So i dont know casa banega, just i thought. Let me give a try or jessica, keep both interesting content, so you will love it. So guys, im totally excited and without going for the delay lets do unboxing so guys, yeah, dji, mini Music, Music, foreign, too Music flyer Music seems to be waterproof, whos the kind i think, but water resistance of a cowboy material lets see mostly ggs chinese foreign Music. Music have propellers extra fair, so one two three bits of property: a tool; basically, i think popular school, organically screwdriver, but oh Music, okay, Music, online, Music, Music, Music, oh adapter or Music. This is a charging hub. Its made up three batteries, dji mini 2. Two way charging hub or is my c type this is in this – is out okay, so you can charge so you have to use this cable usb to c type, so c type input – and this is the this – will use an adapter. So your charger or pisco as a source of power is another thing like a power bank. Then you can use this point so usb and then you can use the c type to your device, so thats good, all Music right, obviously in case Music, then you can use plasticky material in the glass on the plastic he has, but coffee solid. This is Music charging hub Music, okay, so this one is a remote controller. Lets see oh yeah, its nice.

The material is good, so yeah dji remote controller new one with oc3 technology, Music, not entirely rubber, but plasticky here, but not fully plastic over the coffee, Music. And then this one here we put screen, maybe phone or, if maybe our passive cable. So what is the automatically give you a lightning cable Music, but i think you can change it as well like this slide is a usbc Music Music. This one or the new android phone, send your key usbc to usbc a possible tv here. So thats a good thing: oh lets put it back, so finally, we have last we have tgi mini 2 drone itself. Our coffee shout out honestly see how small is this, so you can see and coffee marking and labeling here – and this is the camera with gimbal guys. Look at this super cool, tiny drone, wow Music is Music Music see this is a camera 4k. If you can see and yeah, this is the buttons to start its power button, and here you can see the actual battery Music. Music looks nice. You can see here, Music and heres the dji label and you hop ahead. Music memory card Music is Music, foreign, Music, energy or yeah lets see battery time. I guess 31 30 minutes something here same Music, Music or foreign Music. So, okay guys so please do share and subscribe.