So here is its specification. Lets open it. So this is the remote control, and this is the drone, and this is the ring, and this is the battery. These are the wings just we got the rings just in case these rings breaks. Then we can put the new one before we play with it. We have to charge the battery, so lets go charge it first. We put this inside of this before charging it, so lets put it in. So let me put it in now. Lets put this in okay now lets just wait for 20 minutes. So now it charged now lets put this inside of the drone, so we put it in here so now that its in we have to put this in here, i already put the batteries in it and we have to put triple a batteries in it. So now that its ready lets go outside and fly it down guys so lets turn on the remote. Now we press this to turn it on so this we this is for up and down, and this is for left and right Music. So now that i showed you how to drive it, you can also buy it and play with it with your siblings or friends.