I wanted it for nearly a year now i have received it. Yeah let’s see it once it’s a mavic mini too. I received it today morning at 11 pm yeah, now let’s unbox this and see what’s inside uh. Sorry for this i already unboxed it now. I will unbox it again. So guys here is the dj. Mavic mini because it’s a little bit expensive, but i bought the battery uh extra battery a charging hub and uh that’s all on the back that’s in when uh that’s, another area that i will show you guys in another video now let’s take a look at this. These are mavic mini too now wow. What awesome thing it fits in my hand like see how tiny it is, and this is my brother, okay uh now i will take this package and i will keep this door inside itself or something now. What i got and said is um next thing was uh. This manual and newspapers yeah see this purpose i got. I may no need this paper box, so let’s put it back in and i will keep the papers here. Next. We got a screwdriver it’s for replacing the wings uh. Next, we got two a single pair of wings Music. The screws in this now let’s take a look at the wires. They have some spa wires, uh usb c to fast charging and uh usbc, two usb uh normal usb os and that’s. This. I will keep it here and the screwdriver and this uh we have the extra pair of joysticks now this has uh the same material that we used and uh used on the controller, and now i will keep it here now.

This brings that’s all in this box. Now it’s based, i will put it down that’s all now we have the controller uh, comparing with the mavic mini one. The controller is huge. I will unbox it now. You see this. The controller is so huge and it’s heavy, also uh. Now, what we, what they included, is not included uh features it’s now very handy to control – and here is the power here – is the power button. Here: are the modes normal mode sports mode for the normal mode? They change the that’s. The difference – and here are the function, button and camera button. The changing the cameras button here is the recording button on the photo button. Now we can adjust the gimbal using this uh same thing that they used in dj, mavic mini one, and we have the joysticks under here and the battery um. Yes, it’s, nice, a good feeling controller. Now i will show you this material it’s, a soft and nice material of rubber yeah good under steel piece. I will insert it back it’s very easy to take it and screw it in the threads are outside for this and yeah it’s. Nice awesome yeah. This one is good now let’s open our step, dji mini 2 it’s waiting for more time right, yeah it’s, here right now, now let’s uh open this one yeah i’m, taking it out first go down now here is the next one. Uh next thing is going down now: yeah wait yeah next, one yeah now it’s open, but uh the a little bit i don’t like because they don’t have a cover on this, because the wingspan like uh move around, and here it is this one now like now.

I will open this and i will show you it’s awesome. It’S, smooth also on the plastic material is also awesome, like uh the first one here you see it dj mavic mini 2 yeah. Now the battery compartment is also same and charging port sd card now let’s see check out the battery yeah. The battery is lesser than dj. Mavic mini once battery weight. Now this batteries, this battery gives 31 minutes flight time awesome. We can use pc, mavic mini ones. Battery also for this, but the drone weight will cross at 259 grams like that. Okay, now we will insert this battery inside and i will check this uh check how many battery levels are there. The battery has two percentage uh so that we can look at the flight yeah good. All the products are awesome uh. Next, what we are going to see is uh. I will take a mini uh. I will take this mini and i will fly it now. Yeah once again, simple, look at this controller now here we have the power button yeah. I told him that thing. Also again, i will show you the if you press this longer, the draw will return to home the return return option and if you want him, if you press this one time, your drone will stop. While you are and yeah, this is the button which you can switch your modes like camera to photo the this button, and here is the function button.

If you press this and move this dial, it will zoom in, and this is for making your gimbal go down and come up, and here is the recording and uh taking photo button for the same, also and here’s the antenna for this drone. If you can, you can connect your phone here, and this will be your antenna. You can add an extra ant now, so the company has gave you this option and and the wires for your phone will be here yeah. Now we will take a look at this uh drone uh before you take off kindly remove this gimbal protector because it may make you in a dangerous situation. Yeah now i took it and here will be two stickers when you buy the drone and unbox it kindly remove there. Now i will take off this door. This beast. I will turn on my controller yeah. This controller has a huge battery that can charge my phone 100 percentage and fly this drone for 30 minutes it’s a huge beast. Now i will power on my drone yeah after you hear the sound. Your drone is ready to fly now. I will take off and i will show you and now i will tell my brother to take off because he wanted to take off right now. Let’S switch the cameras yeah. My brother is going to take off the drone from this table. Yeah let’s check this awesome, beast yeah. My brother turned off this fan.

Yeah let’s take off this when you pull the controller stakes towards the side. This stick this this stick to this side and the stick to this uh. At same time, your drone will start to take off yeah sorry, your propellers will start to rotate. Now he will do that don’t mind that stick. I was uh. That was my. That was my tripod for today yeah now he did that and the drone started to rotate this propellers, but he did not uh make this max and that will be your option at the app pj flight to take off. We are inside and we did not connect the phone mainly without connecting your phone. You can take off your controller, see um. Now he will make this drone to go up now. He will make this to go up. Let’S see check that sorry for that yeah. He went up so fast come little bit down sorry guys for the uh. Now i will tell him to land. Sorry, sorry, the gimbal got fell down now. I i told him to land let’s check this wow. Now the drone is coming. Yeah check him a serious guy with the remote controllers trying to land this beast: yeah, it’s, awesome, but uh. The main thing is: you should not take off this drone at sand park and grass. Okay, guys the video is going to end everybody bye.