Do some drone review so uh stick with me. We have the four drc uh on the box. That says nochi mini uh, but i believe it’s called the v9 uh. Let me just yeah so it’s, a 4d rc, v9 mini um actually has a camera on this drone, so uh i want today. I want to do a quick unboxing. Maybe we’ll get a flight video see if i can get it to take off here, um, but uh. We bought this on amazon. This was 49.99. I have flown it, so it already has been unboxed. But for the sake of this video, i kind of want to show you what you get so here. It is the noche 4d v9 mini from 4drc. So when you open the box, it comes in this actually really nice package. Uh, you get another really nice package. So uh here you go, this is the 4drc mini case that it comes in. This thing is incredibly small and i’ll show you that in a minute, you’ll also get a tiny little screwdriver to work. I believe, on the on the blades of the prop a very detailed operating manual. This drone does have a ton of features, so we’re not going to get into all of them, because truthfully, some of them in a drone, is small, almost useless but um. Very, very very long comes in different languages, uh there’s an app to download in order to use this drone functionally, but there’s a lot of stuff in here.

So you may want to actually take a look: uh it’s, a wi fi version. You also get. I believe this, like a warranty card, uh yeah looks like a warranty card, so um, but nonetheless let’s get to the actual drone. So once you open up your case um, i was shocked honestly guys for fifty dollars that what you get out of this drone. So once you open up your case, this is what it’s going to look like. As you can see, so i got props flying out everywhere. Now so um that’s one of the things you get. Apparently i got this thing all messed up so uh. When you look at the top section uh – and this little, i guess you’d call it like a mesh net. Um you’re gon na have two batteries. Okay, these are both batteries for the drone. Let me see if i can see that that’s a drone battery okay, so you get two of those there’s, also one attached to the drone uh standard. So it comes with both of those batteries you’re going to get four blades, so you have a replacement for each one of your blades, which is very nice. You’Re gon na get another little handy tool. I’M. Not quite sure. I don’t know what you’re gon na do with that, but you get another handy little tool and then you’re gon na get these four little prop guards i had these on. I took them off to be honest with you um only because uh it’s not that hard to fly.

In my personal opinion, if you’ve had experience with drones before come on out guys um, these are prop uh, blade guards, and i mean they are very beneficial. If you’re a first time flyer, if you’re learning how to fly drone for the first time, if you’ve never flown before or if you’re flowing in flying in tight quarters um, they do come in handy because they protect your props on your drone from any kind of Damage so i did fly with these earlier today and i did end up taking them off uh, really because i can’t it doesn’t store back into the package with these on and you’ll see that in a second, it comes with a little usb charger. This is how you charge all your batteries, just plug it into the into the wall or into your computer. Whatever you want to do you get the remote um, now again, i’m going to be a little harsh, but not harsh right, because this is a 50 drone. Um, the remote’s kind of cheesy, to be honest with you um, i mean it’s little it’s. I guess i didn’t expect much. It is cool that it fits all phones. I have an iphone 12 pro that does fit in here, so um. It is cool that it fits all of your all of your uh. Your phones will fit directly into the remote but pretty simple remote um. These little knobs come off uh, but no need for that, and then you get to the drone itself.

So this thing is unbelievably small. Let me see if i can get you so this all comes packaged uh. It is an unfoldable drone, so you can see it has a camera underneath it right here and then a camera in the front of it right there. So you get two cameras, but it does unfold. So you just unfold each arm, one by one. They do have a max so that you can’t unfold them too far. They will uh. They will only unfold that far, but that is the size of your drone. So there it is, it is incredibly small, very, very simple, um and that’s about it. Guys i mean it comes in a great package. 4Drc uh gives it a really nice package. So some of the features let’s talk about some of the features, as you guys saw it has a camera. So some of the features it does have uh are pretty cool. It does have a 720 hd wi fi camera. I can tell you that i’ve taken some videos on this uh camera. It is not uh 720 quality, um it’s just not i’m. Sorry – i’m. Sorry to say that, but um it’s not a 720.. It doesn’t film at 720 that’s for sure i haven’t taken pictures yet, but it does have the ability to take pictures um. It does okay, so some of the cool features it does have. It has a one button launch um, which i have not flown a drone to be honest with you guys in quite a long time i mean years and years and years.

So maybe this is common technology on the market today um, but i i’ve never seen that before. So it has a one button launch, so you push the button and the drone actually lifts up in the air which is pretty cool and then um. You know i that that’s pretty awesome, it has a headless mode, uh altitude hold, which is pretty cool. It says you get about 30 minutes of runtime uh, i would say that’s with all three batteries. You’Re gon na get 30 minutes of runtime i’m. Getting about seven to nine minutes per battery um flight time, which is great for in the house right like if i’m flying around my kitchen, my living room, all of those things it’s fantastic, i mean it. You know. Seven minutes is a pretty good decent flight time. Um, but i think that’s per uh, supposedly it has a custom path. You can on a map, you can navigate it and it’ll fly through. I don’t believe it’ll do that it does have an auto hover feature, which is great. I mean overall guys if this isn’t a drone that you’re gon na, like you know, take video of your home with take it. I wouldn’t even recommend necessarily taking this outside unless it was a very non windy day. I’M. Just 100 being honest with you um, it just seems a little dicey to me to have this this size package of these tiny little motors outside flying around your neighborhood um.

I don’t think it’s going to go, go well uh, but i could be wrong. I have flown it around my house it’s a ton of fun um, we you know and it handles. Well i mean it moves around uh well in the air, it flies well. The camera does take video that actually did show up on my phone, so there’s a 4drc app you download, um, which i can kind of show you now. Let me see if i can turn the drone on yeah okay, so we got the drone on you’ll see the lights are flashing. Uh here is the 4d 4drc um there’s a 4drc app. Let me see if i can get it close enough to you for you to be able to see it. So there is the 4drc app, you click go and it takes you to that screen. Now it won’t do anything, probably until i turn my remote on. So let me turn my remote on and then it’ll take a minute. I believe right now. It is loading okay, so now it’s connected uh, the lights are solid in the front. The light in the back is also solid, so that’s good to see uh device is not connected. So what you also have to do is you have to go into your settings, go into your wi fi and connect to the drone. So i just connected to the drone in my wi fi it’ll stay connected whenever you’re ready.

It may not because i’m very poor signal right now: i’m gon na i’m, not in a great place for a signal, so um, but we will see um okay. So now we will launch the app again equipment connected and they’re, basically just showing you what the drone is seeing in in on my phone, so um it’s pretty cool uh, but i want to keep this review short as this is a very interesting um, but let’s Uh let’s get up in the air: oh hello, okay, well, she’s, she’s, off, she’s, off and running. Let me see if i can get it to come back here, so you guys can actually see it. Okay, okay, buddy! Okay! Here we go, i’ve never had a drone flying just passed to my face on a regular basis, so um and it’s definitely different without the uh without the the prop guards, i guess is the best way to follow, but, as you can see, uh, let me see If i get it back in camera here uh, it flies very, very well Music. I mean it does fly fairly fairly, well, it’s very easy to control. You know it does have an adjustment button which i’m going to have to do because it wants to keep dragging forward Music but yeah i mean, as you can see, it flies well: okay, okay, buddy, all right little guy that’s, real close to my face. I don’t like that at all um, but yeah i mean it flies.

Well, it stays in the air nice. There we go now it’s starting to save lives, better um, so i mean it’s it’s, not the greatest uh flying thing all over the place and you guys can see it so there it is uh it’s, not the greatest quality drone i’ve ever seen. Uh it’s, not bad. Let me see if i can record some video but it’s, not you know, like i said, it’s, not bad it’s, not great uh. It does its job uh as a little tiny drum. You can definitely stabilize it more than mine is, as you can see, mine all over the place. Um i’m, not trying to keep it that way, but uh definitely i’m just trying to keep it in the camera’s view. Definitely a little jittery right now. Uh once i took the prop blades off but uh there, it is – i mean it’s here, so you can see it flies. It slides really well um not able to for some reason to take video, maybe it’s, because i’m trying to do too much right now, but um there. She is so it’s a really cool. Little drone, like i said, to fly around your house and have some fun with um. It’Ll, definitely be fun. You’Ll definitely have a good time with it, but, like i said i mean taking it outside. I don’t know about all that taking it outside and but yeah. So what you’ll see now uh now that i have it on the ground? I’Ll show you so uh, basically whatever whatever the drone sees you’ll see so there i am on camera, it’s upside down.

Sorry there i am on camera, the video quality isn’t terrible uh. Once you start moving around, it gets a little a little janky um, but um the one. The one button takeoff is awesome. I will say that i mean it does literally. I mean one button and it’s up in the air, so oh jesus, hello, okay, buddy um, so it is cool that it that it is, you know what it says it will and it literally takes off in one step um now it sounds like an auto hover. So it’s just kind of doing its thing keeping its altitude, but it is um man, that’s really close to my face. It is uh. It is really awesome for, for, like i said, for for fun for flying in the house, hello uh, it is really cool. It is a really fun drone. That was my fault. I actually told it to land and i didn’t want it to land but um for flying in the house for screwing around a lot of fun uh. Oh there we go. I think the battery’s dying too. Now, probably but um, it is a lot of fun. It is really cool. Uh, like i said i mean, have a camera drone and the ability to you know take some funny videos and pictures like. I was screwing out my kids today um to be able to take some pictures and some videos of some kids and your dogs and whatnot um it’s, pretty awesome and, like i said, i mean i’m in a very small space, so um i mean this thing is Literally, like inches from my head, so um, you know, i mean um it’s like that’s right in front of my face.

Um, it is very, very cool, uh i’ll give it that i will definitely say um and, like i said now, i can see it’s kind of trying to take pictures. Videos um. It is uh, it is awesome like it is really cool and uh it’s like amazing, for what it is so so again for a 50 bucks, a 50 drone um. I don’t really think you can go wrong, see if i can land it here without destroying it. Music, all right there we go down cool, so turn it off uh, so there it is guys uh again i wasn’t going to make this video long. I did want to show you guys some runtime uh. It is a really i mean i’m, honestly, i’m flabbergasted, i’m. Really excited um, i i can’t believe, for you know 50 bucks to have a drone that not only can take video but can take pictures not that i’m going to use it. For that let’s be honest, i’m, definitely going to invest in another drone. This, for me, was a trial, run so i’m very much interested in getting back into droning outside and – and you know, just having some fun around my property. We have a big piece of property. I really want to get out there and take some video and fly around teach, my kids, how to fly so. For me, this is really just a stepping stone to get back into having the ability to learn how to fly again so um from this i’m going to obviously upgrade to a much bigger drone which a lot more features, but a lot more price point.

You know i wanted to review this one and the battery just slides right off the back. Let me show you um. I wanted to do a review on this one because i was just i was just impressed um to be honest, like amazon i’ll leave the link in the description, um 50 bucks on amazon i mean it was 49.99 and, like i said it flies great. It one touch takeoff: uh supposedly can do some tricks and stuff. I haven’t figured all that out yet uh. Let me show you guys how my phone fits in the in the uh. Sorry in the controller uh. So again i have an iphone uh. The new iphone 12 pro at the time of this video um and it fits so um that’s, my phone in the remote it’s, very top heavy. Once you do that um, but i mean it it fits you know i mean you could control it. This way and it’s not a problem. I did earlier today so very cool it’s, very exciting. I’M jazzed i’m super excited flashing around my house and torture, my family, which is kind of what i’ve been doing with it so um but yeah. I appreciate you guys hanging out uh thanks for joining me. If you guys have any questions, leave them in the link, otherwise check this thing out on amazon. It is the 4d rc v9.