So i wasn’t expecting the delivery today, although i wasn’t expecting it early running the week, it’s from ideal world the shopping channel off of the telly, um and it’s in here. What is it? Have you read the title? You know what it is, let’s just open it. So there we go there’s one battery spare there’s another battery spare Applause. There you go it’s the ultimate pro drone. Well, the big question is: is it the ultimate prone draw don’t don’t i’ve got all these things here. So we’ve got the uh, the actual drone, which isn’t huge they’re, not as big as they were back in the day i mean i know, i’ve got an ar drone that’s like massive um, but rubbish at the same time. Um you get that bit there that you plug the thing into and everything so let’s change, camera angle. Shall we so there you go it’s a 90, a 90 degree, electronic gimbal optical floor, auto hover, uh, dual camera, um, headless mode, gesture photo and gesture recording. So it’s got a hd pro camera as well, but it’s not said what the resolution of the camera is it’s been in china, but everything’s made in china these days. Isn’T it okay got a nice bit of formula there. You go so assume that’s the bit you plug your fall into yeah, because i go and grip your phone okay, i don’t, know what they are. This is the actual thing itself which is tiny but showed it on the telly that everything just falls out of it.

Like so so, there’s your down camera, you point your down: camera and there’s your front facing camera, that’s, quite a nifty, little thing in it. Oh, that was where the battery goes. Oh, that is the battery okay, okay, so that’s that what’s in here then Applause. These are blade protectors, few spare blades and your usb connector and a screwdriver to put the uh the blades on. I seem if this goes in as well: more blade protectors, so not sure how away you switch it up. There you go then unboxed now we’ve got to test white. All right. One thing they’ve said is: i always use these protectors for the blades. Whenever you fly and apparently you put them in there and pop them down, and they click in oh yeah, they do click. In okay do that again yeah, so the blades don’t touch them, but it protects the blades. If you hit anything, i suppose the last one i had ar drone, which is impossible to fly all that um, add a massive form thing that you put around it. Well, there you go so we’re now ready to fly, leaving the cat’s interested all right. I don’t think there’s much power in it, but we’re going to give it a go, spread the instructions – that’s quite quiet, isn’t, it i’m gon na really go Music. So right not flying in the house anymore, so there you go um. I need to get the software for it as well.

So i can record stuff with it: um. It costs 100 quid plus four quid delivery, and i got two extra batteries as well. For 20 quid um, although i haven’t seen what the image is like from the cameras, thus far i’m, actually quite impressed so uh.