by a case which is so cool and yeah im guessing one battery is already in here, but guys i havent seen the propeller. This is the propeller that comes with it. I havent seen the spare one so, and this is what it used to hold it together when its folded. I havent seen this pair with propellers so im guessing they have cheated me now. I just havent been cheated. Cant see any spray propellers wow pji is duping me dj already want my coins, you cant tell me they are still propellers and i see nothing 549 pounds in chip. I need my coins back to gi. You probably some propellers and i aint seen most paper. Propellers rub my check quick run with my check, real, quick, honestly guys, i kind of oh. I feel something here lets see if the propellers are there. Surprise me here are the propellers sorry for the miscommunication dji. I found the propellers, but you can still remove some check in case Music, more propellers, wow, more propellers plastic and oh, i see the screwdriver, so they put the propellers in the smaller on top of the bag. Thats, why? I didnt see it earlier so guys. This is the tgi mini 2 and all of this foam. I hope you like it, because i love it its so small and she looks like a toy ball.

This small thing performs magic magic by the time i start using it for most of my short time content. You guys will not believe this tiny thing in my hands doing all the job you know so now, weve seen now weve seen the dji. We need to lets see the charging hull, the transparent charging hole because im so excited to see how this looks too. So this is the charging hole like i earlier mentioned, were gon na open it as well using my scissors, okay, i think its open. Now i love opening new things, honestly, its so satisfying it has a hole and opened theres, something here. Frankly, oh its a charger. These people dont know how to pack stuff in tiny, tiny ways. It looks like all these weird alien ships – oh my god, Music, who doesnt like the sound, is terrible, sound uh. So there you go so just a clear case and im guessing. This is where you put the charger to charge your dji. What else is inside? It seems very cool, Music and very fancy. I like cereal, i, like extra im, quite extra. I like when i get a device i like to get all the things that can make the device even look cooler because come on all the phone is getting device. If you cant make it look extra, so this is the base of the transparent charging case oops, so it is very magnetic. So this is the paste.

This is the base of the transparent charging case and then im gon na put the cover in. So this is how it looks like its just a revolt. It shall beautifully displease your dji whilst its charging, so that you know can be cool. I believe a blue light comes on when its chatting, i will show it as a b roll when i set everything up so make sure you stay to the end, to see how cool this looks so guys. I hope you enjoyed the unboxing of my dji main zoo, as well as i did enjoy it and im so excited to use it for a lot of great shoots and events to make my content even better, for you guys as well. If you like, videos like this dont forget to subscribe, please subscribe support your girl, please. I need your support. You know its not easy growing in this youtube world, its, not easy. So please support your girl put a thumbs up. If you really liked this video – and if you like more unboxings like these, can be unboxing of fashion items more tech store, please leave a comment and tell me you want what you want to see and i will give it to you back to back. You get it so until then, im your girl, inaudible and i pray and hope you keep on coming back to watch more beautiful content because ill be surely dropping more awesome content.

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