The jack royce, explore s48 rc drone. So this is our explorers rc drone. Its name is its. Our company’s name is jacross it’s explore and this is the model number s48. So this is our yellow, color acid drone. It is coming in three colors, this blue red white again, but i brought this yellow, so it’s, a very large box, but drone x or half of it and we are unboxing this drone and inside it we will get a remote manual. Some extra propellers it’s coming in packet, four legs and some screws for adjustment, so this will be very interesting video and in this video we are going to unbox and review this product, so let’s get started Music. So this is our box. Here is our inside this drone. Some pictures return explore. This is the sx sensing. Its age is 14 plus there are some main features. This gyro explorer 2.4 gigahertz technology headless mode 1k return. Many more here are some instructions how to handle it and more and price details here is some pictures of this drone. This is drone, and this is camera when we add this camera it becomes like this. Here is small camera and we have to camera purchase it separately. Here is written, camera needs to purchase separately, so it gives this handle for holding it or carrying this box and backside also the same features but picture is in larger size, and this is our remote rc drones, so let’s unbox it so now i take out this Cases in this from this box from this box, we get these two cases.

This is a drone, and this case is of this remote and extra, some accessories, so it’s, very smart box for this drone it’s. Looking very smart. This professional drone, so here is like blue strips and here is written minion here is also written. This explore six axis gyro quadcopter it’s 360 liberation. So first we are getting this small packets. These are some small packets in it we get this for propellers likes and some small screws, and also we get the charger. So here is our remote, so we will unbox it from this packaging. So this is the our remote here. Is this joysticks? This? Is this air level of this drone increase decrease, and this is the left right front back turning this, and here are some trim button. This headless mode is light off, rotate flip and many more. This speed function, speed increasing and this 360 rotate and back side here is some port for inserting the four cells – and this is the main switch of this remote and again this we are getting this manual. This manual is of this stone how to fly it and some instructions. This is printed from both the side it’s too long. This rc quadcopter so keep. We will keep it aside. So this is our main drone. I have removed from this packaging of this wires. We are packed, this is our drone it’s, very lightweight, so it’s, very lightweight, but build quality is also very good.

It’S plastic is very good. Quality, it’s, yellow color, and these are some four propellers. These are white, and these two are red, and here backside is the port of battery, so the port is opened, and here is our small battery. So this is our battery here i written some instructions of this battery 3.7 watts, 3 mh and its number. This is the socket which, through this, it can connect. We have to connect this pin in this socket and same socket is for we found in the charger, so we will close it. So now it is closed, and also here are some led lights. These are led lights, these four one, two three and four. So now we will assemble this all legs in this drone and also put batteries in this remote, and also we will charge this battery. So now i had assembled all the things i had charged this drone’s battery. I had inserted or assembled this legs and it’s also very strong materials used for this legs. These are the bendable, so i had also charged this small batteries, which i have and put it in this, this slot of this remote, and so now our drone is on that’s our drone. I will show this again. This is our drone. I had kept it and this is our room. It will fly in this room, so let’s fly it. This is the remote i had. I am controlling this from this remote, so i’m not able to apply it properly.