This drone its the first one of this kind, its a limited edition model ill, be showing you guys ill be going through the packaging. What it looks like, and also the interior, the new design specifications, and also what it can and cant do compared to the old model and the new sd4 model just bear with me. I am on my own yeah, so this is going to be when you open up your box after youve taken off the protective cardboard. This is what you will find other than a spare battery. Ive got two. Your general package would be one battery the charger. The charger cables youll get your remote and youll get a lanyard plus the drone and the landing gear and the release mechanism saying that theres, some cool extras that were gon na go over and uh yeah australian looks very impressive, okay cool so before i get into It im gon na start off with the attachments what the drone comes with um, what it wont come with, but is still available for the drone and then well get into a bit more detail. But to start i just want to say that its good to remember that this drone wasnt designed for photography this is purely a fishing drone. So the drone doesnt come with any 4k camera or a gimbal camera. It comes with a standard pl2 option, so its your payload release, camera so very fixed. I will show you on the drone fixed camera, but you can still see where youre going.

If you want a cheaper option that will put the drone under 20 grand you dont get a camera, but you do get the release mechanism, so you can still drop your bait. You just wont be able to have a vision of where youre flying youll have to fly a line of sight um, so the first attachment youre going to get this comes with the drone. You get your standard, carbon fiber props right comes with the drone for free. If you want a stronger beefier prop you get these bad boys right. So these ones here give you extra 40 lift. So your standard, you could probably lift one and a half to two kilos with yeah. You can lift about 40. We will be testing them today. At the end of the video ill, do a test, um and well actually do a comparison between the two um to go over it, so its very nice that youve got this option for those guys that want to drop much bigger baits. Nothing should be bigger than two kilos. I dont see us ever dropping a bait bigger than two kilos, but uh for those windy conditions. These are gon na help us stay up. The next thing were gon na look at is the batteries, so obviously the batteries definitely are different um compared to your splashboard three batteries, uh yeah, i do like the design. I had a look at the interior now and youll see why its the shape now were.

Jumping back here, but i just want to show you guys before we carry on that. This is the interior of the drone now for the new battery to fit in. But as you can see its a lot more spacious than your sd3 used to be a lot less wires exposed and a lot more tidy, which is very, very nice um its good to remember that this battery is different shaped. But your old splash drone three batteries still fit into the fd1, so thats nice to know you can still. If you do sell your sd3 and youve still got the sd3 batteries. You can use those batches in this new drone. This battery, however, is stronger right, so it gives you 30 minutes of flight time, but i think previously youre sitting at about 22 to 25. So you get 30 minutes over time flight time. Out of this battery, which is quite nice standard, you will only get one battery when you purchase the drone and spare batteries will be an additional cost, then were going to move on to charging and discharging of the batteries. So, with the purchase that you make, you will receive a smart charger while its a smart charger, theres, nothing complicated about it, its very simple but very easy to use. So you just plug the battery in yeah this white adapter gets plugged in there. The battery will start charging on its own. No settings no digits to play with straightforward.

Once youve connected your charger put on the wall, its very basic, its one, cable charging, then you finish flying the batterys full, very simple: all you do youre not gon na. Now you finish, fishing and youve still got a full battery. You take a bath fly adapter. The drone will come with one of these for free. You will plug this adapter onto your battery and it will slowly discharge the battery for you to a safe storage level. So you dont have to worry about damaging your batteries or adjusting it to putting onto this charge mode into your charger. All you have to do is plug this. In put it in a safe place, it will discharge to a safe level for you. So the ease of access on this drone already just by the attachments, is very, very nice. I am liking that then we spoke about the drone being a lot more simplistic and obviously not at that price range of the splashdown three or the splashdown four. But at the same time, being simple, sometimes is nice um? Keep it simple stupid. So what weve done its very very basic youve got three switches: youve got your airdrop, which is your bait release. Youve got your return to home function and your normal and then youve got your mode function, so only three switches and on Music button and your two toggles very basic and very easy to use. You have got an on screen display, which i will put a video up.

If you have a look here, it gives you your heart gives you your distance, um battery voltage satellites. So those are all the on screen display options that you do want when buying a drone. Ive always said if you dont have that on on on hand, while flying it does become a bit risky. So it is awesome that this is a basic remote, but still gives you all the smart functions. So let me put the remote on youre gon na get your heart your distance. The satellites will be in your top right corner. Youll get your battery voltage over there and yeah. It gives you your modes, it less attitude is gps, very basic, but really cool with the remote in hand were looking at our silicone dust protector. So this obviously goes over your remote and while fishing in windy conditions as the sands getting blown around in the day, your analog is going to get affected. Your buttons and your switches dont get affected by the sand, because youve got a nice silicone protector. Also stops it from getting scratched, which is quite cool im, not too sure if it comes with this in the in your package, if you were to buy one, but it is available so thats also nice to have so lets have a look at the drone itself. This is the most exciting part, um off the bat new design, its quite cool um. This new lid system is because of the new gps and ultimate sensor.

Um, you have got slightly bigger motors and obviously the landing gear has been made shorter, but by making it shorter its also become more durable, also landing. The drone should be a lot more stable and a lot easier to land. A drone on your own, which is quite nice as you cannotice. The bottom of this drone, is black. So this black and orange is the limited edition fd1 right. There will be these made, but it is limited edition. Your standard is a gray silver bottom, with the orange top um ive got the pl2 camera on this drone um bear in mind if you want the pl2 option its going to put your droid just above 20, but if you go with the standard, just the payload Release mechanism with no camera, your drone should sit about under 20. if youre, not mistaken, um, so yeah thats, quite nice. I do like the design its very basic, its, not too fancy and, like i said when you put it on the the backpack its ready to fly, you can even put your battery in the drone, just maybe even dont connect it just leave it off or disconnected When you get to the beach, all you got to do is stop the drone and you can start flying so its very interesting. The one thing i did notice the cam, the remote didnt – come with a screen so like the the splash drone 3 or this playstation 4 does.

But your accessories available on things like your fpv goggles, which come for the fd1, can also be linked up to your other drones, but for the fd1 specifically. If you want to be able to see where youre flying and you want vision, you can buy these fpv goggles, it doesnt come with your drone, so you will be paying a bit extra for this, but it is a nice to have if im, not mistaken, yeah. Sorry, the screen does detach. So, if you just want to carry the screen, you dont actually want to wear the goggles. You just want to see where youre going. You cant attach thats wireless, its got a battery built in battery, so theres no wires that you need to worry about. Your antennas do come with the drone get connected to the top and you can get video feed while youre flying. I will put a video up of what it looks like so yeah um. As far as that goes, i am very impressed. I think my overview yeah is going to be a market for the price that is coming in at and what you can do with it. Its very impressive compared to the splash drone 3 difficult to compare different drones. One can do a lot of photography stuff with it so yeah guys. I think i covered everything if theres anything any questions you might have youre more than welcome to contact myself or swirl pro or anyone at the basel manning fishing shops will be able to answer your questions and yeah.

I really like this drone im excited to use it if youre keen to test it out this afternoon. I will add those videos into the end of this video, so ive got the beefy props on the bigger props and im going to try and lift 2.2 kilos. 2.25 liters um so thats, basically a 1.8, almost a 2 kilo bait with a 9 10 ounce gravel – and that is very big, so lets have a look: okay, Music, Music, Music Music. So here we go inside the goggles. This is what the drone is seeing, while its hovering and ah thats out there thats, where the drones hovering thats.