This is joka tv drone voice, and you know what this is 2020 and we decided to unbox our new baby right here. The mavic mini pro. As you all know, we’ve been shooting. You know for the past couple of years, we’ve been shooting with dji phantom 4 right, but we decided to get another gear this year, which is the dji mavic mini yes and that’s. What i’m unboxing today i’m, just so so excited to unbox this new baby and what happens is it’s my first time right. So i just want us to discover this together. Let’S find out what’s inside the box and let’s also find out how we are going to do our first flight right. Are you ready now let’s go so? The first thing we have here is the dji drone itself. Believe me, it’s, quite small. I didn’t really expect it was going to be this small, but i think it has everything i need because for the specs that i saw, it has just everything so i’m going to start by taking off this label. Oh that should be the book. Yeah i’ll. Take this off and then also also going to release the props whoa. The props are out now and then right here, i’m going to release the the gimbal or the camera and that’s it and, as you can see, we’ve got um four propellers. I think this one goes like this. First, you take the front ones out and then you can then take the the back ones out.

Okay, voila and this height looks like so let’s look at what we have here, um. If you look at it critically, you’re going to see that we have two parts here, we have the usb port, this probably for charging, and then we also have where you insert the the the the sd card yeah. This way you said, exit cut and right here. As you can see, this is where the batteries goes in right. So let me lock that and then now um we can also see right here. We’Ve got the the the start button. You know you can put it on right here and then this is the camera. Okay, so that’s that for the drone itself, i’m going to put it aside – and i guess this should be – this should be the remote controller. So you can see it’s really really really. Nice, the remote control is quite good um, you have the control, you know the two control buttons here and then you can see that there is the antenna right here. Uh from here you have, you know to start recording here you do um photoshoots and then the the the controller um on button is right here, power button, and then you have the back to home button right here and then here you have the data plug where You plug um the data cable to your monitor and we are also going to okay. Let me open this right here like this.

This is where your monitor goes in, and you can see here that we have the controllers, so you simply just screw them in here. I have two of them: i’m sure we also have spare controllers in the pack as well, so you screw this in right here and that is that yo, it looks just so nice, so we’re going to have this one at the side. Let’S see what’s in the next part, whoa, okay right here, as you can see, these are just like the extra of the spare controllers that you scroll in and then we’ve got um we’ve got. Let me see what’s in here, let’s find out what’s in here right. Okay, now we’ve got a screwdriver. This is to change your props, your propellers, when you want to change them and right here, please bear with me this video is going to be a little longer because it’s my first time right. Okay, let me have this. I hope you do this. Oh i’m, just going to spoil it all right, no problem now this is the usb cable. You can see it right here. This is your usb cable that you can use to connect to the charger and then charge either your controller or your drone. That one goes here and let me check out what’s next. I really need to know how to undo this thing nicely. It doesn’t have to do like this right all right now. Let me check this out.

We’Ve got three data cables, oh they’re, so so nice, three data cables. We have them here and then um what’s. Next in this pack. Okay, let me see what’s in this pack. Now we have, this is the same kind of cable right yeah, so there are two of these um power cables or usb cables that come with it. Now, from my experience or from what i found out um, you only have all of this when you actually get what we call the combo pack. So, if you’re, using a basic pack you’re not going to have all of this okay, now let’s go to the next thing. The next thing is the charger haul right so that’s. What i just said uh, because i got the combo pack. It now has three charging um slots right: there i’m going to show you how you charge that later, but as you can see right now, this takes three chargers and right here you can actually insert your usb cable and then it has this other plug here and Then the power button, so that goes like that right here. I think here it’s quite heavy, so this should be the battery pack um. Yes, now we’ve got my three batteries are here: three of them: yeah that’s. All we’ve got inside this. This cartoon, so we’ve got three batteries right here and then the next thing i want to take is this other part here, and the only thing that comes out is the dji charger.

I’M sure this. You use this to charge everything from the drone to the controller and the batteries so we’re going to have that here as well, and then here we have extra propellers. There should be four of them right. Just three: are you sure it’s just three? Well, three extra parts: well, three: okay, i’m sure not all of them will get spoiled at the same time. So i have my three extra props here and then this we have um the propeller guards. If you want to fly inside that’s like you, want to do, um indoor flying, you need propeller guide i’m, not going to destroy this Music yeah. These are the prop guards um just to protect your propellers from getting bad. There are actually two of um them. Let me take this off too so guys that was actually everything you’re going to find in the pack when you buy or purchase the gi mini that’s, the dji mavic mini drone. Um i’ll just take a small summary over everything that we had in the pack right. We have here, we have. The drone, which weighs about 249 grams is quite quite quite quite light and very adaptable for for flying indoors and outdoors as well. We have three batteries: three drone batteries here are them and just to let you know these batteries fit nicely in the drone i’m going to come back to the setup. Lately later now we have the charger pack or the charger hop where you charge all the batteries.

At the same time, and then i’ll show you how that works as well right, there’s supposed to be some lighting somewhere, wait when you put it up okay right here, so it will show you exactly. The level of you know um battery that we have in each of the batteries that we’re going to be charging. Now we have the charger. This one goes into um. You know the current. You charge it directly into electricity. We have 100 to 240 volts here. So it’s adaptable for rusty and cameron, and now we have two of these um, like the power cables from the charger to either the controller or the drone or the charging hub, and then we have three data cables. These three cables will connect your drone from um. You know from like the controller to to your monitor. You know your phone or anything like that, and we also have two remote controller um spare remote controllers, three propeller space. You have them here, three of them and we have a screwdriver for changing your props, and then we have two. How do i call this again? Two uh propeller guards? Yes to actually like you know, um, if you’re flying indoors, so that you don’t get a crash and then we have, of course, the controller, okay and then, of course, it’s something i forgot. This is the card. It comes with um one 128 gig. You know memory card, okay, guys so let’s see how all of this fits together.

I’Ll then start right away doing that don’t move the muscle i’ll be right back all right guys, so i will start by of course charging my batteries, because there is no way that you can start flying without charging your battery. So this is how the battery looks like there is this small place here, so you just need to fit it in here and yeah. Snap noise means that it’s in place. It fits quite nicely, so you see it doesn’t. You cannot come out. Okay – and all i have to now do is connect the the power cable like just fit this in here and then i i’ll slot it right here. I’Ll start it nicely. Oh so something nicely, and then this is it. You can then just plug this into the electricity or current okay and then start charging i’m going to do that and while that is happening, i just realized that these ones have three different kind of like heads and they all fit into we’ve got um android we’ve Got the normal android plug we’ve got um for like um iphones, you have their own plug here and type c. I guess yeah type c. This works here so guys that is um and for me, i’m, going to use the normal one, which is this one. So i’ll simply plug it in here and i’ll plug it to my monitor.